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Sith Lord

Completely embracing the dark side of the Force, Darth Maul is a fearsome Sith apprentice. His constant training, both in combat techniques and in the dark powers of the Force, makes him a formidable figure and a power to be reckoned with. His horned head, face tattoos and gleaming yellow eyes strike terror in the heart of all but the most focused opponents.

Apprentice of the Phantom Menace

Since his master has great confidence in the pupil's abilities, Darth Maul is often entrusted with delicate missions. In return, Maul is absolutely loyal to his master, and devotes his utmost efforts to achieving the objectives laid out by his mentor. Although he closely follows traditions and protocols, Darth Maul is never one to blend in: he has built a double-bladed lightsaber, and trained himself to wield the unusual weapon with deadly accuracy. Only through his complete dedication to the way of the Sith was Maul able to bring the dark side of the Force to his aid in mastering such a dangerous combat skill.On his own, Darth Maul represents a real threat to the delicate balance of the Galactic Republic, which the Jedi Council strives to preserve. But with the powers of the master and the apprentice combined, there is no telling what terrible conflict awaits the Jedi.