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Previous News and Rumors
November 16 - Episode 2 Preview Pictures

TheForce.Net recieved quite a few pictures from the Episode II preview on the new Trilogy release. Check out the Complete Episode 2 Picture Page to see pics of C-3P0, Owen, Lucas, and some sets. Also the new selet picture is what looks like Obi-Wan or Anakin talking with a Jawa on Tatooine. There is also a speeder bike in the picture. Select 19

November 14 - Episode 2 Preview

TheForce.Net recieved a great report about the Episode II preview on the new Trilogy release. The following is that report.

Well I just got through watching it and my jaw is still on the ground. Since I haven't seen any reports on it yet on TFn, I figured you'd wanna hear what I just saw. Basically it starts off with George giving some basic info. He confirmed that the Clone Wars start in 2 and Anakin gets fully seduced by the dark side in 3. Then it talked about how in this episode they go back to the Lars homestead. Joel Eggerton and Bonnie Piese comment a bit about portraying Beru and Owen but don't reveal much.

There is a great shot of Joel in costum though and he looks just like Owen, it was awesome. One nice moment was when he taed about first meeting Anthony Daniels. He said the two of them had fun running through the scene in ANH when Owen first buys the droids. It also showed the construction of the homestead and some comments on how they went about replicating the original. Apparently the new one is more disheveled than the one from ANH to show how the homestead hasn't been taken care of very well but gets fixed up by ANH.

Next up was perhaps the greatest part of the featurette. They spoke to Anthony Daniels, which would've been good enough for me, but they actually showed him as 3PO. First he and George commented how 3PO starts the way we saw him in TPM but gets more or less completed by the end of the movie, but then they showed us! First they showed Anthony doing the puppeteering for 3PO and then in the new suit! Basically he's made out of junk. He's a mish mash of spare parts, beat up looking, grey, brown, not the goldenrod we're familiar with, but we see where the siver leg comes from! What a sight seeing a "completed" 3PO! If this is how Owen meets 3PO in Ep2, then it's no surprise he doesn't recognize him in ANH. It's still anyone's guess how 3PO doesn't remember Owen. Other than this great stuff, there really wasn't anything else new. Another interesting comment from George though was how the PT shows the vastness of the SW universe contrasting with the small corner the OT shows.

This is supposed to be meant to help convey Luke's angst in ANH, how he feels trapped in this small corner of the galaxy while there's so much out there which we the audience are already familiar with. Also it's to familiarize us with all the different places spoken about in the OT. Accoding to George, we get to see everything now, so that when it's mentioned in 4,5, and 6 we already have seen what they're talking about and don't have to see it again. Basically those are the highlights of the video. I'm gonna try to make some screen caps that I'll send if I can. Hope u like and post on the site :) I'm still kinda in awe here so when I go back and watch again, I'll send anything new I might notice. Right now I'm enjoying watching my new copy of A New Hope though :)

Also might I add that the artwork on the box and packaging is beautiful. If you haven't seen it in person, the design of the individual boxes is the same style as the TPM video, very nice to have a matching set. Also, the box they all go in has great pics of Yoda on one side with Vader on the other and on the 3rd side in between is 3PO. The slip sleave that goes over the box is clear plastic with white on the 3PO and Yoda sides and Black on the Vader side, nice touch :) Also if you didn't know, the way the logos are written is in the same TPM style, "Star Wars" with the Roman Numeral behind, plus the spine of ANH actually says "A New Hope" rather than "Star Wars". I personally think it's nice to see it finally labeled as "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" rather than just "Star Wars". Ok, I'm done rambling now, hope you can use this stuff:)

November 5 - New Episode 2 Pictures

The French Lucasfilm Magazine gives us some great looks into Episode 2. Enjoy!

Coruscant extras
Obi-Wan and Anakin
Massive set
Hayden putting on makeup
Hayden, Natalie, and Mr. Lucas
Ishi Tib
Jay Laga'aia
Natalie putting on makeup
Mathew Rowan as Orn Free Taa
R2-D2 serving drinks
Part of Senate set
Coruscant extras

November 2 - New Obi-Wan Picture

The Official Site has updated with an article with Rick McCallum. He states how post production is underway, but they also feature a really good picture of Obi-Wan from Episode 2 filming.

November 2 - Temuera Morrison Reveals His Role

The following reports, come from TF.N. Since it comes from Morrison himself, this is most likely true. Spoilers- you know the drill:

Report #1
After Ihaka, he [Tem] got to do something that he says will make his nine-year-old son's year - a part in the next Star Wars film. "I've been over to Fox to do some costume stuff and I'm standing there with all this gear on and all I can think of is 'Wait till my son sees this!'." As Boba Fett senior, Morrison says he's got a few scenes with "Obi Kenobi" and "a bit of a space chase through the asteroids". He also laughs that he has the immortal line: "I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe."

Report #2
"Iím not allowed to say too much about that (Star Wars Episode II)Ö.Iíve got a letter to say that Iíve got to keep things fairly minimal. But I play a bounty hunter. I had a scene with Samuel. L. Jackson, Ewan McGregor, and the guy who was the original Dracula, Christopher Lee."

Report #3
I play a bounty hunter," he grins. "Remember in Return of the Jedi there was a guy called Boba Fett? Well, in this film Boba Fett is about 12 years old and I play his father. With a clone army."


1) Asteroid chase? Like ESB? Maybe we'll finally get to see the Slave in action! 2) A scene with Lee. Could this be the scene from the story board when they are in the arena? Looks like further proof that the boards are real. 3) Whoops! He spilled the beans! That's it, you have to believe it now. He is Jango Fett and Daniel Logan is the young Boba.

There you have it! Check back for more!

October 28 - Obi-Wan meets Palpatine

The following report, featuring a very cool tidbit about Episode 2, comes from SW Rumors. If this is true, it is a spoiler so take out your highlighters.

Palpatine realizes that Bail Organa and Obi-Wan Kenobi have finally figured out his true identity. He would like to have them arrested and then silenced but (Organa has diplomatic immunity) he cannot arrest Organa and Kenobi is a Jedi Knight so he has Kenobi "Taken" to an interrogation center on Coruscant. There they sit down in the room alone. Just Palpatine and Kenobi. In that room he reveals his identity in a very physical and potentially violent way. He then discusses his plans for Anakin and tells Kenobi: Palpatine: "It is too late for the Jedi now! Plans for them are in motion that they cannot stop." Thanks to Watto's Junkyard for the news. I can CONFIRM that this scene is true. I had heard about this several weeks back but could not say anything.

There you go. Is this report true? Decide for yourselves, but it sounds like a really good scene.

October 26 - Episode II Plot

This report comes from TF.N. And beware this contains MAJOR SPOILERS. The Force Net rarely gives out information that is incorrect.

The following is our current best guess at the plot of Episode II. It is based on officially released info, photos, spy reports from TFN and other sites, domain name info, and more. And where there are gaps, we just made stuff up as filler. So highlight to read it!

As Episode II begins, we learn that Amidala has left the throne on Naboo and has been replaced by the newly elected Queen Jamilla. Now going by the name Padme Naberrie, she represents Naboo in the Galactic Senate.

At one point, Senator Padme intercedes in a dispute between the Geonosians, the Kaminoans, the Commerce Guild, and the Intergalactic Bank Clan. She uncovers some corruption (created by Darth Sidious) and possible plans by the Neimodians to re-arm themselves. She voices this concern in the Senate.

However, after doing this, bounty hunter Zam Wesell attempts to assassinate Padme. Now a Jedi Master, Obi-Wan and Anakin prevent this from happening and chase Zam down at a club on Coruscant called Dexter's Diner. There, they attempt to interrogate the bounty hunter, but she is killed by a Kyber Dart shot from Jango Fett. Fett was hiding in the shadows and gets away.

At this point, the Jedi Council assigns Anakin Skywalker to accompany Padme back to Naboo where she'll be safe. He takes her back to the planet and meets her parents, Jobal Naberrie and Ruwee Naberrie, as well as her sisters. Jar Jar and the other Gungans come along and also vow to protect Padme.

Meanwhile, Obi-Wan goes on a quest with Plo Koon to find out more about who is behind the assassination attempt and the corruption in the Senate. He travels to a planet run by Count Dooku and discovers plans for a clone army to be created. He also tracks down Jango Fett and his young son Boba Fett. Turns out that Jango is being used as a template to make the clones. At one point, Plo Koon is killed by Jango. Jango and Obi-Wan have a deadly battle in the rain at a landing platform, but Jango and son get away in the ship Slave I.

Back on Naboo, Anakin has a vision of the future and sees his mother in great danger. At the same time, a second assasination attempt takes place on Padme. Anakin decides to take Padme into hiding back on Tatooine and find his mother. When they arrive, Anakin interrogates Watto and discovers that his mother has married Cliegg Lars. They live on the Lars Homestead (seen in A New Hope) and Anakin is rediscovers C-3PO with his mother. He now has a step-brother, Owen Lars. Anakin speaks with him about the attempts on Padme's life and they try to discern what will happen next.

On the other side of the galaxy, Obi-Wan tracks down Jango and Count Dooku to a planet run by Poggle the Lesser, and alien who specializes in creating battledroids for the Trade Federation. Poggle has had created a bunch of new super battle droids as well as the traditional Destroyer Droids and battledroids. They are also preparing to create a clone army of Clone Troopers (who later become Stormtroopers). Obi-Wan alerts the Jedi Council and an army isdispatched.

At the same time on Tatooine, Padme is attacked and kidnapped. She is taken to the same planet that Obi-Wan is on. Anakin is unsure if he can save her,but chases after her.

Mace Windu and the Jedi arrive on the planet and have a fierce battle in an arena with the droids, Jango, and a beast called the Reek. Windu kills Jango in the battle, thus sparking Boba Fett's hate for the Jedi.

Anakin is nowhere to be found, and even Yoda engages in the fight. After Anakin finally does arrive he attempts to save Padme, but fails. Obi-Wan insists she is dead, but Anakin doesn't believe a word of it. A lightsaber battle soon erupts between Obi-Wan, Windu, Anakin, Count Dooku (revealed to be Lord Tyranus), and another dark Jedi. The battle rages on, and soon Anakin believes that the only way he can save Padme is by turning to the Dark Side, despite the warnings of Obi-Wan. He turns on his master, thus leading to Episode III.

OK, there's a whopping load of plot holes here. This synopsis still is missing several key elements like Beru Whitesun, Bail Organa, Sido-Dyas, and probably much more. How do the handmaidens come into play? And Captain Typho? And Mas Amedda? There's still a lot more out there, but it will be interesting to see how this synopsis compares to the final film. How close were we?

October 22 - Christopher Lee to use Lightsaber

This report is from TF.N. and gives us quite a bit of information about Lee's character.

King Jedi sends this in:

I've just got my copy of Star Wars Magazine U.K and in an interveiw with Rick McCallum he confirms that Christopher Lee's character will be using a lightsaber. He also says that he never thought of Lee for the role because he was looking for someone "tradditionaly more evil". I think this is the first time that it's been confirmed. In the same interveiw with McCallum he says that the filming they did in Spain was for part of Naboo and not Alderaan as everyone thought.

I have a few insights. Highlight to read due to possible spoilers:

This adds further proof to the rumor that Lee is a Darksider. But is he the next Sith? I'm not so sure. Since he is listed as a Charismatic Separatist, I like to think of him as a renegade Jedi. What does he separate? Could he create a schism between the Jedi? Perhaps between those who think more like warriors and offenders and those who feel the Jedi's role is as protectors and defenders. Either way, I tend to believe that Lee's character (Dooku, Tyranus?) will be another pawn of Palpatine's.

Very interesting stuff. Make sure to check back for more!!

October 21 - Guy Lagace Galleries

Guy Lagace is the wonderful artist that created the main image for this page. He has his own galleries at Jedi Net and Aldera.Net. Please go check them out.

Guy you have been wonderful to work with. Bantha Poodoo thanks you.

October 20 - New George Lucas Select

This week it's a great shot of Anakin Skywalker. Check it out!

October 14 - Episode 2 Domain Names

Lucasfilm has been busy purchasing domain names as of late. Many of them could be the names of characters and species in Episode 2. Very Interesting. To read the complete list of domain names go here.

October 02 - Jonathan Hales Interview
The French SW Magazine featured an interview with the co-screenwriter for Episode 2. This report comes from TF.N. Great stuff!!

Hales talks about the love story between Anakin and Padme, the way it drives the story. It's not an immediate passion. It grows and evolves, going through good and bad moments. He even says that, from this point of view, Episode II has the more complexe human dimension of all the Star Wars movies...

Here is something you're all gonna love : Hales talks also about Anakin and Obi-Wan relation. Althought they are quite serious as master and padawan, they have humorous dialogues with each other that are a great fun to write !

I can tell you that there is no big celebration at the end of the movie (or not a really glorious one). It ends with a "narrative bridge" which leads to Episode III (I think we can reasonably call that a cliffhanger). It is a mix of "triumph and tragedy"...

There is a "wonderful" part of the plot where Obi-Wan investigates something which leads him to a very important step of the story. Hales doesn't give any further details, so you are free to speculate as much as you feel is necessary...

All of this is really great and Hales seems really honest and sincere when he talks about the script. He didn't just polish dialogues. He worked intensively with Lucas to build a story from the basic plotline that George had already written... I was surprised to learn that Hales involvement had been decided even before TPM was produced.

Anyway, Hales was amazed by the cleverness of the plot elaborated by Lucas : "the love story, what you learn about Anakin, the incredibly dark nature of the Emperor... I am very impressed"...

September 29 - Episode 2 Storyboards

Many sites have posted the new Episode 2 storyboards. At first I thought that they were a hoax, but not anymore. Wanna know why? The sites that posted these images got emails from Lucasfilm to take them down. Why would they bother with it if it wasn't the real thing?

MAJOR SPOILERS Highlight: These storyboards showcase two major battles; one between Obi-Wan and Jango Fett and the other in an arena. It appears that the Jango Rumors are true after all.

Lots of stuff is leaking out now, so I would advise you to stop checking all the spoilers unless you want Episode 2 to be ruined for you. I myself am stuggling with my adiction to Star Wars News. For those of you like me, who just can't get enough, visit the Episode 2 picture page. Follow Spy Photos to see the storyboards.Check 'em out!!