Other Creatures

There are other beings that walk this earth aside from humans, hunters, vampires and lycanthropes. These creatures are rare, few and far between or are simply classed as human, though in reality they are not. It is here we can draw a distinction between the two.


Witches are not simply people who follow new-agey kinda stuff. These are the genuine article who perform true magicks. They are split into five factions; each called Guantlets. Each Gauntlet has a higher purpose to serve and each Gauntlet has a leader who has a place in their ruling body; the League of Gauntlets. However, there is turmoil as far as the Black Gauntlet is concerned. These are the witches that practice black magicks. Black Gauntlet witches are everywhere and remain unknown to the rest of their kinsmen unless told to reveal their true purpose.
For the most part, witches are classed as human, they are mortal in the same way humans are, however, they can call upon powers that a human cannot. The wicca are usually left to their own devices as they shun and do not interfere with vampires and the like.


Sorcerers are possibly the last of the true enigmas of the world. Once they flourished, not they are a rare breed, perhaps only twenty left. Unlike witches, they are not classed as human and their ability comes from within, whereas a witch calls upon outside powers.
Skills of sorcery are even rarer than the beings themselves. Their skills range from conjuration, to prophecy even metamorphosis.
They are essentially immortal, for no sorcerer has ever died of old age, though they have been killed bey decapitation. However, nobody is truly game enough to try and see if they can destroy a sorcerer by another means. Once they were sought after as pets of the Court of Lords, they are now left completely alone after a couple of very nasty incidents involving some powerful sorcery and a lot of deaths.


A necromancer is a rare find indeed. Like sorcerers, there was a time when they were more commonplace, now they are all but extinct. These are the last of the true immortals, creatures that cannot be killed by any conventional means. They are like sorcerers in the fact that their power comes from within themselves, however, they can also conjure powers from outside, much like a witch.
Their power comes from the dead. A necromancer can see the spirits of the deceased, hear their cries for justice and harness the great power the dead can often wield in order to be heard. It was a theory that all the necromancers were driven mad by the dead and destroyed themselves by their own power.
Necromantic abilities are not just limited to the spirits of the dead. Any dead of any sort can be trapped by a necromancers power. For this reason, the vampires are cautious when it comes to necromancers, for fear of being snared and ultimately having their power drained away. Fortunately for them, there is only one left and that is the hunter, Mercury.


Psychics are an interesting peoples. They are people with extra sensory perceptions, such as telepathy, empathy, and kinetics. They are generally very gently people who abhor violence. Violence has a tendency to overload their systems, especially empaths. They usually wear gloves to cut themselves off from the world as much as possible. This is to ensure that they are not bombarded with thoughts or emotions and helps prolong their sanity. It is a sad fact that most good psychics are often driven mad by their abilities.
Telepaths can pluck the thoughts of a person right out of their head. A good telepath can also implant a suggestion deep within a psyche, in a sense trapping someoneís will much like a vampire.
Empaths are very, very sensitive people that can pick up on feelings and emotions left behind on an object and can quite often get an image to go with it. Since they are so sensitive to otherís emotions, their own get hurt quite easily and take offence at some of even the most minor of things.
Kinetics have the uncanny ability to either move things without touching them or make an object appear and disappear. If their ability is not held in check, they can injure themselves quite seriously by randomly moving objects about. This can often get confused with the poltergeist phenomenon. Pyrokinetics are the ones most at risk as there have been a few cases where people have simply burned themselves to death.


Demons aren't technically of this world. They exist on the next plane in the place we decided to call Hell. They have their own heirachy of Lesser and Greater Demons ruled by the one that pulled the greatest trick ever, making the world beleive he didn't exist. The most common type of demon is a chaos demon. These take possesion of hosts, create trouble and the like in return for staying in the mortal realm. Once in a host, characteristics vary as to giving themselves away, such as multiple rows of teeth, forked tongue, slitted pupils, mucus secretions, horns, scales, talons, wings and tails. Outside of a host, they are more like an entity, a ghost of sorts, with their give away traits. A demon cannot survive long without a host or else it returns to it's own dimension. Killing demons is impossible, the best you can hope for is to send it back to it's own realm. Chaos demons often work freelance or for vampires as watchdogs for the few vampires that can keep them in line. But to a demon, a vampire is nothing compared to what lies beyond this realm.


Lamia are relatives of vampires. They are descendants of the very First vampire. Their very name is taken from the first of their kind, Black Thorn, the first ever born vampire.
They are like vampires in the sense that holy items (backed by faith of course) can harm them and that they drink blood, but that is where the similarities end. Unlike their undead cousins, lamia can walk in broad daylight at any time and they do not need an invitation to enter an abode. They also have the unnatural ability to shift forms and mimic other creatures and people. But before you start to suspect whether or not your neighbour is one of these creatures, there are only a scarce few left of this once mighty family.