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Han Solo

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If there is one man in the galaxy who is more well known than any other smuggler, it is obviously Han Solo. Solo is a rogue Corellian individual from the world of Corellia. Notorious for turning out fantastic pilots, most of which have too much conscience to work for a political party like the Empire. This just happens to be the case with Solo.

A fantastic pilot from the first day he sat in a pilot's seat, Solo not only graduated from the Imperial Academy with high honors, but earned the Corellian bloodstripes from his homeworld, one of the highest honors bestowed by the planet. His heroism did not apply only to the Imperial Academy, but to the actual galaxy itself. Once, on a supply trip on the outskirts of the Core, Solo ran into a band of enslaved Wookiees being beaten by Imperial slave-masters. Solo could not stand to watch the atrocity so he rescued a Wookiee named Chewbacca and together they freed the Wookiees. Soon however, Solo was tracked down by the Empire and was court-martialed, stripped of rank, and thrown out of the Imperial Navy. Chewbacca on the other hand followed him around, after pledging him a Wookiee life-debt. Though reluctant to accept his companionship at first, Solo eventually saw the merit in having the life saving Wookiee around.

As Han and Chewie became closer friends, instead of a Wookiee who had a life-debt and a smuggler, they became partners in smuggling. Han and Chewie made runs to every corner of the galaxy, buying and selling illegal goods for enormous profit. Solo also hooked up with some of his friends from the Academy and others, including Mako Spince; who was thrown out for a practical joke, Lando Calrissian; con man and gambler extraordinair, Shug Ninx; a spacebarn operator, and Salla Zend; a female smuggler who quickly took a liking to Solo. Solo also began to become a fantastic gambler himself, and in one game of sabacc, won himself his choice of Lando's private ships. Little did Lando think Solo would choose the battered YT-1300 freighter he had been privately upgrading far back in his hangar. But nonetheless, Solo did, and named her the Millennium Falcon.

Now they had a ship, Chewie and Han roamed the spaceways looking for an unhonest credit. The helped Mako Spince run fresh water up the Rampa, a heavily polluted planet, where the effluent demanded the illegal, fresh, water. Getting tired of the Empire, the pair went to work in the corporate sector, having many bad times, including one where Han had to work as a mechanic for a backwater air circus. He and Chewie also ran into trouble when they accidentally ran into a contract to ship slaves. They captured the slavers though, freed the slaves, and turned them over to the now free beings to torment the way they had been. They also went to look for the legendary treasure of the Queen of Ranroon, the capital ship of the ancient warlord, Xim the Despot. On this journey, they ran into Gallandro, and older gunslinging type who had a definite grudge for Solo after a previous embarrassing encounter. They met in the corridors of the gunship, where Gallandro cornered Han and shot him in the shoulder. Unfortunately for Gallandro, the Queen had weapon detectors, and Gallandro was burnt down on the spot.

One fateful trip, on a glitterstim spice run for Moruth Doole and Jabba the Hutt, Solo and the Wookiee had to eject a load of glitterstim spice to avoid being caught by an Imperial patrol. Little did they know that Moruth Doole had clued the Imps in, and wanted to keep Jabba's money for himself. Jabba, however, didn't know this, and he punished Doole by burning his eye out, and placed a bounty on Han, thinking he was in union with Doole. Both Doole and the Hutt now had a grudge for Solo, even though he had nothing to do with it.

On one trip to Tatooine to negotiate with Jabba, Solo was stopped in the Mos Eisley Cantina by a Rodian bounty hunter he had met before on Nar Shadda. Greedo, intent on winning Solo's bounty, forgot his manners, and his caution and was shot under the table promptly. This outraged Jabba further, and he drove up the bounty, a bounty which Solo himself was trying to pay off by a chartering mission he had just contracted with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker. Solo waited for the pair in Docking Bay 94 while he and Chewie prepped the Falcon. Jabba's henchman, Heater, an obese man who took the guise of actually being Jabba in public places to protect the real crime lord, confronted Solo in the hangar. Solo, not uninformed, played along with the game, promising the sun and moon, buying time until Kenobi, Skywalker, and their droids could arrive. When Heater momentarily left, and the passengers came, Solo hustled them on board just as the Imperials burst in after being informed of their location. They shot out of Tatooine under the noses of the Imperials, and sped into hyperspace, headed for Alderaan to deliver schematics of a new Imperial Battle Station. There was only one problem. Alderaan was no longer there.

Upon arrival in the system, they found the sparse remains of the planet, and before they could hypothesize about what had happened, they were caught in a tractor beam belonging to the very culprit, a massive new Imperial Battle Station called the Death Star. Here the group found the origin of the schematics....the Alderaanian Princess Leia. They rescued the Princess and escaped the station thanks to the sacrifice of Kenobi, and the scheming of the Empire. Though Han was convinced his extraordinary piloting helped them flee, Vader had actually attached a tracking device to the ship to find the Rebel base. When they arrived at the base, Solo asked for his reward and left much to the dismay and disappointment of Leia and Luke. But Chewie got the best of the smuggler and convinced him to turn around, and together the Falcon's crew shot a pair of TIE's off Luke's back as he shot the massive moon-sized installation out of the heavens.

Solo stuck with the Rebels as they established their base on Hoth, and decided to hit the spaceways to pay of Jabba again after first establishing the base and it's perimeter defenses; especially after another encounter with a bounty hunter (Skorr) on Ord Mantell. However, disaster was imminent for the Rebels and the Empire discovered the base. Solo escaped with Chewie, Leia, and C-3PO aboard the Falcon. After being chased around the system and its neighbors by Imperial Star Destroyers and TIE Fighters and Bombers Solo hid in an asteroid cave while trying to fix the ship. After being attacked by mynocks, they fled the cave, which was actually the digestive tract of a space slug. They fled to Bespin, but little did they know they were followed by the notorious bounty-hunter Boba Fett. Fett informed the Empire of their location and the Empire arrived at Bespin just in time before the Falcon to blackmail Solo's friend Lando to betray them. The trio was captured and 3PO was blown to bits by a stormtrooper. They were held to make a trap for Luke, the true objective of the game. Before Luke arrived to attempt to rescue his friends, Solo was tortured and frozen in carbonite to be turned over to Boba Fett, who was working for Jabba the Hutt as well. Fett took Solo to Jabba and it was long sleep until one day...

Solo awoke with a pasty feeling in his mouth, and the feeling that his eyelids were open....but he couldn't see. A raspy voice told him his situation, hibernation sickness, temporary blindness, and smack in the middle of Jabba's palace. Boussh the bounty hunter had freed him, or actually, Leia in disguise had freed him. Unfortunately, Jabba was alerted to the rescue attempt, and the heroes only survived when Jabba and his entire montage were destroyed over the sarlacc. Later, Han led Leia, Luke, Chewie, and the droids to Endor where they were helped by the Ewoks in an attempt to destroy the shield bunker that was protecting the second Death Star. When the bunker was destroyed, the station was blown out of the sky by his regained friend and partial rescuer Lando in the Falcon and Wedge Antilles.

Since the glory days of the Rebellion, Solo has: helped thwart the Ssi-Ruuvi invaders at Bakura; kidnapped Leia to convince her to marry him; married Leia; helped defeat the advances of the Imperial Strategist Grand Admiral Thrawn; turned Luke from his ordeal with the Dark Side; became the father of three children, Anakin, Jacen and Jaina; introduced Kyp Durron to the force and stood beside him when he was in trouble; helped Leia fight Roganda Ismaren and destroy the Eye of Palpatine; expose the Force being Waru; and defeat the scheme of his cousin Thrackan Sal Solo to take over the Corellian system. Truly Han Solo is a hero history will remember. Han Solo was actually HARRISON FORD.