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Cut Scenes
Click here to download cut scenes on Real Player and Quicktime

Star Wars

This is Madness! C-3PO on the Blockade Runner AVI
Tchwiggalabaaah! Jawa shoots R2-D2 AVI
Hello there! Ben Kenobi spots R2-D2 AVI
Become a Jedi Luke follows his father's path AVI
Cantina Brief part of the cantina scene AVI
I got him! Luke destroys TIE Fighter AVI
Death Star Battle Over a minute long scene AVI
This is some rescue! Scene in the Death Star AVI
- Quicktime Version
Lightspeed Falcon makes jump to lightspeed AVI
- Quicktime Version
Luck Luke practices with remote AVI
- Quicktime Version
Luke destroys Death Star Short clip AVI
- Quicktime Version

The Empire Strikes Back

Kiss Han and Leia fall in love AVI
Hoth Battle AT-AT walkers on Hoth AVI
Yoda Teachings Yoda instructs Luke AVI
Falcon Chase Imperial forces pursue the Falcon AVI
Laugh it up fuzzball Chewie laughs AVI
Take you to him I will Yoda laughs AVI
Pay Attention R2 helps 3PO's broken leg AVI

Return of the Jedi

Luke Vs. Vader Luke defeats his father AVI
I am a Jedi Luke defeats Vader AVI
Yoda is old When 900 years old you reach AVI
Rebel Fleet Fleet leaves for Endor AVI

The Phantom Menace

Tone Poems

One Will (Queen Amidala)Commercial QuickTime
One Dream (Anakin Skywalker)Commercial QuickTime
One Love (Shmi Skywalker)Commercial QuickTime
One Destiny (Qui-Gon Jinn)Commercial QuickTime
One Truth (Darth Maul)Commercial QuickTime

Other Commercials

15 sec. Obi-Wan Commercial QuickTime
15 sec. Jar Jar Commercial QuickTime
15 sec. Amidala Commercial QuickTime
30 sec. TPM Video Commercial Courtesy of PitDroids.Net QuickTime
E! Behind the scenes footage and interviews Courtesy of JediNet Real Player

Movie Scenes

Obi-Wan vs. Maul AVI
Watto deals with Qui-Gon MPEG
Aurra Sing Episode 1 Podrace MPEG


Trailer A 15 MB QuickTime
Trailer B Large 25 MB QuickTime
Trailer B Medium 13 MB QuickTime
Trailer B Small 5.3 MB QuickTime

Attack of the Clones


Breathing Large QuickTime
Breathing Small QuickTime
Mystery Small QuickTime


Mark Hamill casting audition QuickTime
Harrison Ford casting audition QuickTime
Carrie Fisher casting audition QuickTime