Cast of Characters


Emporess of the light. Married to Angel
Is only 4 foot tall with waist length raven black hair and pure blue eyes, transparent wings like a dragonflies. She is always calm and gentle. Mildly empatic she senses what others need from her and tries help. Has never used any weapon but her heart and her ability to love all.


A 2nd creation of EpTalk but a separate character in her being the keeper and power of wishful thinking. Given a special wishing stone that rules the realm and services various needs of inhabitants. Now a guiding spirt

Ability: Call upon the wishing stone's power for creation of good; harbor her dark secret the evil younger sister, Lethea in her heart. Her basic purpose is "friend."

Age: Old as time itself in this realm.

Good or Bad: Outwardly and of her own heart Jeannie is good. Only loss of her emotional control can release the bad held in her second beating heart that is of her evil sister.


EpTalk nick'd: Eppie = whisked into the vast realm of myth and imagination. Called "Founder" for the concept of many lands that would welcome all people and all adventures. Eppie's past lives are many and her journey is to seek worlds only available in the mind, provide welcome to all creatures, beings small and large and have fun!!

Abilities = None whatsoever of use except a strong heart of love and peace for all complimented by a talent of all muscical things including an enjoyment of creative sound and song.

Age: Defined by youthful mind and spirit.

Good or Bad: Depending if naivity ranks her in the content of good or bad at the moment or for event at hand.

Lady Arielle de Alyesbury

Half fairy/half Mortal 300 years old
Mother was seduced by a fairy named Adamus, Mother became gravely ill and was soon to die. Adamus wanted to save her by giving her a magical elixer, but Mother would not take it, she did not wish to give up her humanity, even for the man (fairy) she loved. Mother Angelique dies, and Adamus was so distraught that he snuck Arielle the elixer thus making her immortal, never to die. She still carried human blood, thus subjected to illness, and wounds and such, but has the ability to heal herself. She appears to look like a normal woman, but when in water, her fairy wings develops into beautiful metallic blue wings.
Arielle has copper-red hair, torquoise eyes, she is Queen of the light realm. She has a Dragon named Drake, he is blue-green in color with a blue gem on his chest, which was her guidence stone given to her by Adamus, that leads her on her quests in life, thus bringing her to this realm she now calls home. Drake swallowed the stone thus becoming as the dragon he is now. Arielle's best friend.
Powers consist of the following: A healer, can not save from total death, but mere wounds, sickness, she can heal. With help from fairy magic and from the realm, her healing powers are greater, thus saving the life of her grandaughter Ashleigh, with the help of Z'Lorea, her healing powers. Seth de Alyesbury is Ashleigh's father and they are from Scotland, where Arielle is orginally from, her keep Anthlone. Seth is a decendent, Arielle's great great great grandson, from her husband's first wife. Arielle being immortal could have no children but raised Troy's child as her own. She lives in a treehouse created by magic from Drake, and that is located at the lake, everyone always welcome to some and stay, plenty of room .
Arielle has found the chance to love again after her husband's death 160 years ago,(Troy), Its Christian who had stolen her heart and longs to be with him for as long as possible.
Now she awaits the return of her Queen and deals with the evil King Adrian on the other side of the mountain.


Also known as as Arial, Daughter of Adrian, king of the dark and Melia former queen of the light. White wings and hair, light blue skin, her eyes shift colors as her nay=ture changes. Married to Eorann. Currantly a captive of her father. Neutral by nature, however has both a dark and light side.


last of the great gold dragons, currently nuetral, but should anything threaten the land, he will defend it.


Name: Kaltar Redflame (not revieled, yet)
Race: Gem Dragon (Ruby)
Class: Channeler (Specialized Magic User)
Alignment: Chaotic/Good (conversion unknown)

Ketina Ro'Ilan

Also called Keti GlassArrow. Lead member of the Guild of the WoodGuard, and the only member with powerful magic. Her power is that of Poisoner, which means that her magic will poison another creatures magic. She channels it through the glass arrowheads on her crossbow bolts, and whenever she kills someone a bit of their blood forms a stone inside the arrowhead. These stones possess a certain magic to the assassin.

Left the club for a time

Sishen Jere'aym called Sisi SunDirk

New member of the Guild.
Age: 17
Hair: White-blonde
Eyes: Black
Height: 5'7"
Other: One of the newer members of the Guild, and as yet untried in her magic. She discovered it shortly before Keti left the Guild. Her magic is that of Firebrand, meaning that she can channel fire or electricity through her weapon of choice, a steel dirk set with a ruby in the blade

Left the club for a time


Story: Catlike creature with gold and red fur Her people were all killed by skinners which are humans who hunted her people and skinned them alive, she thought she was the only one of her kind and has found a litter mate who also survived and used to teach her he had become a mercinary bent on vengance and was now learning the language and many otherthings of this land from her
Abilities: Was trained as a healer in her own land and has an intimate knowledge of all healing herbs and plants, also has some magic abilities which she doesn't know of yet and a natural ability to hide in the woods due to her catlike body
Good or evil?: By natur she is nitral but if her freinds are in troble or her new found home is threatened she will fight for good with all she has and if she is unable to fight she will stay behind to heal and comfort the wounded both physicaly and mentaly
Age: 4 but in her race you are an adult by 3 and an elder by 10

Kera' Kia

Story: Skinned alive by the skinners barely survived and is constantly covered due to his rate garrish apearance. Both he and Anakia are of the race Feliss and the clan kia as far as eithe rof them know they are all that is left. He is now learning to trust the two leggers and is slowly being brought over to his littermates way of lif
Abilities: An Ex-mercenary with highly tune hunting and killing skills, has learned to cloak his presence from most physical and magical searches and will eventualy be able to stare his pray into submission
Age: 6 he and Anakia consider themselves to be littermates although they didn't come from the same littler simple b/c growing up they were inseperable
Good or Bad?: He entered this land with out what he considered evil intentions to kill all creatures on two legs, he is slowly learning to trust two leggers and will eventualy become a great ally although he will never completely trust them he will fight for them

Z'lorea and Meshinda

See pics in photos album)
Bio: Z'lorea is a gargoyle and Meshinda is her sister. Z'Lorea escaped from the gargoyle homeland where all gargoyles were slaves coming to this land she was able to find help in saving her sister Meshinda. in the gargoyle homeland humans had take over and enslaved the gargoyles to make sure that few esacaped the gargoyles wings where cut off at hatching. With the exeption of those slated for the arena. that is how Z'lorea got to keep her wings. When the evil Jakinge was killed the humans hold on the gargoyles weakended. This caused the gargoyles to drive out the humans from there land. needless to say the gargoyles are now free. When the evil army threatened this realm the gargoyle goddess Linatimana revield herself to Z'lorea and named Z'lorea her champion. using her new powers Z'lorea called forth an army of gargoyles. using her new powers she heald all the gargoyles and caused their wings to grow back. close to 10,000 gargoyles answered the call to arms. 1,500 of them were magik users. pooling their engergy they formed the protcective bubble that now surrounds the realm. NOTHING evil can come in if it tryed it would be destoyed. Z'lorea has reacnly adopted the blue dragon hatchling and named it Azuel. Meshinda is now working in the Welcome Inn she is the bar tender.
Abilities: Z'lorea has several abitlies. before the goddess gave her some powers Z'lorea was able to do small healings but the power usually drained her. Also she was able to transform into a large cat.(see the pentagash pic in photos album) Her abilites greatly increassed when the goddess made her a champion. she was given these powers.
1) increased healing ability- can heal someone even if death has taken them for up to five minuetes after death but no longer.
2) has complete control over all plants real or imaginary.
3) she can disentagate things by singing.
4) the last power was the power of knolege so that she can use her powers for good.
Meshinda has no powers or abilites she is just a regular gargoyle.
Age: Z'lorea is 20 years old and Meshinda is 18

Left the club for a time


Newcomer, just grew wings and a tail (that's trying to knock her silly). One of the good guys.

Valente Skyheart

Two forms: human form, (demon form)
Age:Appears to be in mid 20s, but his true age is unknown.(demons are ageless)
Hair:Dark brown.(none)
Eyes: Brown (pitch black)
Height: 6'4" (8'2")
Other: He is an evil demon taking on the form of a human. His sword is the Dragonbuster-legendary weapon against dragons. His magic is air in human form and darkness in demon form. He is very skilled with a sword. In his demon form, he is almost immortal and physical attacks aren't very affective against him. If a powerful mage were to learn his real name, he could become spellbound and be controlled by that mage. When he transforms, he can't use anything that he had in human form, but when he turns back, all of his items come back with his human form.

I'll be a villain. Perhaps the ultimate villain. Only time will tell...


Alia is a young girl who came in this land and found herself became a shapeshifter. She split to six form which look exactly alike, like the original one. So they're all shapeshifters. Each one has it own personality. They all parts of the Alia and waiting to merge back into one. Unfortunately, that won't be very easy, so now you stuck with them for a while.
*Alia - Alia mostly refered to the original Alia or "THE SOUL" She is the one who carry their only soul.
*Sage - She is the wisdom part. mostly called "THE WISDOM". She is smart one.. most of the time anyway.
*Ice - She is the evil part, which was adopted by Adrain, the evil King and working with him now. Also called "THE EVIL ONE".
*Belle - She is the self-imposed part who beleive the world orbit around her.
*The bold one - no name for her yet. Maybe soon. She is the strenght.
*The timid one - No name for her too, I'll be glad if anyone give her a name. :) She is the Heart. She is just a normal girl who scare of her own shadow. You can call her anything you won't and do anything, she won't mind, she'll just faint.

Currantly there are only 2 left both copies of Ice

Christian Swan

---17 but appears much older
---Definitely on the side of light, but has a dark side much smaller, due to his half-vampiric blood
---Uses a large silver battle axe named Tempest and a hunting knife
---Wears a pendant that keeps him in touch with his old master Ithlorien and also keeps his vampiric side in check most of the time
---In love with Arielle, which is mutual. Cares very deeply for her and hates the fact that she now is the Queen of the Realm.
---Has three masters, Ithlorien, Belzadar, and Promenadan, all ancient wizards and masters of their art

Sir David

Once a Knight of the cusades, he is now a snow white unicorn. Also the companion of Eorann.


A new born pixie who is out to learn everything quickly. 6 inches tall with blue butterfly wings and black hair.