Three Poems of Love

Listen to my Heart

Faster than lightening, stronger than steel
of all of these things, only one thing is real.
Moving in rhythm, flowing like sound,
in all of these things, only one thing abounds.
Love is the answer, love is the key
tear down your walls, and come with me.
Shed your inhibitions and shed your fear
just hold me close and know I am here.
Wrap yourself tight in the warmth of my arms
let them shield you from all of life's harms.
Listen to my heart and know this is true,
the sound of it's beat belongs only to you.


As soft white flakes of pristine snow
drift slowly down on the people below,
I glance at the faces hoping to see
the face of my love, the face of thee.
Awash in the crowd, yet ever alone,
I yearn for the touch of your skin on my own.
I would leave the crowd and walk away,
if only by your side I could stay.
By your side is where I belong,
never have I felt a love this strong.
My days and nights are filled with you
tell me my love, do you feel it too?

This Turth I Know

Late at night I lie awake
and know that my life is fake.
I play a part and sing a song
always knowing I don't belong.
Why must I play this role
when all it does is tear my soul?
I can never be who they think I am,
a lion can never be a lamb.
How can they say that I am wrong
when what's in my heart feels this strong?
The only thing I know is true
with all my heart, I love you!
You give me joy and light my way
and every night I kneel and pray
and thank God for giving me you
so I can know a love so true.