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May 24-31

May 31 - Casting Rumors-Jimmy Smits

There have been numerous reportings latley the NYPD star Jimmy Smits has been cast for a character in Episodes II and III. Here are some reports from around the web:

From Corona Coming Attractions - We can tell you this: Smits will play a character in Episode Two that appears only for a short time, almost a cameo role. Smits will be required to be avaliable for only a few days of filming, either this summer in Australia where a significant portion of Episode Two will be shot, or later in the year when Smits can perform his part when his schedule allows for it. If we were to compare the probable amount of screen time Smits' Star Wars character will have in Episode Two, we'd liken it to the number of scenes Samuel L. Jackson appeared in Episode One. (Please note that this does not mean Smits' character will be a Jedi like Jackson's -- all we're doing is comparing the amount of screen time the character will have!)

What's very interesting is the fact that Smits has been promised his character's part will be significantly expanded in Episode Three; again, very similar in nature to Jackson's role as Jedi Master Mace Windu in Episode Two which Lucas has said is an "emerging character". The nature of Smits' character and the name of this new Star Wars individual are presently unknown at this time.

From Cinescape Online - The Insider called Smits' representatives this morning, looking for confirmation or denial. The question was initially met with silence, followed by: "We don't know anything more about it than you do."

And from Mr. Showbiz - There are still key parts to be cast in the next installment of the Star Wars saga, and one Internet report has pegged sensitive NYPD Blue stud Jimmy Smits as the next fellow to climb aboard George Lucas' sci-fi franchise.

Lucasfilm rep Lynn Hale tells Mr. Showbiz that the Smits rumor is news to her, but also notes that she hasn't spoken recently with Star Wars casting director Robin Gurland, who, she says, is busy with back to back auditions on location in Australia.

May 27 - Quarshie in Episode 2? Maybe if he's allowed to read the script!

The cast of the next STAR WARS prequel are being kept in the dark about the plot of the new tale - because film bosses are frightened the details will be leaked to the press. The second part of the prequels has been shrouded in secrecy since it began - and the movie makers are so paranoid they are not allowing the actors to see a script until shooting begins. HUGH QUARSHIE, who played CAPTAIN PANAKA in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999), says, "They have invited me back, which is great, and I'm seriously considering the request. But, let's put it this way - I've got a costume fitting but I've yet to see a script and personally I would like to see a script before we start shooting." And the actor says he would pull out of the movie if there is a nasty surprise in the script when it finally arrives. He adds, "I won't be doing it if I die too early in the movie - I don't want that!" ---From IMDB

May 27 - Jake Lloyd and Flashbacks in Episode 2?


I just shot a movie called Madison about hydroplanes. It should be out this fall. I'm not sure what I'm going to do this summer. I'd like to spend it just snowboarding. If it were up to me I'd go snowboarding all year round. I just started this past New Year's Eve and i love it. I don't know whether or not I'm going to be in the next Star Wars movie. An older actor will be playing Anakin, but there might be some flashbacks. George Lucas hadn't even written the script for Phantom Menace until we did the table reading, so there is always a chance."

Jake Lloyd probably won't make any appearance in Episode II....unless it's as a Jawa or something. :) But you never know!---From TheForce.Net

May 24 - Hayden prepares for Jedi Training

When Christensen arrives in Australia in a few weeks, it will be anything but a vacation. "As soon as he gets off the plane we'll be handing him over to Nick Gillard for Jedi training," McCallum smiled. "Plus hair, wardrobe, makeup. He'll be flat out from the minute he gets here until shooting."

Of course, Stunt Coordinator Nick Gillard hasn't been waiting for his new pupil like a hermit. "Nick has been doing lots of interviewing," McCallum reports. "He's been going to a lot of fight clubs all over Sydney and seeing hundreds of stunt fighters."---From The Official Site

Also Hayden said on ET that he was starting to 'buff-up' and he was going to start studying 'Bo' .... For those who aren't familiar with Martial Arts, the bo is a Japanese long staff used for fighting and self-desfense. It is usually sized to around the heigth of the user. Darth Maul's dual-bladed lightsaber was wielded in a similar manner to how the Bo is used.---From TheForce.Net

Hayden Christensen Cast as Anakin!!--May 12

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