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Senator Palpatine/Darth Sidious

Senator Palpatine

Combining the apparent fatalism of a political realist with the shrewd and subtle power moves of a chess master, this senator from a humble provincial planet is a consummate performer in his chosen arts. The Senate Chamber is Palpatine's stage, and he takes advantage of everything it has to offer in order to drive his points home. The way sound bounces off the walls, the seating arrangement, the lighting that plays differently from one area to the other, the lines of sight everyone has or lacks - Senator Palpatine does not miss a single detail that might help him attain his goal. Which is to help Naboo, of course.

Darth Sidious--The Phantom Menace

Darth Sidious is a Dark Lord of the Sith. His apprentice is Darth Maul. He has trained Maul to bring revenge to the Jedi. Darth Sidious secretly runs the Trade Federation's invasion of Naboo. By disguising his true identity, he engineers his own election as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.