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Fett Shoulders

Use any of the attachment methods described on the Armor Instruction Page.
Read the Paint and Weather page for more detailed instructions on painting the shoulders.

Some tips specific to the shoulders are:

Some recommended colors, to choose from are:
John Deer yellow,
Caterpillar yellow,
Rustoleum Sun Yellow
Testors # 4 Kodak yellow

Found in their "Racing Colors" line of paints.
First, base coat with the darker color and then mist the armor with the brighter yellow.
This will provide some color depth.
One recomendation, when painting the ROTJ version of the shoulders,
is to try using Schoolbus yellow as a base color.
Then, mist a coat of Catipllar yellow, over the top of the base color, to create a nice depth.
Whatever colors you choose, try to create an overall color that does not look too orange or too yellow.
The rubber cement/ or masking material teqnique also works well when weathering the shoulder bells.

Fetts Left Shoulder
Fetts left shoulder.
Fett's Right Shoulder
Right Shoulder with Velcro Attachment
Shoulder pics courtesy of
BH 542
501st Midwest Garrison XO
Vest with Velcro attached
Vest shoulder with Velcro attached


An alternate method is the bolt attachments, as described in the Armor Inst Page

Shoulder attachment 1
Shoulder bolt attachment 1

Shoulder attachment 2
Great example of bolt attachment


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