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Obi-Wan Kenobi Vs. Jango Fett

You must have been living under a rock to have not heard about the Jango Fett vs. Obi-Wan battle in the rain. Our first hint of this scene was when Ben Burtt was talking about an immense "rain scene." followed this up by telling visitors that there would be a rain battle between Obi-Wan and a new villain. Speculation ran wild. Things only got worse when official storyboards of the battle found there way on the web.

The storyboards featured the rumored character Jango Fett, supposed father of young Boba. At first there was controversy over whether or not the storyboards were legit. But once people working for LucasFilm started threatening sites that posted the images, people believed that they were in fact the real thing. If that was not enough, the official Star Wars site,, got into things.

First there was Select picture number seven. It featured Obi-Wan Kenobi in obvious pain. Through several enhancements of the picture it was discovered that Obi-Wan was wet. Was this during his rain battle? Uh huh!

Three weeks later, the official site released Select number ten. This one confirmed the Fett character. Jango is featured holding an umbrella. The floor on which he is standing is the same style of floor as the earlier Select with Obi-Wan. This connected the two images and showed us the official site has a small sense of humor.

The Selects kept coming with number seventeen. This one featured the young Boba Fett. Boba is inside the Slave I watching the battle rage on between Obi-Wan and his father. It is apparent why Boba would grow to hate the Jedi. As each new Select came out the rain battle was all but confirmed.

The next peek at the now infamous rain battle came with "On Location" with your host, Ahmed Best. It featured a stunt double for Ewan McGregor. They talked about a battle in the rain between Obi-Wan and another person, but who?

Select number twenty-four gave us answer. By far the most revealing Select, number twenty-four actually shows Obi-Wan and Jango going at it. If you read the scene by scene description of the battle (below) you can find the exact time were this part of the battle takes place(See numbers 45). Obi-Wan gets Jango between his legs and somehow flips him over. The image seen at the left is a comparison shot between the Select and a storyboard image. you can see how this whole move fits together.

Here is the scene by scene description of the awesome battle:

1-Its raining. At the entry ramp of Slave-1, as young Boba Fett hurries aboard Jango Fett turns to see...
2-Obi-Wan ready with lightsaber ignited.
3-Jango opens fire with one blaster.
4-Obi-Wan deflects the bolts.
5-As Jango continues firing, he strafes behind and around pillars.
6-Obi-Wan side-shuffles while deflecting the bolts.
7-Obi-Wan charges.
8-Jango opens up with both guns.
9-Obi-Wan has trouble deflecting the barrage of bolts.
10-Jango takes off (using his jetpack) as Obi-Wan tries to cut him down.
11-As he is flying past, Jango pivots and fires at Obi- Wan from a high angle.
12-Obi-Wan deflects the bolts from above.
13-Jango continues to fire now that he is flying away from Obi-Wan.
14-Jango lets loose with both guns as he flies backwards.
15-Under the barrage of two blasters, Obi-Wan struggles to deflect every bolt.
16-Obi-Wan rolls off to the side to avoid the bolts.
17-Jango flies off behind a tower.
18- Emerging on the other side, Jango fires the rocket that was poking from the top of his jetpack.
19-Obi-Wan avoids the explosion but is stunned.
20-Jango flies higher and out of screen.
21-Obi-Wan recovers and look around for Jango (who seems to have disappeared).
22-Obi-Wan is tense in the silence.
23-Obi-Wan senses something and turns just in time to see...
24-Young Boba Fett in the cockpit of Slave-1 taking aim with the ships heavy blasters.
25-Slave-1 fires.
26-the shots miss but.....
27-Obi-Wan drops his lightsaber.
28-Jango appears from above and jumps down.
29-Obi-Wan recovers and with a yell....
30-leaps forward to kick Jango in the face.
31-Jango crashes back onto the landing platform.
32-Obi-Wan lands on his feet.
33-Jango quickly recovers and charges forward.
34-In close quarters, Obi-Wan blocks Jango's attempt to raise his blaster to fire and the pair struggle for the weapon.
35-They grapple over the blaster.
36-Obi-Wan elbows Jango hard in the face.
37-High angle shot as Obi-Wan judo flips Jango over his back.
38-Jango hits the ground hard but recovers quickly as Obi-Wan moves in for an attack.
39-Jango traps Obi-Wan's foot.
40-Jango spins Obi-Wan (in mid air) and brings him down face first onto the ground.
41-Obi-Wan retaliates from the ground with a sweep kick to Jango's head knocking him back.
42-Jango falls back.
43-Obi-Wan get to his feet.
44-Jango gets up and takes aim with his arm mounted blaster.
45-Obi-Wan leaps over the bolts and onto Jango's shoulders, then flicks himself back and over, flipping Jango onto his back. Jango rolls to his feet.
46-Obi-Wan charges with a punch.
47-Jango moves in to attack, chopping at Obi-Wan's head. Obi-Wan blocks it.
48-Jango ducks a wild punch and grabs Obi-Wan by his waist.
49-Jango sweeps Obi-Wan off his feet and flips him over bringing him crashing down over his bent knee.
50-Obi-Wan (momentarily stunned) is thrown by Jango. Obi-Wan lands and skids over the wet surface.
51-Obi-Wan comes to a halt on the ground and spots something.
52-His lightsaber.
53-Jango suddenly appears, flying towards Obi-Wan.
54-Obi-Wan gets up and reaches for his lightsaber (to summon it).
55-Jango fires his cable.
56-cable wraps around Obi-Wan's hands.
57-ObiWan fails to catch his lightsaber.
58-Jango takes off, still tied to Obi-Wan.
59-Obi-Wan is dragged along the ground.
60-Low angle behind Obi-Wan who is still being dragged.
61-High angle next to Jango who is still flying.
62-Obi-Wan rolls to one side as he is still being dragged.
63-Obi-Wan manages to roll around one of the pillars.
64-Obi-Wan jumps up and wraps the cable around the pillar.
65-Jango crashes to the ground.
66-The jetpack shoots off on its own into the side of a building.
67-Obi-Wan (with his hands still tied) charges.
68-Obi-Wan kicks Jango over the side of the platform.
69-Jango slides down the side.
70-Obi Wan gets pulled to the edge of the platform.
71-Almost over the complete edge, Jango activates claws on the side of his forearms.
72-Jango digs his "claws" into the platform.
73-Obi-Wan falls over the edge and onto the slope.
74-Obi-Wan slides past Jango.
75-Obi-Wan falls off over the edge.
76-Still tied to Jango, Obi-Wan is hanging.
77-Obi-Wan starts swinging.
78-Jango is getting pulled down now.
79-Jango releases the cable.
80-Obi-Wan falls.
81-Distant shot as Obi-Wan falls.
82-Obi-Wan reaches for and grabs a service platform with the tips of his fingers.
83-Obi-Wan jumps onto the platform.
84-Jango enters Slave-1.
85-Obi-Wan, already back on the platform, summons his lightsaber as he runs.
86-Lightsaber returns to its owner.
87-Obi-Wan catches the lightsaber.
88-Slave-1 begins to take off.
89-In one move, Obi-Wan takes a seeker pod from his belt and throws it.
90-The seeker pod sticks to the side of the ship.
91-Obi-Wan watches from the platform.
92-As Slave-1 takes off into the rain.