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LA though. 'Wonder what I've done to attract the attention of him, or should I say, she who sent him.' LA turned to the raven, "Don't guess I could talk you into saying you never found me?" The only answer she recieved was another tilt of his head and an ear splitting caw. Wincing, LA turned and started walking again. "Yeah, didn't think so. Now what does she want of me?" LA didn't wait to for the answer as she walked the path to the lake. She stopped at the edge of the forest, looking at the lake. It amazed her how much had already happened here. Just as she started to enter the small clearing she heard Pixie's ragged sobs. Her steps faltered for only a moment then quickened. LA's heart broke to hear her beloved crying. She walked to her and knelt down automaticly wrapping her arms tightly around Pixie. "Hush, my most adored, I still love you with all my heart.", LA whispered to Pixie holding her softly nuzzling her neck. This only seemed to bring Pixie to more tears. " could you love me? All I am or have ever been is trouble." LA chuckled softly shaking her head, "All you've ever been to me is my life. The sooner you realize this the sooner you start to learn just how much you mean to me." La held onto Pixie as she cried herself out. LA looked down realizing that Pixie had fallen asleep in her arms. Slipping an arm under her legs LA stood easily lifting Pixie. 'Time to get you back to the village, and into a bed.' LA thought as she made her way through the forest, painfully aware of the raven still following. "And not a peep from you, I'll anwer the call later. Now she is my biggest concern.", She said galring back at the raven. Nearing the village a thought occured to her. 'Just how am I going to explain an unconcious Pixie to everyone?' By Martman (Martman) on Tuesday, July 11, 2000 - 11:20 pm: Martman and Eppie quietly stalked through the forest in search of Ephiny. Both were very concerned for her well being. "I hope she doesn't do anything rash," Marty said quietly. "Same here," Eppie responded. After searching for nearly half an hour, they found the girl sitting by a quiet pond. "Ephiny!" Eppie yelled. "You gave us quite a scare. You should know better than to do that. We were worried about you." The young girl snorted. "Funny," she replied harshly. "I dont seem to care about you! And who are you anyway? My parents? They died a long time ago! Im on my own now." "Hun," Marty replied warmly. "We care about you and we want to help you overcome this darkness thats consuming you. It will only lead you to bad ends." "I dont need either of you or your sympathy," she replied harshly. Just then, a band of maurauders attacked the 3 of them - the same maurauders who had attacked the amazon village some time before and had left Marty with a bad wound in his chest. Marty and Eppie fought them valliantly while Ephiny stayed behind them under protection. Remembering the savage beating they had given him, and how they tried to kill his beloved Queen and her Champion, he attacked them with a cold rage and began to savagely beat them in reply. Considering the loss of his own soul some time before, he gravely wanted to tear each attacker apart. But he thought better of it cuz it would only further enforce Ephiny's current line of thinking. So marty did the next best thing - kick some maurauder ass!!! Unfortunately, the maurauders had come from behind Martman and Eppie and began to attack them. Marty was valliantly fighting against 4 maurauders. Eppie managed to dispatch the 3 that were attacking her with swift punches and kicks, but she didnt think to use lethal force. She held firm to her blood innocence. But as she dispatched her final attacker, she looked behind her and saw another maurauder standing above and unconscious ephiny, lifting his sword in the air, about to deliver the lethal blow. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" she screamed. By Eptalk (Eptalk) on Wednesday, July 12, 2000 - 03:19 am: The pause that would usually hold Eppie back from any thought of killing was no where in her mind with the sight of Ephiny lying unconcious. She reached quickly to grab for her boomerang, using the trained wrist throw she sent the weapon into flight toward the maurauder. The boomerang gave only a brief WHOOoooosh sound before striking the maurauder who stood near Ephiny squarely in the temple sending him falling dead onto the ground. Ephiny began to awaken as Eppie grabbed for her bowie knives (one from each boot) and threw them forcefully in the chest of two more approaching marauders and then catching her boomerang in it's return flight. Even dazed, Ephiny could see the three fallen dead bodies near her as she looked in horror at Eppie who clipped her boomerang back onto her belt and stood frozen at the sight of what she had done. Martman gave one final strong kick to the abdomen of one lone maurauder running straight toward him. The attacker stood up from his doubled over position and seeing his fallen group members covered in blood, he ran off into the thick brush. One by one the mauraders who remained alive ran as well. It was Martman who turned quickly and ran to Ephiny, asking repeatedly if she were okay. "I'm fine. I could have handled them if they hadn't got me from behind," Ephiny scorned. Martman reminded the young girl, "we're your friends Ephiny. Even Eppie wasn't about to let harm come to you. We care about you, can't you see that?" "I see several dead bodies is what I see. Eppie did kill but she doesn't look to be celebrating," Ephiny informed Martman who checked the lump on her head. Slowly Eppie turned and walked to join her friends. "Well, there comes a time and a reason Ephiny that killing is the only way to survive," Eppie said in a soft and weary tone. Surprised that the woman who had seemed so gentle and mothering to her, Ephiny was now very attentive and warmly moved how strong and secure Eppie seemed after the gruesome attack. Both she and Martman were battered from the kicks and punches taken before the attackers were stopped abruptly. Even that band of mauraders realized the Amazon and Amazonie would kill to protect this young girl. "You both could have been killed for your trouble you know," Ephiny said more calmly to Martman and Eppie who helped her to her feet. "Ephiny," Martman added in a reassuring tone. "Our tribe takes care of one another. The Queen and her Champion are best examples of caring we have and we could do no less for one of our own." "That's right Ephiny" Eppie continued. "I remember Gabrielle telling us all of her strong wish and hope not to kill in battle. Once Xena was dropped paralyzed to her knees as a Roman had his sword raised to surely run her through. Gabrielle chose the way of friendship for Xena. She killed many Romans that day who later crucified them both. Only by devine intervention were they given back life. Those two are destined to be together for an eternity." Eppie placed her arm around the young girl to tell her, "I can accept the loss of my own blood innocence now much easier than the loss of a friend. From Xena and Gabrielle's story, I know that much at long last." Just after Martman handed a drink of water from the pond in the palm of his hands to Ephiny who drank with new trust in her eyes, the three walked slowly and quietly back to camp. Eppie dare not let this young girl know that her stomach felt lodged in her throat. How could there be such a thing as a good day fighting, Eppie once thought in her mind. On this day, the answer was clear when it was realized that a life was saved. Eppie now knew the meaning of a good day fighting. By Nightsong (Nightsong) on Thursday, July 13, 2000 - 10:22 pm: Nightsong walked arm in arm with Lyco to the camp. She found Shsway alone, mercifully, playing with her new wolf pup. She smiled at Lyco, and with a nod, Lyco let go of Nightsong's arm and went to their hut. Nightsong then sat next to Shsway. Griffin immediatly growled, but Nightsong offered her hand and spoke to the little cub in words to soft for Shsway to hear. The cub sniffed Nightsong's hand and calmed at the soft words. Shsway looked at Nightsong with surprise that the cub seemed so trusting. "How'd you do that?" Asked Shsway in amazement. Nightsong smiled, "I have many skills, and animals are one of them." "Well, do you think you can teach him how to fetch then?" Shsway asked, "I can't get him to understand the concept." Nightsong looked at Shsway for a long moment till the young scout squrmed a bit before she replied; "You don't teach an animal companion to do tricks, they are not a pet. They are a friend and fighting companion. He will be able to take down deer when he is grown when you have no arrows to do so, and he will defend you in battle. It is an alliance. To make him into a pet is to weaken his spirit." Shsway looked at the wolf cub for a long moment before she spoke, "How do you know so much about animal companions, Nightie?" Nightsong got to her feet and replied before turning to go to her hut, "Because I have one of my own." By ephfan (Ephfan) on Friday, July 14, 2000 - 08:46 pm: After a peaceful (a rare occurance) in the village morning arrived and with it Katryn and ephfan. They strolled into the dining hut hand in hand. Needless to say all heads turned when they entered. Kat turned to eph and said "I really need to catch up with my group and see if I've missed anything. And I also need to talk to the Queen, she told me she needed to tell me some things about Ephiny." "OK babe, I need to go over and get the teasing over with. After that I believe a trip to the hot springs is in order." With a kiss that brought hoots from the crowd, the new couple parted. On her way to the table where her buddies were all sitting, ephfan kept repeating to herself "I can take whatever they dish out, I can take whatever they dish out....." By Mariah (Pixie) on Sunday, July 16, 2000 - 04:06 am: Luck was with LA for once it seemed that everyone was ocupied in the dinng hut. She slipped into the hut they had been given with no one noticing. "Sleep my beloved. All is not lost so long as you and I are alive." LA whispered as she laid Pixie down on the bed. "Sleep well." She sighed as she fell asleep herself. ~*~ Pixie stretched lazily, a smile touched her lips as she slowly opened her eyes to see the sun casting long shadows on the wall. It was late afternoon. Closing her eyes again she snuggled closer to her still sleeping mate. She let her mind drift thinking of the past few days. I have gone from only LA and I to a sister and her mate and now an heir. Pixie's eyes flew open and she sat up. LA looked up at her, "Is some one going to die?" she asked. "No. I just remembered that I was suppose to talk to Shsway this morning." Pixie said frowning at her own forgetfulness. "It can wait. Now lay back down." LA said pulling Pixie down. "But I should....." Pixie trailed off as LA kissed her. 'On second thought it can wait.' Pixie thought as she returned the kiss...... By Craig Hall (Kiwixenite) on Sunday, July 16, 2000 - 08:46 pm: "Queen Gabrielle requests a favour of me?" Craig asked. "She does," the Queen's champion replied, grinning. "She's hungry again, and we haven't had a feast for a while..." "Anything for international relations," Craig grinned. The two made their way out of Craig's small hut, Craig swinging his staff absent-mindedly. Other Amazons watched, and marvelled at the height of this giant, a man who was a head taller than any of them, even Xena. And he was such a fine chef as well! Xena returned to Gabrielle's side, while Craig went to the tribe's kitchen to prepare a feast for that night. By Gypsy (Gypsy) on Tuesday, July 18, 2000 - 09:30 pm: Later that night the moon was full. Shining it's hazy light across the landscape. Illuminating the open fields and paths throughout the village. By Gypsy (Gypsy) on Wednesday, July 19, 2000 - 01:54 am: "Ah, I'm in luck tonight, it's a hunter's moon", she thought coldly. "I'll have the advantage of surprise," this made her smile. "I should make a bundle tonight, Amazons bring a hefty price at market these days," grinned the Huntress. The would be Amazon quietly made her way to the outskirts of the village. There she tree sat watching and counting her prey, mentally adding the wealth of dinars she would later spend on herself.... By Eptalk (Eptalk) on Wednesday, July 19, 2000 - 01:38 pm: Returning late to her own hut after so much festivity and feast at camp, Eppie lie relaxed with Ephiny now resting along side of her. It had been a wonderful day meeting all the new and old faces about camp. The introductions made the evenings ceremony most pleasant for everyone. Eppie continued to try and sort all the new faces and companions in her mind. Scanning the thoughts of Nightsong now with Lyco, ephfan hosting Katryn and Shsway who now was more matured as she told of Alaya and introduced her wolf cub named Griffin. Nike seemed a little distant in thought at the feast, as did LA and Pixie. All of them appeared to have serious thoughts of their own. It was wonderful to again see everyone and warming to catch the remaining Amazon gleam in their eyes. Craig gave us the greatest feast ever and there should be no feel of hunger by anyone for many moons to come. Martman had battled brave to help save Ephiny from those marauders. His continued focus on the splendor of the Queen and her champions' relationship appeared to reach the heart of the young, Ephiny who slept restless. After a comfortable rest of her own, the noise from activity about camp awoke Eppie who was startled to find Ephiny gone from her side. Everyone seemed anxious and very hurriedly moving about the camp. Only catching bits and pieces of the talk, there was apparently a new rumor of approaching raiders. This information had come from a lone rider passing through at daybreak. The Queen's champion had given order to gather all weapons, assume guard positions and secure the perimeter. Eppie sensed from a brief word with Pixie that several tribe members knew something special about these approaching raiders. The worried look on her sister's face signaled Eppie to hurry back to her hut, clip her boomerang back onto her belt and insure her bowie knives were readied. By Gypsy (Gypsy) on Wednesday, July 19, 2000 - 02:57 pm: The Huntress had built herself a well camouflaged blind in a tall old oak tree. She watched the camp, learning the habits of her victims until dawn. Feeling the weight of her eyelids, the Huntress slept comfortably inside the nest of branches and oak leaves. She hadn't been sleeping long when horse's hooves passed directly beneath the huge tree. Activity was picking up at the village, but not just normal chores. Arms were being carried and guards were stationed, the Huntress recognized a defense plan when she saw it. She spent much of her day waiting for an attack from a group of unknown amazon enemies. The Huntress munched on dried venison strips and took small sips of water. She had carried up two large water skins, prepared for whatever happens. Her weapons close at hand, as she viewed the entire alerted village from her well hidden vantage point. By Mariah (Pixie) on Wednesday, July 19, 2000 - 11:57 pm: Pixie and LA had awoken very early and taken advantage of the hot spings. Both were in a lighter mood. Pixie trusted LA to find a way to keep the prohecy from happening now. Walking arm and arm back to the village, thier peace was shattered by a rider. She identified herself as a celt from Lugh's tribe and informed them that raiders had been spotted moving toward them. She also gave LA a scroll from Litavis. Nightsong, Lyco and Shsway gathered around them as LA read it. "Litavis fears that some of the raiders may be more dangerous than the last. The one the celts caught had no soul." "That could be bad for Pixie." Lyco stated. "Why?" asked Shsway as she fought with Griff over his attempting to chew on her ankle. "Because Maicin I feel thier pain like a fire. I can't stand to be touched by a soulless person." The group didn't notice that Marty was standing behind them, nor did they see the hurt look is his eyes as he walked away. ~~~~ "Griffin stop!" Shsway yelled chasing after the gray ball of fur. "Bring that back here." For his part Griffin just picked up speed in spite of Shsway's quiver of arrows bouncing behind him. "You go that way and see if we can trap him." Shsway shouted to Pixie. The pair raced around a corner only to find themselves in a sudden tangle of arms and legs with some one else. Marty had been quitely thinking when he had heard the despurtion and was coming to see what was happening. The next thing he knew he was laying on his back holding two squirming amazons. He looked down to reconize Shsway's dark hair, the other had bright red hair.'OH no, Pixie isn't going to like this.'He thought. Then the squiming stopped and he braced for the expected scream. Only instead he heard a soft laugh as light gray eyes looked back at him, "Hello you must be Marty. LA has told me alot about you. I'm Pixie." A thump came from beside his head, looking over a small wolf cocked his head to the side. Then barked once and began licking Marty's face wildly...... By mel (Littlearsonist) on Thursday, July 20, 2000 - 03:04 am: Littlearsonist had just left the counsel hut. Considering the news she had delivered to the Queen and her champion, things had been pretty lighthearted when she had left. Hearing a comotion she looked around. Seeing other amazons running in the direction of the trouble she went to investigate. Turning a corner she almost ran into Nightsong. Stopping suddenly she looked in the direction of a laughing Pixie and Shsway. Amazon curiosity as it is had brought a good number of onlookers by this time. Murmers and giggles could be heard all around. LA grinned at the situation. Pixie and Shsway were tangled up with Martman. And as if that wasn't bad enough Griffin had decided to join in on the 'fun'. LA didn't know what was more painful to Marty, the squirming girls on top of him or the puppy trying to dig him out of the pile by pulling his hair. She couldn't keep from laughing any longer. "You know if I were the jealous type this would be the wrong scene to come upon." She joked.... By Nightsong (Nightsong) on Thursday, July 20, 2000 - 12:58 pm: Nightsong laughed at her brother's perdicament. "Wow Marty, you certainly are popular with the ladies." Nightsong joked. Martman just smiled at her affectionatly before continuing his struggle to free himself from the two amazons. With an amused shake of her head, Nightsong went in search of Eppie. She had heard that her dear friend had taken in a orphan girl and had made her first kills the day before. She had not seen her at the feast as she avoided Shsway when she was with Alaya, but was pleased that Craig was fitting in well. She found Eppie sitting outside with the girl whose name she found out was Ephiny. Eppie deminstated her boomerang and Nightsong showed Eppie a couple of new ways to throw her bowie knives faster and with less warning. It was a good time spent while waiting for the attack that would soon come, for Nightsong could feel the menance in the air, and knew that the tribe would not have to wait long. By Craig Hall (Kiwixenite) on Thursday, July 20, 2000 - 05:48 pm: "What are you doing?" The Kiwi champion looked up from his training to see Xena watching him, an amused look on her face. "Just remembering some old skills. I've seen Amazons all over the camp sharpening their fighting skills, and I guessed that something is expected to happen soon. Am I right?" "Yes, we've all been in heavy training, just in case," Xena replied. "I see you're no stranger to a staff, though. Why don't you use a sword?" "I guess I don't like killing people. It makes me feel bad later," Craig answered, spinning his staff around. "But can you fight with a sword?" Xena asked. "Yes..." Craig reluctantly replied. "I couldn't be my Queen's champion if I didn't know how to fight with a sword." "Well, my Queen wants to know if you've got some time for that staff contest she wanted a while ago. She says it would be good preparation for her," Xena said. "Staff contest? But I'm a cook!" Craig grinned. "Yeah, sure, and I'm a messenger girl," Xena said sarcastically. By Gypsy (Gypsy) on Friday, July 21, 2000 - 12:53 am: "Not many children, here. But lots of young, prime breeding stock." whispered the Huntress. "I'm sure they won't miss a few, especially if there's a battle." she thought. By Martman (Martman) on Friday, July 21, 2000 - 02:32 pm: For his part, Marty was still entangled with Pixie and shsway. Slowly, he got up and looked at the 2 sweet women. "come here little sis!" Marty said as he embraced shsway with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "I love you hun," he said while looking into her eyes. "Thanks big bro," she said as she returned the hug and ruffled her brother's hair. "Hey there fella," Marty said to Griffin. The amazonie held his hand out and Griffin eagerly licked it, causing the amazonie to giggle. "Good boy," he said as he ruffled its fur. Marty then approached pixie. "hi hun," he weakly said. He was relieved his lack of a soul didn't cause the amazon any pain. "I'm glad i didnt hurt you. I was affraid that not having a soul would do that and i didnt want to cause you any harm." "you didnt do anything wrong hun," pixie said as she kissed the amazonie on the cheek. "Im glad i got to meet you. Youre very playful," she teased, causing Marty to blush. "Thank you," he replied. They hugged and the crowed looked on and awwed at the sweet embrace between the amazons and amazonie. They knew they'd seen something special. But the collision caused Marty to question what he previously thought was true. If he didnt have a soul, then why didnt Pixie scream when she touched him? If she didnt scream, it meant that he had to have a soul, yet that wouldnt explain why hed felt something was missing since he returned to the tribe. As Marty walked away from the scene, he began to quietly reflect on the meaning of this. Maybe he did have a soul as represented by a spirit. What he was missing, he began to think, was a soul as represented by feelings of emotion. He did note, in support of this new theory, that he had been very hate filled and angry since his return. Maybe the lack of a soul meant his lack of emotion. And perhaps, seeing all his friends again, plus seeing xena and gab together, had begun to chisle away at the wall he had built around himself. "Well," he said reflectively, "there'll be plenty of time to reflect on this later. Right now we need to prepare for the invaders." By Shsway (Shsway) on Friday, July 21, 2000 - 03:55 pm: Shsway's spirits were much lifted after the brief tussle with Griffin, Pixie and Marty. Lately she had been feeling a little confused about...little things she couldn't understand. It seemed strange to her that Nightsong almost always found a reason not to be around the scout when in the company of her lady. There had really been no formal meeting between her dear friend and her love, which began to seriously concern her. Had they met already and disliked each other? Was it a matter of a personality clash or was NS simply too occupied? It was puzzling. Alaya herself had also been less than understandable. Upon bringing Griffin home, the blonde woman didn't seem to like him, as she gingerly picked him up by the scruff of the neck. And the dark-haired woman could tell that the cub felt her distaste to a certain degree; he rarely was affectionate towards her and refused to leave Shsway's side. Even while protecting them he kept a respectful distance away from his owner's companion. And then there were times when Ally seemed...distant. Unaware of the scout's presence or of much else. Shsway sighed. At the moment she was sitting on a stump outside the blacksmith's shop, polishing and sharpening her new sword and daggers. Everything had to be ready for battle once more, and time - as usual - ran far too quick. She stopped momentarily to look at the bracelet she wore, displaying her kinship to Pixie. She studied it, and gently traced the celtic designs with her thumb. More than ever, she had to prove her maturity and worth to her sisters and it was hard to block out trivial matters as those of the everyday to concentrate on the task at hand. As her mind trailed away, Griffin scampered over from a recent trip to the bushes. She smiled. Nightsong, this is one 'pet' trick I fully intend for him to learn. As he tried to bounce up onto the stump to join his mistress, she paused in her work to reach down a hand and scratch his neck fondly. "I tell ya Griff, sometimes I think you are the lucky one." "Rrrrr?" he questioned with attentive eyes. A sigh. "There are times when I am unsure of who I am, where I am destined to be. You, my friend," she playfully poked at a wet nose, "have no questions as to who or what you are. Nothing to prove or ponder about." At that point she had to giggle, as the little wolf's brow seemed to crease in thought. "That's a pretty good imitation, pal. But how do I know for sure what I want or what my path is?" A soft voice spoke behind her. "You find someone to shine light on it and point the way." Shsway looked over her right shoulder to find Queen Gabrielle in full costume. She quickly got to her feet, and extended her arm to clasp the bard's in greeting. "That's really all there is to it, Warrior." Gabrielle added. She smiled as Shsway's left eyebrow lifted in question at the title. "Yes, you are on your way to being just that. Please, I know what's been going on in the Celt camp - congratulations on the new gear and sidekick." They giggled as the little wolf barked in approval. Shsway then had to gulp as her Queen's lovely green eyes looked seriously and intensely at her. "Don't worry. Your way will be made clear, and the fates have already planned out your destiny. It's up to you to shape how well it follows, but also to choose someone to guide you and make the journey easier." Shsway bowed slightly, and to Gabrielle's embarrassment, kissed her hand. "Thank you for your strong words, your highness. I will try to be patient and choose well in my decisions." She walked off to continue her preparations as she whistled for Griff to follow. The Queen smiled as she watched them go, when Xena came up behind her and folded her into a small embrace. "The bard strikes again," she chuckled. "Well," the blonde woman grinned. "Perhaps one more problem solved - now let's see her explain her way out when NightSong learns about her little friend's new tricks." By Craig Hall (Kiwixenite) on Sunday, July 23, 2000 - 07:56 pm: "When you're ready... FIGHT!" Xena cried out. Craig and Gabrielle started warily circling one another, their staves at the ready. The other Amazons watched, almost in awe, as their Queen fought a champion from another land, someone literally head and shoulders taller than herself. Craig parried some of Gabrielle's blows, before throwing some of his own, all of which were avoided easily by Gabrielle. From the sidelines, Xena watched, pride evident on her face as her student fought with great skill, attacking at every opportunity. She also noted the tremendous defensive ability of the Kiwi champion, as he avoided or parried all of her attacks, counterattacking well, although showing signs of rustiness. Ten minutes later, and they were still going, fighting as furiously as before, neither budging an inch in their efforts to get a telling blow in. The other Amazons watched, enthralled as two masters of the staff showed their skills in an entertaining exhibition. Finally, the Kiwi champion struck the winning blow with his staff, as he swept Gabrielle's legs out from under her. The Amazon Queen crashed to the ground, and then took Craig's hand as he helped her to her feet. Xena shook Craig's hand, as he wiped the perspiration from his face with a small towel. The other Amazons applauded both warriors' efforts, and Gabrielle shook Craig's hand as well. "Where did you learn how to fight like that?" she asked him, as they began walking to their quarters. "My tutors were very skilled," Craig explained. "They taught both Queen Helen and me how to fight with various weapons, starting when we were very young. Back then, she was still Princess Helen. Unfortunately, I'm a little rusty, since I don't do terribly much fighting any more." "I'm sure we can fix that," Gabrielle laughed. "I have a hunch that a few young Amazons would like to train with you." "Speaking of which, I know that the tribe is preparing for a battle. Would it be any use if I went to my home country and asked Queen Helen for an army to help defend your tribe?" Craig asked. "I don't know," Xena replied. "I think we'll be OK, but it could be very useful. We'll tell you if we need it." "Fair enough," Craig said. "And when are you going to bring your Queen here to visit us?" Gabrielle asked. "When it's safe for her here, I'll go and get her," Craig grinned. "Until then, nothing doing." "What are you saying about my tribe?" Gabrielle asked, a mock-glare on her face. "Oh, nothing, just that a battle is hardly a good time for a head of state to be visiting," Craig smiled. By mel (Littlearsonist) on Monday, July 24, 2000 - 05:31 am: Littlearsonist stretched out lazily watching the amazons rush around the village. She shook her head at the almost chaotic organization. She knew that they were all being watched, though by who... Her thoughts were interupted by a slight tug on her pants leg. Looking to her side she saw her little friend. She had still yet thanked her for helping her with getting into her hut. Though she doubted the girl even knew. "Hello, piscin, how are you this fine morning?", she easily returned the smile the little girl gave her. "Why aren't you getting ready to fight like the rest?", Rei asked. "When the time comes I'll be ready," LA said to the girl. She leaned closer and whispered, "To be honest though, I'd rather just sit right here and talk with you. I hate doing chores." "And you'll come up with any excuse not to do them too." Both turned around to see a smiling Pixie standing in the doorway of the hut. LA turned to Rei trying to look innocent and shocked, "But we're being useful aren't we, piscin, we're staying out of everyones way...right." Rei nodded her head. "Uh-huh! That's what I've been told to do all morning..." She then looked at LA amazed. "You too?" LA nodded her head, "Yeah, I got kicked out of the hut for trying to help." Pixie rolled her eyes walking back into the hut mummbling to herself, "If grabbing me every time I turned my back is help..." "What was that my love?" LA called into the entrance. "You don't really want it repeated beloved." Pixie called back. LA stood and looked down at her friend. "Let's go see if we can help anyone." As they were walking away Pixie stepped back into the entrance way, "Rei, please keep her out of trouble." The little girl looked from Pixie to LA then nodded seriously. LA whispered to her as soon as they were out of earshot from Pixie, "Lets go see if they need any help in the kitchen." "But Mom says that I'm not old enough to cook yet." Rei pouted. "Who said anything about cooking, we're just here to taste. And if they wont let us I'm sure there are fresh strawberries around here some where" "Taluns!", The girl smiled at remembering the celtic word. LA shook her head as Rei started skipping toward the kitchen all the while singing. "Taluns, taluns..." By Eptalk (Eptalk) on Monday, July 24, 2000 - 11:54 am: Ephiny was very talkative during this day as she watched Eppie practice the new boomerang throws Nightsong had instructed. "You're preparing to kill again, aren't you?" asked the young friend. Placing a hand onto Ephiny's shoulder, Eppie replied, "I hope there doesn't have to be killing Ephiny but if any raiders do attack our camp, I want to help my tribe this time." "I can help more than YOU know" Ephiny added quickly and with a suspicious tone to her voice. "You shouldn't have to be in battle so young. I don't know what all this impending raid could involve but it cannot be good. With the Queen and her Champion in camp that will help and things will be handled the Amazon way I'm sure." Ephiny turned with obvious question in her eyes, "Amazon way? Like the sword fighting display we watched?" Eppie was unsure of what Ephiny meant by her question or sneaky look suddenly, but explained to the young girl that the sword fighting was just a display. Swords are only used to fight in defense of our land or one another and you should know that carrying a sword can make you a target in battle. Nike approached with a surprise announcement that the Queen and her Champion were leaving camp to find the whereabouts of these supposed approaching raiders. She explained that Gabrielle and Xena knew the camp to be readied and felt they could gather a location and attempt to avoid a surprise attack. Eppie immediately felt concern with the Queen and Xena gone from camp. Hopefully the tribe would not face any attack in their absence. What if Gabrielle and Xena were harmed, the raiders moved past them or came from another direction to attack were all the questions racing through Eppie's mind at this surprising news. "Ephiny, it would please me greatly if you would stay close to camp tonight. I know you wander off and have been on your own til now but you might not think of all the dangers" Eppie cautioned. "Nah..I've taken care of myself a long time. I'm really like a spy sometimes and I watch from the tree tops a lot. I have a hidden weapon that nobody know about" Ephiny blurted out as she scurried away from Eppie in the direction of nearby brush.