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Weathering the armor
* For detailed painting instructions please see the BF helmet section.
Most of the tecniques used for the helmet also work great for the armor pieces.
Details specific to the armor are also discussed.

One tip specific to Boba Fett armor weathering is, be sure to make your "Battle scars" large enough to be seen in photographs, on camera, or from a distance.

BF yellow scar1,jpg

BF yellow scar2

Most of Fetts body armor scars are surrounded by other colors.
The main color, surronding these scars, is yellow.
Above are two photos, from the Magic of Myth exhibit, that show the multiple color battle scars.
Remember, that the helmet Does Not have the yellow scars.


BF emblems

First, get a good size picture in proportion to your armor pieces. You can even hand draw it. Take it to a vehicle decal shop(vinyl letter shop). Have them cut you out the sticker on their plotter. It will be under $10 for both stickers depending on the shop. They should be able to do the same for stormtrooper helmet decals, imperial emblems, rebel emblems, etc.

You could create Do it yourself decals by finding a good picture of the emblem, then import it into a graphics program, touch it up, and print it out , proportionate with your armor, on a color inkjet printer on special adhesive backed decal paper, found at some hobbystores.The paper is like the soak and separate ones that come in model kits.

You could also print out the emblem on normal paper and take it to an office supply store and have them color laser copy it onto the sticker paper. Then cut, peel and stick.

Another great idea for emblems
Is to paint them yourself by using frisket masking paper (available at hobby stores).
First, print out the logo from the Mandalorian blueprints page in the correct size.
very carefully trace this onto the frisket paper 3 times: Once for the white, second time for the red and third, for the black. Cut out each of the masks using a very sharp exacto blade.
Next, place them, one at a time, on the armor for painting. Be sure to hold the spray paint very far away from the armor and lightly
mist the design onto the armor.

Paint slowly and carefully until there is a solid color but still just barely able to see a hint of the green underneath.
Let that dry and then put the frisket on for the next color mask, carefully lining everything up. Make sure the frisket is completely sticking to the surface so the paint does not bleed underneath.
This method should also result in the proper worn look .
if you choose, the emblems may weathered with different shades of women's eyeshadow Be sure to stick with earth tones! The eye shadow is also a good suggestion for weathering the jumpsuit.

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