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May-July 2000
August-October 2000

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Archived News

September 1 - New Affiliate (kinda)

Anakin and His Angel is a really cool site that focuses on Anakin and Padme. Here you can find all the romance and adventure you'll ever need!

My apoligies go out to JediJen for taking soon long to update the great news of our affiliation. So please, go check out her awesome site!

July 16 - 5,000 Hits! New Section!

Thanks go out to everyone who has helped make BanthaPoodoo.Net so successful! A special thanks go out to my affiliate sites!

To help celebrate the 5,000th hit I have opened a new section, SciFi Cartoons. This section will showcase four new science fiction cartoons each month from Mark Parisi's Off The Mark cartoon panel. Please check them out! They are very funny!

July 13 - Affiliate News

Just The Best - Seinn's Mark Hamill Page is my latest affiliate site! For anyone looking for info about or pictures of Mark Hamill this is the place to go!

June 19 - Database Open - Affiliate News

The character bios page has been replaced with a new section called the Database. Eventually, it will have pages for most of the ships, species, creatures, and locations from the Star Wars movies. There are already quite a few sections with more on the way.

In other news, BanthaPoodoo's affiliate site, No Ordinary Love has moved locations. Go and give the improved site a visit.

Also, Elektro has been busy making wallpapers. Go to see them at The Korriban Experiment. They are really cool!

June 15 - Cut Scenes and Videos

Cut Scenes is the newest section here at BanthaPoodoo.Net. It features downloadable movies of the famous cut Biggs scenes as well as other scenes missing from the films. You will also find pages with pictues and dialogue from the scenes if you are unable to download them. Please check out this new and exciting section!

Also, the Videos section has been massively updated. You can now download over 40 videos from all four films in this section!

There are more site updates on the way so stay tuned!

June 11 - Episode II News and Poodoo Arcade

Inacurate Instincts - In this report we get a scene from the script with Anakin and Obi-Wan discussing an important character.

Also, the Poodoo Arcade is up and running. Here you can train to be a Jedi Knight and learn the ways of the Force. Maybe you'll have a little fun too!

June 8 - New Affiliate

The Korriban Experiment is one of the best sites for Star Wars wallpapers. Also, check out the hillarious non-sense select.

June 5 - New Documentary

The Official Site has updated with it's third Epiosde 2 documentary. We get to see quite a bit of Padme and Anakin and some of the costumes. Check out the Episode 2 section for the screencaps. Click here to view the documentary.

June 5 - Affiliate News

My affiliate site Leia's Star Wars Haven has a new section up!

Leia's Star Wars Haven now has a section for making Star Wars Projects. Right now, it includes the instructions on constructing a replica lightsaber. The complete instructions for making a Jedi costume will be up before Episode II is released. Also, some crafts like some cross stitch projects will be added.

June 3 - Site News

I've added a new poll. What is the funniest scene in the Star Wars movies? Also Bantha Poodoo just reached its 4,000th hit since 10-21-00. Stick around folks, the best is yet to come!

June 1 - Affiliate News

This comes from JedisCouncil.Com. Check it out!

I am proud to announce the latest addition to Jedis Council, the Force Finder. This is our new Star Wars sites search engine. As with any good search engine for it to be successful it needs a database of great sites. I ask that you please register your sites, or your favorite sites so that we can come up with another resource for finding all these fantastic sites. JedisCouncil.Com - ForceFinder

May 30 - Cloak of Deception Excerpt

You can now read a sample chapter from the latest Star Wars novel Cloak of Deception. Cloak of Deception

May 29 - Yoda Is The Master

BIG SPOILERS! Check out this report to see what Yoda will be up to in the next Star Wars movie. Episode 2

May 29 - Back In Action

BanthaPoodoo.Net is back in action! For real this time! I have a lot of kewl new things that I am planning on adding to this site.

One of these is a movie page! But I am having some troubles with it. I can load Quicktime movies to my site but I can't view them, the download doesn't work. If anyone knows how to help please email me.

Keep checking BanthaPoodoo.Net for new and exciting updates!

April 11 - Goodies From

The Official site has redesigned their page with great new graphics. Included in these graphics are some awesome Epiosde 2 pics. Follow the link for the full story with pictures.Episode 2

March 25 - More Episode 2 Diologue

This time we get a look at some of the lines that Padme will speak in the next prequel. Episode 2

March 21 - Episode 2 Diologue, Jar Jar Returns

Here are a couple of really cool snippets from the Episode 2 script. Awesome stuff! Episode 2

March 16 - Great New Affiliate

I am proud to declare that my latest affiliate is Star Wars Lightsabre. This is a big time site with lots of really neat stuff. It really is an honor to be affiliated with such a great site. Go check this site out!

March 15 - Regular Updates Return

I must say that I am greatly sorry for the lack of updates this past month. I have been extremley busy! My band High Frequency has been really busy lately we've been getting some big time gigs in our hometown. It's been a lot of fun. Throw that in with school, homework, and my job, I've just been too busy!

A lot of really neat stuff has happend lately in the Star Wars Universe. TONS of awesome Episode 2 Spoilers, which I will soon report on, have hit the net and it looks like TPM DVD is on schedule for a Nov-Dec release.

Again, I am sorry for the lack of updates and I hope that I can improve upon this site and get things running smothly within the next couple of days.

February 12 - Great New Fan Fiction

A great new story has been addedd to the Fan Ficion page entitled Master Vs. Padawan. Obi-Wan learns a valuable lesson while practicing his lightsaber skills with Master Qui-Gon. Check it out!

February 12 - Welcome Padme Skywalker

Padme Skywalker Net is Bantha Poodoo's latest affiliate. This is a great site for anything and everthing Padme! Why don't you check it out?

February 10 - Bantha Poodoo Wins New Award

Mike The Pike from Star Wars ListDroid has honored this site with an award Thank you very much! Remember you can vote for this site by clicking the battle droid at the left of this page.

February 9 - Eight New Fan Arts

Kicking off the third page in the ever growing Fan Art gallery, eight fantastic new images have been added. Check them out!

Also, The Official Site has updated their Episode 2 character page changing Padme's name to Padme Amidala. Pretty cool confirmation on what her real name is!

February 8 - New Fan Ficion: Misfortune

This is one of the best Star Wars Fan Fiction stories that I have ever read! It is funny, short, and very well written. Click here or on the image on the right sidebar to read this great story.

February 5 - Episode 2 Bust Sculptures

The Official Site has updated with cool pictures of the Episode 2 sculptures. Episode 2

February 2 - New Fan Art and Pictures

Today I have added two excellent pictures from Jose Sanchez to the Fan Art gallery. Expect Page 3 of the gallery to be up this weekend.

Also, The Complete Episode 2 Picture Page has been updated with four new pictures from the Official Site.

One last thing. My affiliate from Jedi Gardens has asked me to pass this along.

My name is Jason Cottrell, I am the primary webmaster of Naboomail. In recent weeks I have developed a medical condition that will over the next little while signifigantly limit my ability to maintin NabooMail. For this reason I am afraid that I must shut this site down. At the moment I pay the hosting and domain fees. However, if somebody is willing to step forward to take charge of this site I would be willing to hand over the domain to them for free. I suggest that you send e-mail's to, the other web site who founded NabooMail, asking them to do so. Anyways, good luck and forward any questions to the contact address listed.
February 2 - The Rest of the Ep.2 Scroll

Finally we get the whole thing. Remember that this is an early draft and may not be what is in the film.Episode 2

Also, my affiliate Jedi Girl -SSR has moved to Angelfire. She has a great new layout and an improved site. Check it out!!

January 26 - Two New Affiliates

Two great sites have joined in affiliation with Bantha Poodoo. The first, Jedi Gardens, is a great up and coming site that you should all go check out. The second, Rebel Dream is your source for Star Wars fan fiction on the web. Please, check out these great sites!

Also, my good friend Guy Lagace has created another fantastic piece of fan art for his George's Visions collection. Check it out. I have it for my wallpaper right now!

January 26 - Episode 2 Opening Crawl

Great report today on the possible opening crawl for Episode 2. Also check out the Fan Art gallery for a new picture of Obi-Wan.

January 20 - Eight New Fan Arts

Big update today; eight outstanding new images have been added to the Fan Art gallery.

January 15 - New Character GIFS

Today I would like to introduce the first of a planned series of Episode 2 character GIFS exclusive to BanthaPoodoo.Net. The first one features Anakin Skywalker.

Also, Soap has sent in two more awesome images to the Fan Art section. I would like to see your work and am looking for submissions so please send in your work.

January 14 - Spoiler Marathon!!

Detailed description of the final battle in Episode 2. Episode 2

January 13 - Two New Awards and Fan Art!!

I am honored to have won the following awards from Jedi Mind Trick and Star Wars at Lightspeed.

Check out the Fan Art page for new submissions by Leia and Soap.

Also, I was asked to join Listbot and now you can vote for this site by clicking on the Battle Droid. Please support BanthaPoodoo.Net and click on the droid. Thanks!!

January 11 - More New Fan Art

Soap has sent in another excellent image for the fan art section and I have created another poster of which I am extremly proud. Check them out in the Fan Art Section.

January 10 - New Fan Art from Soap

Soap has sent in some awesome images kicking off page 2 of the fan art section. Check them out here.

January 9 - New Banners and Button

I have created three new banners and a button for linking to BanthaPoodoo.Net. Click here for all of my new banners and buttons.

January 9 - New Affiliate

Jedi Mind Trick is a great site. It has some really cool graphics that you can use for your site and some pretty funny stuff too. Please check it out!

Also, my new site Voyager Trek is growing more each day. There are currently 60 7 of 9 pictures. I have a new wallpaper section and new sound wavs are being added all the time. Check it out ans sign my guestbook!

January 8 - A Little 3P0 News

Small but very cool spoiler concerning 3P0's coverings.Episode 2

Also my affiliate site Leia's Star Wars Haven has updatedwith quite a few new pages and would really like some fan art and bloopers submissions. Please send in what you have!

January 8 - My First Episode II Fan Art

After viewing the poster sent in by Mace yesterday, inspiration struck and I created my first fan art piece. Please send in your comments!

January 7 - New Episode II Fan Art

My friend Mace Windu over at Jedis Council has created am awesome poster for Episode 2. Great work!!

January 6 - New Site, Star Wars? Think Again...

Time for a confesion, I am a huge Star Trek fan. Voyager has been giving me great entertainment latley. With the lack of Star Wars news I have created the Ultimate Star Trek Voyager site. At least it will be. Don't worry I'll still be updating this page about as much as usual. Please go and check it out! VoyagerTrek

January 4 - New Episode 2 Pictures

The Complete Episode 2 Picture Page has been updated with 18 shocking new pictures from Episode 2. To directly visit the new page Click Here.

January 2 - Original Trilogy Section

I have created a new starting point for information on the Original Trilogy. Click Here.

January 2 - New Affiliate

My latest affiliate, Leia's Star Wars Haven, is a great up and coming site with lots of multimedia, including pictures and sound wavs. Check it out!!

Also I have created my first GIF animation banner for this site. I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out. I have placed it above.

December 30 - Semi-New Banner

A while back Guy Lagace create the banner above for me using GIF animation. I tried to upload it a few times and it didn't work. I forgot about it for a while and tried again. I think that its really cool and I appreciate the time that Guy put into it.

December 30 - Two New Buttons

I am having a blast with my new program! I created these two buttons for linking to BanthaPoodoo.Net. To see all of my buttons and banners Click here.

December 30 - Two New Affiliates

Bantha Poodoo joined in Affiliation with two awesome sites. The first, The Star Wars Online Store, is a great source for Star Wars merchandise available on the web. The second, No Oridinary Love, is a really neat site with a lot of pictures and cool information about Anakin, Amidala, and the actors who portray them. Check out these cool sites.

December 29 - Select 25 Analysis

Some great speculation on the latest select picture.Episode 2

December 29 - New Banners

I created a couple new banners for Bantha Poodoo. The one seen at the top of this page and the one below. For more of Bantha Poodoo's banners Click here.

December 27 - Bantha Poodoo Wins Academy Award

My friend Guy Lagace has honored me by giving BanthaPoodoo.Net the Jedi Academy Award!

Also, I have created an award to give to other sites. I created the award using my new program, Photo Impact 5. Click here to apply for an award.

December 27 - Happy Holidays

I trust you are all enjoying the holidays. I created the new main image with Photo Impact 5, which I got for Christmas. It really is a great program and lots of fun!

December 24 - Infamous Rain Battle

You wanted it, you got it. An awesome description of the Episode 2 rain battle between Obi-Wan and Jango Fett. Rain Battle

December 23 - New Affiliation, Site, and Page

I am proud to annouce that Jedi Girl - SSR as my newset affiliate site. She really has a great site going there and you all should check it out. We have worked together in the past and I look forward to working together in the future.

Also BanthaPoodoo.Net is the current "Site of the Moment" at Jedi Gardens. Check it out! It's a great up and coming site.

One other note: I have started a new page where you can find banners and buttons for easy linking to Bantha Poodoo. Link to Bantha Poodoo

December 21 - Ewan Talks Episode 2

Small report about what Obi-Wan thinks of the Episode 2 script. Episode 2

December 20 - New Padme Pictures

With the lack of news I decided to add six new pictures of Padme from Episode 1 to her gallery. Check it out HERE.

December 19 - New George's Vision

Guy Lagace has created a new wonderful picture that is part of his George's Visions collection at Aldera.Net. Go there to see the full sized image.

December 17 - Fan Art and Fan Fiction

I have added five new pictures to the fan art gallery; a great poster by Tai-Zec Lyu, three images from Mace Windu of Jedis Council, and a fantastic picture by Marco Nero that was featured in the Star Wars Insider. Fan Art Gallery.

Also my short story, The Unlikely Hero is being featured at Jedi Girl - SSR. She is looking for fan fiction submissions so send her your work. I am also always on the look for good fan fiction so send it in.

December 16 - Luke Skywalker: The Photo Experience

Check out Bantha Poodoo's newest picture gallery. It features three pages of Luke Skywalker images. There is a full page gallery for each movie. You can reach this gallery through the Multimedia section.
Luke Skywalker Gallery.

December 16 - Affiliate News

My affiliate site, Watto's Junkyard, has started a new Ewan McGregor gallery and its a good compliment to the Natalie Portman section. So all you female Jedi go and check it out!!

December 14 - New Fan Art Section

I am proud to intoduce to you, for the first time, Bantha Poodoo's Fan Art Section. I am really pleased and proud of how the page has turned out. There are some outstanding images. Please send in your own work!

December 14 - Episode II Planets has a great report about the new planets for Episode 2, Geonasis and Kamino. Really cool report. Check it out!

December 13 - Guy Creates More Banners

My good friend Guy Lagace has created a new banner, seen above, and button located on the left sidebar. As you can see, these are really cool and I really appreciate it!! Thanks Guy!! He also sends me news that there will be a new George's Vision this weekend. We look forward to seeing it!

December 12 - New Star Wars Novels

Three really cool looking books are in the making and will be released next year. I added information and pictures of each in the Books Section.

December 11 - Happy Holidays

I decided to get into the holiday spirit by changing the main image for this page probably for the rest of the year. Hope you like it!!

December 11 - Snippet of Dialogue and Call Sheets

Check out the Episode 2 Section for an awesome line from Eppy 2 and information on a cool scene straight from the call sheets.

December 9 - "But you can't stop the change." - Shmi

I have been, and will be working on some changes for Bantha Poodoo. Most noticeable changes are the left sidebars on pages and some links. If you notice any problems please contact me

December 7 - New Episode 2 Pictures

Amazing shots from actual footage!!! Follow the link to see these awesome shots! Episode 2

December 5 - New Episode 2 Character

Click the Episode 2 section for some info on a possible new character. Episode 2

December 5 - Guy Creates New ProbeShot

The great artist Guy Lagace, who has contributed a lot to this site, has created a new image of Mace Windu in a battle arena. Please, check it out!! PROBESHOTS @ JEDI.NET

December 2 - New Character Bios

I have added Character Bios of Talon Karrade, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and the Jedi Children. Check them out at the Character Bios Page.

December 1 - Guy Lagace's Latest

Thanks to Guy for the great banner! To check out his other banners he created for this site check out the Links Page.

November 29 - George Lucas In Love

George Lucas In Love is one of the funniest things I've seen. It is a great short film that shows how Lucas got his idea for Star Wars. You can now purchase it on DVD. Just click on the image on the right sidebar

November 28 - Jackson Talks

Samuel L. Jackson reveals a little bit of good news about the prequel sequel. Episode 2

November 27 - Rogue Leader Reviews VCDs

Rogue Leader was able to update today with a review of the Classic Trilogy VCDs. Visit Rogue Leader

November 27 - Lack of Updates

I would like to apologize for the lack of updates lately. My computer has had some problems and sometimes it is nearly impossible to get into Angelfire. It makes me want to move my site to a different server, but that won't happen anytime soon. I have also been having trouble loading my page, if any of you have the same problem let me know and I'll see if I can do something about it. Thanks.

November 21 - Trilogy Release

The Trilogy is yours to own once again, on Video or VCD. Many sites are selling them but I'll just point you to Amazon.Com and AllVCD.Com.

November 20 - Half Way There

18 months and 1.5 days ago TPM was released in theatres. 18 months and 1.5 days from now Episode 2 will be released. We're half way there! Way to go guys! Keep it up!

November 20 - Episode 2 Info

Here is some great thoughts and speculation from one of my favorite sites Aldera.Net. Click HERE for the report.

November 16 - Episode 2 Preview Pics

Check out these cool pics of C-3PO and Owen!Episode 2

November 14 - Episode 2 Preview

Today we are treated with a report about the Episode 2 preview that will come with the Trilogy's release on video. Lots of information about C-3PO.Episode 2

November 13 - Star Wars: The Unlikely Hero

Today I wrote my first fanfiction story. It was actually for school, but I thought I'd let you guys read it. It's really short so it won't take long to read. Please send me comments. Read The Unlikely Hero.

November 11 - New Sound Wavs

I have updated the Sound Wavs page with about 20 new sounds from the Classic Trilogy. You can always check out the Sound Waves section by hitting the Multimedia link on the left sidebar.

November 11 - 500 Hits Since Affiliation

I am proud to announce Bantha Poodoo has reached 500 hits since affiliation with Watto's Junkyard on October 21. Thanks for your support and keep coming back as new and exciting stuff is added everyday!

November 11 - Guy Creates Exclusive Image

Once again I would like to thank Guy Lagace for another great exclusive image. This time Guy has created an image for the main page. Amazing! Also Guy has created a new Climatic Battlescene for Jedi.Net featuring the infamous battle in the rain.

November 10 - New Fanfic

I have added two new stories by B. L. Lindley Anderson to the Fanfic section. They are really good and worth reading if you have some free time.

November 10 - Picture Page Update

I have completly redone the Episode 2 Picture Page and added quite a few pictures. You can now check it out HERE. Also I would like to apologize for not updating much lately, I just had my wisdom teeth pulled so I have been under the weather as of late.

November 7 - Trilogy Commercial

The Official Site has updated with a commercial for the Classic Trilogy rerelease. Check it out!

November 6 - Bantha Poodoo Wins Medal of Honor

I am proud to say that Bantha Poodoo has won another award. This time the award comes from Jedi Girl. Check out her site and check out her stories in theLiterature section.

November 6 - Balance Point Excerpt

A new excerpt from the 2nd NJO hardcover.Literature

November 5 - New Episode 2 Pictures

Awesome pictures from the French Lucasfilm Magazine.Episode 2

November 3 - New Layout

I decided that this site needed a little renovation so I created this new sidebar and main image. Other pages will soon be changed to this layout.

November 2 - New Obi-Wan Kenobi Picture

Really cool, new, Episode 2, Obi-Wan Kenobi picture. Must see!Episode 2

November 2 - Bounty Hunter Speaks

Morrison reveals a lot of info about his role in Episode 2. Major Spoilers!!Episode 2

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