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Previous Rogue Leader Comments

October 24 - Did you know that you can buy all the Star Wars movies on VCD? It's true, go to All VCD. To read more about it go to Bantha Poodoo's Latest News.

Anyway I was wondering if I should order them. My friend told me that VCD's video quality is better than videocassette but not quite as good as DVD. Also each movie is on two discs but that doesnít really bother me. I think that if I can get some money, not too much because they are pretty cheap, I 'll probably purchase them.

October 21 - Today I was checking out the local Toys R Us and I was happy to find that they had Episode 1 figures on sale for $1.97. So, natuarally, I picked up a few that I was missing. They also had the new POWER OF THE JEDI line of figues there. There weren't many, but it's good to see that they are finally coming out in stores.

October 20 - No, no I'm not dead, I'm alright, just busy. On to Star Wars. So much has happened I can really explain it all. I'll just touch on some of the cool stuff.

Supposed storyboard images hit the net a while back and, at first, were met with disbelief. Then all sites displaying these images received messages from Lucasfilm that if they didn't remove the pictures, their site would be shut down. In fact Supershadow was even shut down, this may just be a coincidence however. The storyboards feature a couple of very interesting action scenes. You can still see them here along with every Select Image and many other cool pics.

Filming has wrapped up and post production is well under way; Agents of Chaos II is out and on the bestsellers list; the Classic Trilogy SE will be coming out on Video again with a special Episode 2 feature; lots of new rumors and spoilers have emerged recently, check them out at TF.N.

Again I'm really busy, but I will make an effort to update more. Thanks for your patience.

September 3 - When I saw that Lucasfilm purchased the domain name JANGOFETT.COM my jaw dropped. Could this be confermation that Jango is indeed in Episode II? Or could this be just to fool the fans like they did with the Cristopher Walkin rumors. There are some really cool names in the list like Beru Whitesun and Cliegg Lars. Click Here to read them.

September 2 - I am sincerely sorry for not updating much lately. I have been quite busy preparing for school. Anyway lots of stuff has been going on. In my last post I said that I thought the actress introducing the "On Location" videos was the same one every time. Scratch that. The last two Select pics were really cool. Let's talk about the first one. It features Obi-Wan in obvious pain. Some have speculated that he is wet. Perhaps this is a scene after, or during, his rumored battle in the rain. Others have speculated that Obi is being struck by Palpatine's Force Lightning, which will be added later digitally. But I am still skeptic about whether or not the pics are from actual scenes.

The newer pic is of Padme. She is wearing the costume seen in one of the spy photos except the back of her shirt is ripped and you can see some cutson her back. From the last two pictures it seems that our main characters will be in a lot of pain. This is further proof that Episode II will be much darker.

August 16 - The actress that introduces Ahmed is obviously the same person every time. You can easily tell by listening to her voice.

I think that this person is Susie Porter, the waitress. If it is, then she will have at least three different costumes, which means three different scenes. Perhaps this role is much larger than we first thought. And why will our heros be spending so much time in a restaurant/bar?

I think that the most interesting thing about the new On Location is the set in the background during the introduction. Looks Cool =)

August 15 - Yesterday I was thrilled to see new spy photos from the Episode II set. The coolest one by far is of Natalie Portman. She appears to be wearing a white jumpsuit, very similar to the one Leia wears in ESB. Check out the new pics Here.

As for last week select pic, there has been a lot of speculation. I've heard that the character is a Twi'lek, a new Sith, royalty, and even a clown. The black eyes make me think that this character is evil, but I doubt that they would show us a new Sith this soon. The character looks amazingly detailed so I don't think that it will be an extra that gets about five seconds on screen. I think that it will be a new species and that this character will be a glorified extra or a minor character.

August 10 - Today I went to The Jedi Mall and downloaded some game demos. It's pretty cool that you can do that. Even though there aren't more than a few levels, I still enjoy replaying the levels at a more difficult setting. I figure that if I download a bunch of demos, that when I put all of them together it would be like a complete game. Kinda. He He! =)

WOW! Look at the latest select picture NOW, if you haven't already. I don't know how to describe it. It's so Weird!! I'll talk more about it later, when I've heard some speculation about it.

August 9 - POTENTIAL SPOILER - read with caution. In the latest Popcorn Taxi lecture, Ben Burtt said that they had been filming several exhausting days of a "rain sequence." TF.N checked with their spys and said that there would be a lightsaber fight in the rain and that the lightsabers would sizzle. Cool, Eh?

August 7 - I finished Agents of Chaos I Hero's Trial they other day and I was glad to see that the series is only getting better. It's cool to have this grand story arc in which we can read the books in order of their release, unlike the Bantam era. It takes a little while for Hero's trial to get going, but once it does....what a ride. The way Luceno writes Han Solo is dead on. Finally Han stops moping around and gets into the action. There are many EU characters that have cameos in this book. To name a few; Tenel Ka, Lowbacca, Roa, and Bossk ( although Bossk isn't really an EU character ). Han's new sidekick Droma is great. He is quite funny and I hope that they keep his character around.

I was really excited to see Vergere's name on the character page. I was expecting a lot with her character but I was disappointed. Vergere was Jedi Knight featured in Rogue Planet and she left the galaxy to learn about the Vong. Without reading Rogue Planet you wouldn't know that she is a Jedi. I was hoping for a scene in which she meets up with Luke and tells him all about the Old Jedi Order. That would be so cool. Hopefully Vergere will do this and supply the New Republic information about the Vong in the next one.

I was so happy that Mara was cured, at least temoralily. I hope that they can have some kids now. We need more Skywalkers running around the galaxy. And I was also glad that Han finally made peace with Anakin. This book is great and it's too bad we have to wait until October for part two.
I give this book 5 of 5 stars.

On a sad note Sir Alec Guiness passed away the other day. He was truly a great actor. A moment of silence please.
Thank you for all that you have left behind and remember, the Force will be with you, always.

August 3 - Dude, I am totally stoked! The spy photos are awesome! Obi-Wan Kenobi looks totally sweet. Is that his real hair? He is going to kick some butt in Episode II. The other pics are okay, but a little lame. The new Select Pic is pretty cool though. I think that it is obviously a cafeteria. The question is, Where is it? My guess is on a new world. Maybe Alderann. This is where Susie Porter and Ian Watkin's characters will be featured. Man, we still got two years to go! I don't know if I cacn take it.

August 2 - Thanks to TF.N I got to download the "On Location" video. Nothing really exciting about it, but Ahmed Best is rather funny. He goes around in the poduction studio and interviews some people with seemingly boring jobs. Let's interview the cast or something!! Come on! :) I'm sure that this feature will only get better but the Official Site needs to get a new format that actually works!! I finally got my Insider today. It was almost a whole month late! Come on guys! It is a pretty good issue, lots of stuff to read. Chow!

August 1 - Well, today I was very disappointed. I went to the Official Site and tried to download the "On Location" feature. It started and played for about 1 sec., then my computer froze. That is really weird because I have a powerful computer that can handle almost anything. I have QuickTime and I don't have problems with other QuickTime features, I just have problems with streaming videos. I hope that somehow I get this fixed or someone converts the video so that I can watch it on Windows Media Player or Real Player.

On a separate note I finished reading I, Jedi today. Although it was a little long, it was still very good. I would definitely recommend it. I may type up a review on it but first I'm gonna read Agents of Chaos I Hero's Trial. Later!

July 31 - Tomorrow The Official Site will go on location to the Episode II set in a new feature. I guess that they will do this in form of a video. We will get to see some of the people hard at work on the set. I hope that we get to see some of the actors in costume. That would be really cool, but probably not likley. Check back tomorrow and I'll tell you all about it! By the way, still no Insider!! :(

July 30 - Today I picked up Star Wars Ongoing Comic #20 - Twilight 2 of 4. I really like the effort Dark Horse puts into these comics. The images are beautiful and the stories are interesting. Twilight is a four part mini-series that is part of a larger whole. You can read this series without reading the previous issues and it would make perfect sence. Another series you should check out is Jedi Council - Acts of Wars. In this series we really get to see the Council in action. In Sept. Dark Horse will release the first of four Darth Maul comics. I am awaiting these eagerly. I'm sure that the Maul series will be great. So what are you waiting for? Go buy some comics! Visit the Dark Horse web site at DarkHorse.Com

July 29 - I was looking around TheForce.Net recently and a discovered a page with Annotations from the Special Editions. I didn't realize how many changes they made to the films. I was shocked that they even changed the diolouge in some scenes and I didn't even notice. When I read the some of the changes I was like, "Oh yeah! I forgot it used to be like that. There is now a link to this site on Bantha Poodoo's Homepage.

July 28 - I was really disappointed with the newest Select Pic. It is a Fat Twi'lek guy and he isn't in full costume. He looks a lot like Senator Orn Free Taa, who is seen briefly in TPM. The coolest part about this picture is the set. It looks like it is of Coruscant style. I would bet that the Select Pics won't always be as interesting as the first two were, but don't get me wrong I still love this feature. EpisodeII.Com does a good job of dissecting the new image. Check it out.

July 27 - I am getting really excited for the next Select Pic. It came on Thursday last week and Friday the week before. I heard that this was supposed to be a weekly thing so either today or tommorow. I'm hoping for a pic of Ewan McGregor. That would be cool. I really hope that the next pic isn't a dumb prop or something. :) Still no Insider!! :(

July 26 - Still no Insider. :( Today I woud like to recommend Nightly.Net for SW fans who want to talk to other fans and share your ideas to others. Nightly.Net is a discussion forum with many different discussions topics ranging from X-Files to Star Wars to Star Trek. Please, check it out.

July 25 - Hey, like my new logo? I made it myself, thank you very much. I'm just a little, no, very ticked off at the Star Wars Insider. I have been running to my mail box everyday lately hoping to get the new issue and everyday I've been disappointed. Now that I've said this I'll probably get it tomorrow :)

July 24 - There is a rumor that Boba Fett will be just a kid in Episode II. I have a hard time believing that. We know that there will be a few bounty hunters in Episode II but how would a young Fett fit in? Some suggest that Temuera Morrison's character will be Boba Fettís father and named Jango Fett. I personally like the rumor that Morrison is Boba Fett better.

July 23 - I finished Ruin a while ago and just haven't had the time to type up a review...until now. I really enjoyed this book. Michael Stackpole does a wonderful job with all the characters. By the end of the book Corran Horn seems to be the main character. Again some of the original characters are barely used, but that didn't really bother me. This book gives us lots of information about the Vong. The Vong are a species obsessed with pain. There were a few scenes with Shedao Shai that made me shudder.

There is quite a bit of character development in this book. Jacen Solo is still not certain what path he must take or even what his choices are; Anakin still thinks about Chewie and loses a friend which develops his character; Jaina is a little ticked at her mom for not learning to use the Force to her full potential and she develops a love interest in Jagged Fel, who is a character that may evolve into a main character; Ganner changes from an annoying character to one of my favorite characters; Mara is not featured enough in this book nor is Han but he has his own duology coming up.

Elegos was an outstanding character and will be missed. I am truly glad Corran kicked Shedao Shai's a$$. I don't like the blame of Ithor's fate being set on Corran's shoulders and I really don't like it that Corran is going to lie low for a while. If this book says anything to me is that the Vong invasion will become completely out of hand and when it does Corran Horn will return and again kick some buttage. I truly hope Corran is featured more than I think he will be in the NJO books. He has evolved, like Mara, into a rich and colorful character that I can't get enough of.
I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

July 22 - I'm sure that you have all heard the rumor that Christopher Walkin has been cast as Darth Bane but I tell you what I know and think about the subject. Darth Bane was first mentioned in the Episode I novelization. He was the lone surviving Sith Lord. He found an apprentice and started the rule of only two Siths at a time. If there were more than two they would fight for power and destroy each other, which had already happened in the past. There is a rumor that there will be flashbacks in Episode II so this might be how Bane could be portrayed. But if Bane is to be portrayed I think that it will be a holographic image from the past, like an old news clip or like the EU Jedi Holocrons.

To make the rumor more interesting The Official Site recently posted information about a new book named Secrets of the Sith. With the article there were a few pictures and the file-names of these pictures are all names of characters Christopher Walkin has played. Is this a clue that Walkin could be Bane? Or is the Official Site having fun with the rumors? Personally I don't think that we will see Bane in the prequels but I would definitely love to learn more about the Sith.

July 21 - Gosh!! I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I'll try to get back into the swing of things. By now you've seen the two Select Pictures from the Official Site. I love this, a new picture from Episode II every week. At least I hope so. The first image features Hayden Christensen in some very different but very cool . I think I can make out his Jedi braid too. The second image features Natalie Portman, and yes it is Natalie Portman not Beru. She is sitting on the catwalk that is in the Lars farm. You can clearly see the catwalk in Episode IV when Luke gets called to supper. So Padme goes to Tatooine with Anakin to free the slaves and they meet Owen and Beru? Filming was NOT taking place when Lucas took this picture. So it maybe that Padme never goes to Tatooine, but I think see does. I think that she is wearing a necklace. Could this be the necklace that Anakin gave to her in Episode I? Maybe I'm just seeing things. Later!

July 14 - Hey SW fans!! Did you miss me? probably not. Okay, here we go!! The Official Site gave us our first look at Episode II with a crapy, but provocative image. The image features Hayden Christensen as Anakin and it appears that he is not wearing traditional Jedi robes, hmm... The background is all blured out and it appears that at the far right there is a camera man. I don't know but...I want more pictures!!!!

July 10 - I just finished Dark Tide I Onslaught and I really enjoyed it. I think I liked this one better than Vector Prime but I need to let it sink in a little first. I was surprised that the book never focused on the Vong's point of view. The Expanded Universe characters have a large role in this story. With Chewie gone and Han, R2, 3PO, and Lando barely having roles in the story the EU characters shine. I liked Jaina joining Rouge Squadron; she truly is a great pilot. Mara Jade is such a great character. I really liked the part of the book when Mara and Anakin are vacationing on Dantooine. There were great insights on the Force in this book. I liked Corran Horn's role in the story and I enjoyed his interaction with Ganner Rhysode, a Jedi Knight. I was happy that Danni Quee returned in this story. I like her character immensely. The romance I guessed at between Danni and Jacen is touched on briefly. I'm sure that something will come from this somewhere down the line. The Dantooine battle was well done and I really liked it at the end when Leia, Gavin and the Bothan Commander Kre'fey confronted Fey'lya and the High Council. The Vong didn't seem quite as powerful in this book as they did in Vector Prime. The warriors seemed to be defeated more easily with Luke killing three, Anakin taking down a few and Mara, Leia, and Corran taking down others, but their overall threat seems much larger. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

July 9 - Hey fellow SW fans. Recently, at TheForce.Net there was an article from and Italian Newspaper that interviewed Liam Neeson. He said that he won't be back for Episode II but he hoped he would be back for III. Maybe Qui-Gon won't return as a spirit because he didn't disappear. I am very interested to find out why he didnít disappear. Some think that it is a special power that has to be taught to you and some say that he didn't disappear because he wasn't prepared to die. I'm against the latter because a Jedi should always be prepared to die, and I think Qui-Gon would have been prepared. Lucas has said that the line "If you strike me down I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine,"will be the key line to understand why he didn't disappear. It will be interesting to see if the Jedi that die in II and III disappear. I doubt that they will because when Vader strikes down Obi-Wan he steps on his cloak like he was surprised that he disappeared. Vader has killed many Jedi so they may not have disappeared. I'm sure that this issue will be resolved in II or III.

July 8 - I finished reading Vector Prime and it was quite good. It set the ground for the New Jedi Order books. I really liked the way the Solo children were portrayed as characters. I can say that they are my favorite characters in this book. I thought that there may be a romance brewing between Jacen Solo and Danni Quee, although she is five years older. Hey, that's the same age difference between Anakin and Amidala! Chewie actually had a part in this story. In the other books he was always off with the kids or his family. It's too bad that more authors didn't use Chewie when they had the chance and just wrote him off. It is very interesting to see the views of the Jedi differ between two groups. One group including Kyp Durron, Wurth Skidder, and Anakin Solo; being flashy, cocky, and vain, while believing a lightsaber will cure all of their problems. The other group including Luke Skywalker and Jacen Solo, being quite different. You need to read the book to understand. I hope that they recreate the Jedi Council it would be great for the stories. The Yuuzhan Vong are a very interesting species and a truly formidable enemy. This story captures the characters perfectly and brings new life into the Expanded Universe. If you've read other Star Wars books and didn't enjoy them as much as you would hope, start reading the New Jedi Order now!! I just started reading Michael A. Stackpole's Dark Tide I Onslaught and it seems that it is going to be even better than Vector Prime. I give this book 4.5 stars out of 5. May the Force be with you!!

July 7 - The Official Site updated with more casting news. The casting of Beru makes me wonder how big of a role Owen and Beru have in Episode II and for that matter III. We know that Episode II will focus on Anakin and Amidala's romance. Maybe Owen and Beru will also have a romance in the prequels. They also cast the part for a waitress. Now this seems strange to me. I would think that she would have a big part in the movie if she were listed on the cast, but a waitress? Check out Bantha Poodoo's report at the News and Rumors Section.

July 6 - I think that it would be extremely cool if Lucasfilm could make a Star Wars TV show. It has been done before with the Driods and Ewoks cartoons. The series could focus on the adventures of Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, or better, Obi-Wan and Anakin. Another idea could focus on the adventures of the Jedi Council. But my favorite idea is for the exploits of Luke, Han, Leia, Mara Jade, and all of the characters from the Expanded Universe to be portrayed as a series. They could even adapt some of the EU books into TV shows. This will probably never happen but the thought intrigues me.

July 5 - Finally!! Vector Prime was released in paperback today. I haven't been able to put it down. I'm only a few chapters deep, but I like the new approach to the saga. SPOILERS from this point on. I think it's awesome that Luke takes Jacen and Anakin, and Mara takes Jaina as their padawan apprentices. I really enjoyed the first chapter when Jaina pilots the Jade Sabre, it's an excellent action scene. I'm sure that this book will be great. I'm not really looking forward to SPOILER Chewie's death, but I think that in the long run it will be good for the New Jedi Order books. Long live the mighty Chewbacca! Tell you more when I finish reading it.

July 4 - Today I was wondering what I would like to see on the Star Wars DVDs. The thing that I would most want would be cut scenes. It would be cool if they did a two DVD set, one with the movie and the other with all of the specials. They would include; cut scenes, interviews, behind the scenes info, and a "Making of " documentary. I'm sure that whenever the DVDs do come out that they will be awesome and well worth the price. If George waits until he finishes Episode III thatís fine with me. I would rather have him spend his time on each project so that it will be the highest of standards rather than have him do both at the same time and maybe with less quality.

July 3 - Today I downloaded and watched TROOPS for the first time. TROOPS is a Star Wars fan made film that spoofs the TV show COPS. I found it very entertaining and quite funny. The Imperial Stormtroppers take the place of the cops and they have encounters with some Jawas and an angry couple by the name of Owen and Beru. If you have never seen it, it's well worth the time. You can check it out at TheForce.Net.

July 2 - On the Australian TV show "Premiere" Joel Edgerton said that he plays Anakin's step brother. Now everyone thought that Owen was Obi-Wan's brother and Luke just called him Uncle. Could Shmi have had another child? Who's the father? Another virgin birth? Or does Edgerton just not know what he was talking about? I hope that Owen is Obi-Wan's brother because it would be cool to see the relationship of a Jedi and his brother that he has really never known. We'll just have to wait ans see!

July 1 - So many people complain about the midichlorians. People think that they take away from the mystery of the Force. That may be so but the midichlorians explain a lot. I also like the symbiont relationship, lifeforms working together for mutual advantage. They also partialy explain why Anakin is allowed to be trained, even though he is too old. Yep, I think I like those little guys.

June 30 - I just finished reading Vision of the Future, although it was long, it was great. I can't wait until Vector Prime comes out in paperback (July 5th). I'm too cheap to buy the hardcover, but now I am quite excited to start The New Jedi Order books. I have a lot of catching up to do now that there are three NJO books out already. To hold me over until Vector Prime comes out in PB I started reading the first Jedi Apprentice book. So far I am very pleased. Although the book is labeled for young readers and is simple to read, it has a very interesting story. I would recommend checking the Jedi Apprentice books out. Rogue Leader out.

June 29 - Some thoughts on how the Jedi will become extinct so quickly. At the time of TPM there were around 10,000 Jedi. I think that the Jedi's numbers will decrease greatly as result of the Clone Wars, with many Jedi dieing in Episode II and III. Perhaps a new Sith apprentice will kill a few Jedi also. After the Clone Wars Vader will terminate the remaining Jedi. I think that it is important for Lucas to show the Jedi Purge in the Prequels. It should be known what happens to the greatest protectors of the galaxy.

June 28 - Joel Edjerton is Owen Lars!! Sweet news!!! He looks great for the role. He's a perfect young Owen. On a seperate note, WARNING DO NOT TAKE SUPERSHADOW.COM SERIOUSLY!!!! If any of you have ever been to this site, it's full of bull. Mickey Suttle(aka Supershadow) claims to have met George Lucas, read the Episode II script, and if that isn't enough he pretends to be George Lucas and as Lucas he answers questions from fans. Excuse the language but this site is full of crap!!!! Acually, I find the site amusing just because some of the things "Lucas" says are something the Real Lucas would never say. I'll stop complaining.

June 27 - Hello again. Today I saw Shanghai Noon. I enjoyed in quite a bit. It was rather funny. There were some excellent action scenes. I think that it would be really cool if we could get that kind of action in Episode II. Here's a new idea for a weapon, it's like a three piece numchuck and the middle piece would be the handle while the other to pieces are like lightsabers. Sound cool?

June 26 - I was quite happy to see on the The Official Site that Threepio will get to wear metal coverings in Episode II. Here is what Ben Burtt had to say about it:

Editor Ben Burtt: "The thrill for me today was seeing C-3PO reborn. I got to put the faceplate on Anthony Daniels. The character suddenly came alive."

Seems like we'll see more Threepio in Episode II. I can't wat to seeour favorite droids team up again. There should be some interesting comedy scenes with the droids and Jar Jar. It seemed to me that in Episode I Jar Jar was a lot funnier when he was hanging around R2-D2 and C-3PO. Anthony Daniels is great! He brings so much character into Threepio. The Official Site also said that the first scene that was filmed involved Ian McDiarmid. Cool stuff! to read the whole report go to Bantha Poodoo's News and Rumors Section

June 25 - Hey, guess what, filming starts TODAY. It is officially Monday the 26 in Australia because of the time zone difference. Hopefully we'll get some images from the set soon. I wonder what scene they will be filming first? Here are a couple of things for you to ponder relating to Episode II.

We know that Tatooine will be in Episode II, but we don't know about Anakin's mother, Shmi. Some have speculated that when Anakin reaches Tatooine he finds his mother dead. This would start his downfall to the darkside.

When on Tatooine, will we see Watto, Sebulba, or Jabba? I'm betting on it.

The Clone Wars should take place in this film. Who are the Clones? Mandalorians? Stormtroppers? Jedi?

Ahh, the romance of Anakin and Amidala. George Lucas has stated that this is the "Romantic One." It'll be interesting to see the character development and see how much action this"Romantic One" has in it. I'm betting a quite a bit with the Clone Wars going on.

New Sith Lord? I hope so. Who will defeat the new Sith? Most likely Anakin, but Mace Windu is supposed to have a big fight scene too. Hay maybe there will be more than one new Sith Lord, which would break the Two Sith at a time rule, but would be interesting.

What will Amidala wear for her wedding? What will Obi-Wan look like with a beard? Stormtroppers? Female villains? Who is Boba Fett? C-3PO to put on some skin? Will Anakin use the lightsaber that Obi-Wan later gives to Luke?

So many questions. Can you tell I'm a little excited? Filming may begin today but the movie won't be out until 2002. And I hope that my questions won't be spoiled, 'cause I want to wait to see them for myself!

June 24 - I was just thinking what type of roles Boba Fett and Aurra Sing will have in Episode II. I think that Boba Fett won't be a bounty hunter in Episode II. Why? Because the Jedi are supposed to battle and defeat the Mandalorians during the Clone Wars, which will most likely occur in the next episode. I have a theory that Boba Fett could be the lone survivor from the Clone Wars, but in the books, which are not canon, Fett finds his Mandalorian outfit and is in no way connected with the Clone Wars, at least I think. I believe that Fett will be an enigma, a character that will seem to be a good guy and towards the end of the film he or she becomes the great bounty hunter that is Fett. Some people think that Fett is actually a female. That would definatley be interesting. Remember in Return of the Jedi SE that Fett flirts with Jabba's female dancers. That would really be interesting if Fett were female. I think that in Episode III Aurra Sing, Boba Fett, Jabba, Xizor and Black Sun will help the destruction of the Jedi. LONG LIVE THE BOUNTY HUNTERS.

June 23 - Today I was quite surprised to see some casting news on the Official Site. First off there was the info on the casting of pre-school aged extras. This sparked my imagination. My first thought was that they could be clones because they were all supposed to have the same general appearance. But then I thought they could be Jedi Padawan's in training. Both would be cool. Later in the day I saw that they had posted information on some actors and their roles in Episode II. I was surprised that they cast new Handmaidens, I would think that the Queen would keep her same handmaidens. Perhaps they cast new people because of the ten-year gap between episodes. Maybe the Handmaidens have more speaking parts and they needed better actresses. I was also surprised to see that there is a new woman bounty hunter in Episode II, but maybe Leeanna Walsman will take over the role of Aurra Sing, the bounty hunter seen briefly during the podrace in Episode I. I'm getting ready for filming to begin. It'll be exciting to see images from the set, see what Obi-Wan looks like with a beard, and check out Amidala's new costumes. Then we can really start speculating about Episode II!