Cast of Characters

Lady Arielle de Alyesbury


Half fairy/half Mortal 300 years old
Mother was seduced by a fairy named Adamus, Mother became gravely ill and was soon to die. Adamus wanted to save her by giving her a magical elixer, but Mother would not take it, she did not wish to give up her humanity, even for the man (fairy) she loved.
Mother Angelique dies, and Adamus was so distraught that he snuck Arielle the elixer thus making her immortal, never to die. She still carried human blood, thus subjected to illness, and wounds and such, but has the ability to heal herself. She appears to look like a normal woman, but when in water, her fairy wings develops into beautiful metallic blue wings.
Arielle has copper-red hair, torquoise eyes, she is a warrior princess heir to Queen Eorann of the realm, now acting Queen until Eorann comes back (hopefully soon) She has a Dragon named Drake, he is blue-green in color with a blue gem on his chest, which was her guidence stone given to her by Adamus, that leads her on her quests in life, thus bringing her to this realm she now calls home. Drake swallowed the stone thus becoming as the dragon he is now. Arielle's best friend.
Powers consist of the following: A healer, can not save from total death, but mere wounds, sickness, she can heal. With help from fairy magic and from the realm, her healing powers are greater, thus saving the life of her grandaughter Ashleigh, with the help of Z'Lorea, her healing powers. Seth de Alyesbury is Ashleigh's father and they are from Scotland, where Arielle is orginally from, her keep Anthlone. Seth is a decendent, Arielle's great great great grandson, from her husband's first wife. Arielle being immortal could have no children but raised Troy's child as her own. She lives in a treehouse created by magic from Drake, and that is located at the lake, everyone always welcome to some and stay, plenty of room .
Arielle has found the chance to love again after her husband's death 160 years ago,(Troy), Its Christian who had stolen her heart and longs to be with him for as long as possible.
Now she awaits the return of her Queen and deals with the evil King Adrian on the other side of the mountain.