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The Sneaky Doctor The Sneaky Doctor
By Carissa and Cassie
Rating- PG13
Disclaimer- The usual disclaimer applies. I think you know what it is.
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"Captain, I insist that you take shore leave whilst we are at this planet. It has lovely beaches that you could visit. Or you could visit a pool. You could do with some sun for once. Get out and enjoy yourself. If need be, take the Commander. He needs some leave as well." Said the Doctor.

"Doctor," Said Janeway in a very stern voice. "I do not need shore leave. Nor will I take shore leave with the Commander. I have too much work to do. That is final. Got it?" She finished. The Doctor nodded his head.

"Good." With that said, she left sickbay and headed back to the bridge. Going back to his office the Doctor went over some lab results. After a few minutes Chakotay arrived.

"You wanted to see me Doctor." Asked Chakotay walking into sickbay.

"Ah yes Commander. I wanted to talk to you about shore leave." Said the Doctor. Chakotay groaned with annoyance. "As you know this planet has great beaches you could visit, or pools to hang around at. You need shore leave. I suggest you take some now. It will do you good to get out in the sun. If you want some company you could ask the Captain to go with you." Suggested the Doctor.

"Doctor, I do not need you to tell me when to take shore leave or who to take with me. For all you know, I might want you to come with me. Which, if I was to go I wouldn't take you." Said Chakotay.

"I'm hurt Commander. Just go take leave, even if it's for 3hrs. That's not much now is it?" Replied the Doctor. Chakotay nodded his head in the 'NO' direction. "Good. Now you can go. I expect to see you on shore leave." Said the Doctor. Chakotay turned around and headed back out of sickbay.

The Doctor, being smart realised neither of the commanding officers would take shore leave. He decided to take matters into his own hands. Going over the time conversions for when it was night on Voyager to day on the planet he chose the perfect spot to send them. After finalising his plan he deactivated himself and told the computer to reactivate him at 0300hours.

0300hours came and the Doctor was reactivated. Realising why he was reactivated he went to the replicator and replicated what he thought was suitable attire for a trip to the beach. Asking the computer if the captain and commander were asleep he beamed them to sickbay. Changing them into the clothes he replicated for them he beamed them down to the planet.
Waking up slowly Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager noticed she was being poked. Rolling over to move away from whatever was poking her she rolled into something nice and warm. Then she fell back asleep.

Chakotay realised something was different about his sleep. He felt a body next to him. Waking up from the sudden realisation of a body next to him he went to check whose it was. Looking at his surroundings he noticed a sun blaring down and a few people lining a beach. 'A beach' thought Chakotay. 'The Doctor has something to do with this'. "Kathryn, wake up." Said Chakotay.

"Go away and let me sleep." Mumbled Kathryn in a hazy state.
A few hours later on Voyager

Stepping out of the turbo lift Kathryn was in pain. Her uniform rubbed her where she didn't want it to be at all. Settling in her chair, she noticed Chakotay was grinning at her. "Stow it." She told him.

"Kathryn, if you did as I said you wouldn't be in pain. But no, you said you didn't want to put it on. You just didn't want it rubbed in." Said Chakotay. Tom's ears pricked up. He was interested in this conversation. "You will have to live with the pain while you move. You could always visit the Doctor about it." Suggested Chakotay.

"I am not seeing the Doctor about this. Do you hear me? It's his fault that this happened you know?" Said Kathryn.

"Always the Doctors fault isn't it Kathryn? You were stubborn. Plain and simple." Responded Chakotay.

"Ah Captain," Piped up Tom, "Don't you think you should talk about this in private?" Finished Tom.

"Why should we? We are only talking about how burnt I am from the little trip to the beach the Doctor sent us on early this morning."