Misc. Poems

By Nightsong   

As tender waves of storm-swept fury caress your beautiful face,   
The fancy of one, persecuted by some, dreams of your embrace.   
Through fire and flame across the plain flies a magnificent wind rider,   
While across the ocean I get the notion to America I should retire.   
So do not be modest my fair goddess when you talk in terms of your love,   
Do not tell me that you can not see the heart-shaped gift of the dove.    

As wave-worn shores and deep blue water join in a lover's embrace,
The vast expanses where twilight dances enriches the human race.
In the jungles of the night, the dreams of mortal men take flight,
Across the endless sky of dreams, soars the dreamer and it seems,
For a moment man's dreams reign all, for glory comes before the fall.    


Someday my heart will find the land that imbodies my soul,
A place were the night air is fresh and clean, a place that only I know.
A place were jungles cover the land and dreams fly with a wave of a hand,
Across the ocean GO, FLY, where dreams live and sorrows die.
Alas, I am to young for flight, and sorrows dance across the night,
Until I find my jungle palace, a place of joy and end to malice.    


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