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The Honor Sash

Is this section we will discuss the Rope Belt aka'Journeyman Protector Honor sash'
The rope belt is made from a "English 14-strand Mohair Girth".
Try to look in your local yellow pages under "Feed Supply" or "Horses"

White mohair

Try to find a girth that is made from wool or natural materials.
If you choose a girth made from a synthetic material, it will not take dye too well. The dye will only tint a white colored girth.

determining the correct size girth
When determining the correct measurment for the girth, it is important to add extra length for several reasons.
The first reason is due to the fact that the rope belt will wrap around the top of the already attached cod peice.

You may also need to add a little more for the loose hanging effect.
Because of this, you may need to add 1 or 2" to the final length.
Try measuring your waist, with the cod peice on, and see how much longer it will need to be.
The best way to do the measuring is to use a Tailors Cloth Measuring Tape to determine your size.
You do not want the belt to run fully around your waist. The reason for this is that the original costume has a pair of short, 1in. wide belts that attach the two ends of the girth together.
So, be sure to leave a couple inches of space, between the two ends of the girth. This will allow for the leather extensions.
You should now have your correct measurement.

How to connect the belt:
Just get an ordinary brown 1" wide leather belt. Now, cut it in two and punch additional holes.

You may also try using a Girth Extender
Girth Extender
These may be found at Riders Warehouse
Item #77101012
They can also be found at State Line Tack

The girth has two buckles at each end.
Take the new belt lengths and connect them to one end of the rope girth.
Then, wrap the horse girth around your waist, connecting the opposite end of the new belts to the other end of the girth. The new belts now act as a "bridge", between the two ends of the girth.
Remember, the ammo belt will lay on top of the rope belt, so the entire girth belt will not be fully exposed.
You may also want to put Velcro on the upper cod piece and on the backside middle of the rope belt, to prevent it from moving around and sliding down in the front.

Rope Belt color-

The Pre-production and ESB version of Fett's suit had a Rusty brown/ red color.
TheROTJ suit is a moreRed/ Crimson color.

ESB Girth
Fan made Pre-production and ESB version
MoM Girth2
ROTJ girth from Magic of Myth exhibit

To dye the standard brown girth belt to a deep red color:

First,soak the belt in hot water.
Then,bleach it to get some of the brown out.
An alternative to bleach is the "Color Remover" dye, by RIT.
Mix, either the bleach OR the remover with a little hot water and soak the belt overnight.

Next, dampen the girth before placing into the dye.
Now, soak it in hot water mixed with the dark red dye.
Finaly,rinse off the belt.
Be sure to rinse all of the extra dye out with cold water and allow to completly dry.

When finished, you should have a very nice red color.

* Be warned, this process may shrink the girth slightly. You may have to do a little stretching, to get the belt back to the correct shape.

Some Links to purchase the Rope Girth are:

State Line Tack-Look for the "Non-Slip Mohair Girth - 14 Strand"

Rider Supply- Look for the "Non-Slip Mohair"
The girth is white, but because it is made of wool, it will dye nicely.

Eaton Saddlery- Look for "Mohair, 14 string Girth"

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