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The Empire Strikes Back - Fan Favorite

Although each Star Wars movie is special in its own way, The Empire Strikes Back sticks out in many fans' minds. From Super Star Destroyers to the AT-AT Walkers, the thousands of probe droids and the deadly bounty hunters, Empire seemed to have it all. Throw in Yoda's training and words of wisdom, Han and Leia's romance, Boba Fett, and the revelation that Vader was Luke's father, you get the masterpiece that is Empire.

Easily the darkest film of the Trilogy, Empire was faced with following up the most succesful movie of all time, Star Wars. The Empire Strikes Back simply would not settle for second-best.

Empire left us wanting more and left plenty of things on the minds of fans during the three year wait for Return of the Jedi. Was Vader really Lukes father? What was going to happen to Han Solo? Even when George Lucas developed the Special Editions, Empire remained virtually unchanged. Which means Empire was pretty close to George's vision.

Now twenty years old it remains one of the best films ever to be made.

ESB Crew