Finding a Mate

One morning in a misty glade,
I, a mere slave girl, saw a unicorn.
Silvery-white, glosssy-bright.
Jet-black hooves, golden horn.
Flowing mane and tail of moon-pale silver.
Eyes dancing bright like two dark sapphires.
He stood and looked about the clearing,
The litter, the mess, the ashes of the harvest fires.
He snorted once and whirled about.
I thought that he would quicky flee.
But he walked slowly, majesticly away.
While I watched him I wished that I like him was free.
I looked down upon my shackles, a single tear drop fell.
I raised my eyes to meet a sudden sound.
There only a few feet away he stood,
On my knees I fell to the ground
He stamped his foot and snorted softly
He bowed his head, as the horn lightly touched my forehead.
Fire spread through me rapidly
And I thought for a moment I was dead.
Then I realized I was changed.
Now I was like him, a unicorn.
Silvery-white, graceful and light
Hooves of jet, golden spiraled horn.
We run together now, he and I.
Two creatures of legends
Two unicorns,
Free forever.

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