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BF Clothing

BF Jumpsuit
There are several ways to obtain an accurate, quality jumpsuit.
The most suggested is to work with a local seamstress to create a suit to your exact specifications.
By doing this, you will be able to monitor it's construction to achieve the best possible results. An alternative is to purchase a jumpsuit from an online source.

Yet another suggestion is To create your own jumpsuit
The primary suggestion is a "BigMac" brand long sleeve worksuit available
through the
JC Penney catalog.
If you're planning to make a
ESB or custom suit, the color to order is Steel Blue.
With a little weathering the color should be a good match.
The ROTJ color is more like the sage green worksuit.
It is actually a green/silver color and should look great!
The color and stitching detail of the suits are nearly a perfect match for the Fett suit. It is recommend to buy two(2) suits, one long sleve, one short sleve. This will allow you to have matching material for the suit pockets, the side pouches and (if you choose) the shoes.
Another jumpsuit suggestion
is the "Walls" poplin worksuit in steel blue coloring (preproduction Fett) from JC Penney.
Although it has a stitched seam down the front of the legs, it is just a cosmetic look. The seam can be ripped out and ironed with no trace.Again, you should buy 2 suits, one long sleve, one short, to create the proper layered look. The extra jumpsuit also provides material for the upper and lower pockets.
With minor alterations the suit should look great.
The catalog numbers for short and long sleeve jumpsuits from jc penney are
- ea 010-3796 and ea 012-6086.

Another jumpsuit
Is the Gray colored, short and long sleeved jumpsuits,
offered through the
Dickies website
The gray Dickies suit will have to be color faded.
RIT Brand makes a "dye" called "color remover." Mix this with hot water and let the suit soak, overnight. With this, a gray dickies jumpsuit should lighten considerably in color.

What ever brand of jumpsuit you choose, a few modifications will have to be made:

The Neckpiece
The Star Wars Cronicles photos show that the neckpiece is sewn into the top of the jumpsuit.
It is separated, down the front, and lines up with the jumpsuit zipper.
A thin strip of velcro holds it closed.
The MoM display has the neckpiece attached in the same way.

Weathering the Jumpsuit
One good way to weather the cloth parts is to mix a 50/50 ink and water solution into a spray bottle. Use this to mist onto the costume. Once the ink-water is dry, it will remain permanently. The ink solution will not run, unless you spray a very large amount. Use the "mist" setting on the water bottle and you will create a nice result.

An alternative
is to use a combo of black and earth tone spray paint and mist it over the whole
suit, putting blaster marks and appropriate dirt spots all over the suit and vest.
If done right the effect should look great.

Another weathering suggestion
is to use different shades of women's eyeshadow to dirty up your jumpsuit. Be sure to stick with earth tones!

Yet another interesting idea
For the nice black oil stains on the jumpsuit, is to wipe down your car's hubcaps with the jumpsuit.
That stuff is black, grungy, and will definitely will not to come off in the wash!

The Vest
The shoulder and chest armor pieces are attached not to the jumpsuit, but to a thinly
padded vest, which is worn over the jumpsuit.
This vest has to be completely fabricated and made to your size.

The vest is made from a light gray, cotton/linen material.
Most likely a tackle twill.
It also appears to be the same material as used on the neck seal and the padding that is
sewn onto the back of the gloves.
The vest looks to be nearly identical in color, to the glove padding.
The Neck seal, although a different shade of color, is also made from this same material

Vest alternatives
The first suggestion for obtaining a vest, as well as the jumpsuit, is to have them custom made.
Contact a seamstress about making the jumpsuit and vest.
Be sure to provide plenty of reference photos.
A second alternative is to purchase your Fett clothing from a costume maker.

To Make Your Own Vest

Vest constuction
You can make a vest pattern by altering any similar costume pattern.
Another possibility is to create your own by tracing a regular everyday vest, then modify it a little.

The closure, usualy in the form of a zipper, should be located in the back of the vest.
The shoulder bells attach to the very short sleeves.

Because the jetpack harness ( The internal harness that supports the weight of the jetpack ) will be worn under the vest, some large scale button holes will have to be added to the back, at key points.
These holes will allow the harness straps run through the vest, to the jetpack.
The color of the vest should be lighter than the blue-gray of the jumpsuit.
In some reference photos, it almost appears to be white, but the correct color is
more of a light gray

One good suggestion is to create your vest so that it will open and close on the sides, with Velcro.
This will allow easier access and removal. You could also make the vest padded and the shoulders quilted.

An inexpensive alternative

is to use a gray turtleneck or existing vest and cut the sleeves off, leaving only about 2 inches, near the shoulders.


Fett Vest Fett Vest2

The above vest is padded and closes with a sewn-on velcro seam up the back. The neck and shoulders are rib-quilted and the attached adjustable hood holds the neck up for a snug fit.
An alternative to attaching a hood is, to use a Faceless Ski Mask.
The rear seam is shown on the above right along with sewn-on 2" strips of velcro that hold the backplate on securely.

Completed Vest
Completed Vest

Vest with Armor
Vest with Armor



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