Dark Warrior

By Nightsong

In mountain, glen, valley and wood
the shadow that roams is never understood.
The movement of muscles under the skin,
wellspring from which legends begin.

Keen of eye and keener of blade,
the stand for justice has been made.
Tell me warrior, proud and true,
what is this fire that burns within you?

What deep desires fill your heart
and can I wish to be a part?
Your blood boils in liquid action,
the drive for glory is full of passion.

I tell you these tales of a hero true,
but you will never know the warrior I knew
who sang in quiet melody flowing
while I sat writing, never knowing.

Tell me warrior, proud and true
what is this fire that burns within you?
Warrior's eyes turn with shades of blue,
the source of the fire lies also in you.

Tell me dark warrior with flame so true,
why does it's source live in me too?
Dark warriors reply is soft and new,
It is because I live within you.

I am a piece and you are a part,
tell me bard, can you find the art?
I am one half and you are the other.
We are a family, we need not another.

Dark warrior says I tell you true
all of my love belongs to you.
Bard replies Can't you see?
All of my love belongs with thee.

Soulbound forever, this is their fate.
Warrior and Bard, each other's lifemate.

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