Love of a Season

By EpTalk

Lovely as fallen angels and demons appear
A leaping Warrior Princess and her mate
Survived the cross, their own death and fear
To bring to fans a season I think great.

A new Chakram of Ying and Yang I see
The Warrior Bard steps forward now to fight
Without a darkside, a warrior Xena can't be
Together they're back, both having their own light.

Time for succession of things to come
For now they have gone through resurrection
There is change and a new life for one
Together still, they forge on in the same direction.

For a Warrior, Queen and Bard it has come time
Not only that Xena has an Animal Attraction
Time to give Gabrielle a horse, she calls mine
Ride side by side but a baby adds a distraction.

The spirits won't lie quiet, Them Bones, Them Bones
It's Gabrielle who hunts and fights a Shamaness
But I can't lose you, the Warrior Princess moans
The victors were Xena & Gabrielle, both gave their best.

For it is the purity of hate that will kill
Xena and Gabrielle have both found the way
Fighting for greater good with amazing strong will
Their courage will change the world, legend will say.

Reach down inside and find the power she needs
The black powder back in the bottle, saved the land
Not even realizing the wonder of her good deeds
Gabrielle bravely did her part to meet all demands.

The season has some little problems, that I know
Gabrielle is more the warrior while Xena sleeps
The once sidekick now lets her true skills show
While safe and sound a new life, Xena keeps.

It is seeds of faith the fans must share
Xena with child and seeing the fate of Eli
Gabrielle the bard is we don't know where
So many changes that have no reason why.

People just want to be free, choose your own way
Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire, so let us all sing
Eli only showed us a way, the greek gods need not stay
The best still awaits us, so I let freedom ring!

The punch line is there if we look, we will find
They travel on together with Xena's time very near
Xena to bring forth a child, always keeping Gabrielle in mind
The death of the olympian order is what some now most fear.

The season moves forward with Xena having labor
Gabrielle is very strong and won't leave her side
Xena has a god fearing child, Angel Callisto gave her
It seems to be a season called another bumpy ride.

Eternal Bonds means more than just the two
Eve has been born, our girls are no longer alone
There is no longer question what our hero's must do
It is time for Xena to take her child home.

It is a lovely family of three that I now see
Athena has Amphipolis under seige they show next
Xena & Gabrielle, what a great loving team they be
The season is like no other, some seem perplexed.

Married with Fishsticks, an ep to offer a smile
Xena and Gabrielle mixed emotions of baby care
Again, together they walk off for another mile
The gods in fear close by, we don't know where.

The Lifeblood of Amazons, two are now gone
Gabrielle makes Eve a princess with right of caste
Let's not forget that togetherness makes a home
I'm lost, fans asking how long this season will last.

Kindred Sprits brings a light of hope that I see
The Warrior can't stay in place, Gabrielle again a Queen
Together as always, Xena & Gabrielle are destined to be
So I say, it's a great season I have seen!

What a great historical re-creation, not like told in school
Anthony and Cleopatra, death , a man who loves like a fool
The battle, the bloodshed and Gabrielle must kill a friend
For peace and the greater good, the alliance won in the end.

Xena and Gabrielle, both are looking death in the eye
The Olympian gods gather and they won't play nice.
Only deaths' tears can save them, the trickery Eve did not die
But Ares has other plans, our two hero's lie in tombs of ice.

Twenty-five years lost, Livia is her name they say
Older Joxer and Meg, a new horse and times are hard
Xena fights her daughter, whose name has gone away
Jailed along side Eli's followers, we learn Virgil is a Bard.

No mistake now what this season is truly trying to tell
Callisto gave Xena a child and Xena saved her from hell
The grown child's name is Eve, a name is not what we see
Her mother's desperate prayer, Eli guides who she will be.

The only emotion left to guess is if Xena will walk on water
There is a light, a message from Michael is now understood
Two small words at last, Xena tells Gabrielle, "our daughter"
No greater joy in life, than that called MOTHERHOOD

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