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La-La Land

------As she reached into her bag of artificially cheese-flavored snacks, a voice called to her.
“Help Me!” the voice cried.
Instantly intrigued, Michelle searched for the source of the voice.
“Do not waste your time trying to find me,” continued the voice. “I cannot be found, as I no longer exist. I am communicating to you telepathically from the unknown Realm of Nothingness. Minutes ago, you devoured me, and now my very existence has been wiped away. With my last bit of dying strength, I beg of you. Save our people!”
------“Of course!” cried the Michelle “Who you are, I do not know, but your story touches me deeply. Please, tell me what I can do to help!”
------The voice, much weaker then before, simply replied, “find the chosen one….”

------Michelle was confused at first. She did not know how to help the voice in her head. How was she supposed to find “the chosen one?” With that question in mind, she began to ask her family and friends if they held any answers. The results she received were all but positive. The people she trusted most in the world questioned her sanity. They had judged her.
------Feeling depressed and alone, Michelle exiled herself from society and turned all of her thoughts inwards. Feeling alone, she thought she would create her own world in which to live. Using the psychokinetic powers of her mind, she created the landmass known as La-La Land. Michelle had the ability to teleport herself freely between La-La Land and the rest of the world.

------The very next morning, while Michelle searched the real world for the “Chosen One,” the voice that she had heard so long ago returned.
------“Michelle, it called. You are the chosen one!”
------“What do you mean?” Asked Michelle.
------“You have provided a place where we will be released from the restraints of our plastic packaging. Please, devour as many cheese-flavored products as possible. By doing so, you will release our souls, sending us to La-La Land. The world that you created coincides with the Realm of Nothingness. For centuries, our souls were sent there to float around in nothingness for all eternity. Now, we have the option to enter La-La Land. We thank you for providing us with substance. We will express our gratitude tonight when you return.”

------When Michelle returned to La-La Land, fleets of orange blobs greeted her. They introduced themselves as the Cheezie People and crowned Michelle the Lord King and Queen Cheezie Emperor.

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Last Updated November 15, 2003

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