what an idiot

"Canadian Alliance Leader Stockwell Day celebrates his catch with the Funky Chicken dance
on the tarmac of the Edmonton Municipal Airport in Edmonton, Saturday Nov. 25, 2000."

what an idiot and what an ass, he deserved every drop of it.
the protestor should have thrown hot scalding cooking oil because choclate milk is good and i love choclate milk.
what a waste of choclate milk. i could have had that choclate milk!
damn you stockwelld day, you're pushin' it baby!
but it's funny nonetheless. i saw the footage, you shoud have seen him, he came on stage all hyper,
excited, jolly and energized like some promotional speaker and splash came the choc milk the viewers
laughed uncontrollably and he left the stage mighty pissed. then came back after a while cleaned up
and apparently more relaxed (probably took something to relax himself cause he looked real pissed when he left) lol!!!

"Canadian Alliance Leader Stockwell Day attempts to shield himself as he gets hit with chocolate milk by a
protester as he released the party's campaign platform at a launch in Kitchener,
Ontario on Thursday Oct. 5, 2000"


"Progressive Conservative leader Robert Stanfield grimaces as he drops a football May 30, 1974,
while campaigning in North Bay, Ontario. The Liberals were returned to power with 141 seats to
95 for the Conservatives, 16 NDP, 11 Social Credit and one independent on July 8.

aaaaaaaahahhahahahahahhahahaa!!! look at each of their faces! lol!!! !!!! this is the funniest!!!

"Former agriculture minister Eugene Whelan is hit on the head with a milk jug during an Ottawa
demonstration by dairy farmers in this June 3, 1976 photo. (CP ARCHIVE PHOTO/Russell Mant)"

pie in face

this guy did it

chretien tries to squeeze somebody's head

and squeeze he does! strangling a protestor