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My interest in pirates does not go back to reading Treasure Island as a kid like most people, (I haven't read it yet!) but to the Goonies, likely my favorite movie of all time.  This site however, came about after I wrote a paper in college about Piracy.  This paper is included here in its entirety.

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Legend & Myth

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Pirate Facts - Ultimate pirate site for information.  Historical and Fictional, individual pirates, links to entire books online and an online store.

Pirates of the Spanish Main - Another great page full of information, includes complete filmography and art section.

Pirate Graphics at Tradewinds Graphics - Some designer sets, backgrounds and buttons, etc. Not updated in ages.

Pirate Barbeque - Small restaurant and caterer in Wilmington, Delaware.  (3 blocks from where I work!!)  I haven't ventured in and tasted anything yet, but I plan to go in and beg for a t-shirt!





Pirates of Darkwater was a Hanna Barbera cartoon of the early 1990's.  Epic Fantasy cartoon that was never completed due to cancellation. On a fantasy world, the characters sought magical treasures to save their planet from "Darkwater". Darkwater could reach up and cover whole ships with its black cloak and swallow it completely. It was one of my favorites and when I started sailing, the term "Darkwater" referring to how you can see where the wind is, always remined me of this fantastic animated adventure that was cut so short.



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