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  May 11, 2006, 2005.   A total computer wipeout, taking on a second job in May 2005, and buying a home last summer have left no time for this personal project. I'm going to attempt to edit HTML Code (wish me luck) directly throughout the site.

I'm determined to bulk up the PIRATE section of this site, especially since the e-mails are starting to arrive with the season. I plan to add many more links, a few more articles this summer, and some related affiliates, carefully chosen. It costs around $120 year to keep the site up and running, I'd love to break even so please keep this site in mind whenever you shop online!

WANTED: Article Submissions, Links and Webrings for Pirates and City of Eldorado Myth. WANTED: New Layout for El Dorado featuring Meso American influenced artwork of a City of Gold.

I'm also considering creating a "Treasure" influenced webring.

Please feel free to send me an E-mail!

  April 15, 2005.   New Pirates site is running and I never properly thanked my web designer.  So talented and so young! I've thinned out this update page and added some affiliates.

  January 5, 2005.   Added my work in progress of Pirate Ship Names.  Also hope I found someone to redesign the Pirate Pages!!  *Keeping finers crossed.*

  December 18, 2004.  I did a little "winter cleaning" of my old site and have decided to leave up my old Diary, Photo Gallery, and Art page for a time.

  December 12, 2004.  All links to Shea Nichole no longer work.  Her main site was called Alluring Design and is now located at

  June 27, 2004. Here is the pet project I have been working on at OuterWorlds - My favorite virtual chat community.  This is the reason my Pirate pages has not been updated.

  May 9, 2004. Links page has been added so you can link to me.  Hopefully, there will be pirate themed buttons and banners when the new layout goes up.

  April 5, 2004.  Unveiling of new index, chat room and parts of the about me page.



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