The First Kiss

By Nightsong

Gabrielle sat staring unblinking into the fire. Her mind was filled with so many conflicting emotions that spun in her mind like and endless whirlwind. Through the years she had followed Xena across many lands and faced many dangers, but the thoughts that filled the woman's mind held more fear and uncertainty then she had ever known.

Although she could not place the exact moment, her thoughts of Xena had shifted from adoration and genuine affection to something more. Now as she poked at the campfire, Gabrielle could feel the warriors gaze for what seemed the hundredth time. The way Xena?s gaze caressed and washed over her told her things the warrior would never utter out load. Things Gabrielle longed to hear with all her heart.

As she felt the warrior's eyes drop, Gabrielle lifted her head and let her eyes caress the warrior she so dearly loved. Knowing in her heart that her love would never admit to her feelings, Gabrielle decided to take matters into her own hands.

When Xena's head lifted again, Gabrielle held her gaze. Xena reddens and looked away, mixed emotions showing on her lovely face. Gabrielle holds fast to her raging emotions and continues to gaze at the warrior. When Xena?s head rises again, the bard is ready.

"Xena," the bard said quietly, trying to keep the quaver out of her voice, "You love me." Shock blossomed across the warrior's face as she quickly launched into a speech born of shock and fear; Gabrielle cut her off mid-sentence.

"Show me." It was a simple request, and yet so profound in its meaning. The bard was amazed how two little words could mean so much.

Xena tried to look away, but the bard would not be denied. She rose to her feet and crossed over to the woman she loved with all her heart. Xena took the bards hands in her own and stood. As the bard felt the lips of her love against her own, she could not contain her emotions any longer. Tears flowed down her cheeks freely and as Xena pulled away, gently wiped away the bard's tears.

As Xena pressed her lips to the bards again, more tears feel and mixed with the taste of Xena's mouth. Gabrielle responded eagerly to the attentions of the older woman with the energy of the purest love. It was only when the two women broke the kiss did Gabrielle realized that Xena had tears on her own face. As she immersed herself in her lover's eyes, Xena leaned down and kissed her once more.

"I love you, Gabrielle."

Gabrielle's heart leapt with joy at the words and she smiled.

"I know."

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