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A ship by any other name would sail as sweet

Pirates had many ships during their careers, often trading smaller or damaged vessels for the newly acquired ones - and re-name it as he saw fit.  With the historians of my library giving only partial account of a pirate's exploits, putting together a list of Pirate Ship names is a challenge. 

These are sorted by Pirate Captain, an attempt at the chronology in his life, with ship names underlined.  These ships may be part of the fleet, or only a part of his exploits.

Here we go:

Henry Morgan - 1635 - Aug. 25, 1688

Oxford.  Morgan's frigate flagship approximately 1668.

Cour Valant.  Seized from a French pirate and renamed Satisfaction.

Magadalen.  Spanish flagship sacked by Morgan.  He rammed the side of it.

Welcome.  Morgan was taken to England as a prisoner on this frigate.


Bartholomew Roberts

Princess.  Nov. 1719.  Roberts served on this merchant vessel.  It was attacked by the pirate Howell Davis who commanded the Rover.  Six weeks later, after Davis's death, Roberts was in command of the Rover.

Rover was later stolen by Walter Kennedy while Robert's captained a captured sloop.  This 10-gun sloop was renamed Fortune.

Royal Fortune. An 18-gun galley.  This was traded for a 28-gun French ship also named Royal Fortune.

Porcupine.  A Portuguese ship, one of eleven ships captured at once off Gold Coast.

Ranger.  One of Roberts' consorts.

Swallow.  A British man-of-war that captured Ranger, killed Roberts on the Royal Fortune, and captured the crew.


Henry Every

Fancy.  1694.  A 46-gun private warship, licensed by the Spanish again the French.  Every was 2nd in command when the captain got drunk and the crew turned Pirate, electing Every as their Captain.

Fatch Mohammed.  Captured treasure ship belonging to the Mogul of India.

Gang-i-sawai (Gunsway) - another heavily laden Indian ship captured at the same time.


Captain Kidd

Blessed William.  1689.  Pirate ship Kidd served on.  Later the ship became a British privateer and Kidd became its captain.  Stolen in Feb. 1690 by the crew when Kidd was on shore.

Antigua.  Given to Kidd to chase the Blessed William.


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