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Star Wars Episode II

Fan made poster for Episode II



Not much is known about Star Wars Episode II as it is currently under production. George Lucas has stated that it is basically a love story based on Anakin and Padme. It is a sure bet that we will see the legendary Clone Wars and possibly the beginnings of the Empire. Lucas has stated the Boba Fett plays a prominent role in Episode II and the Jar Jar Binks will return. Chances are we will see a new Sith Lord, a large Clone War Battle, and Obi-Wan with a beard. Episode II will push the level of technology to give us many spectacles to watch and it seems this film may have what it takes to become the greatest Star Wars movie.

Episode II Cast and Crew

Anakin Skywalker-

Obi-Wan Kenobi-


Chancellor Palpatine-

Jar Jar Binks-


Bail Organa-

Shmi Skywalker-



Mace Windu-

Owen Lars-

Beru Whitesun-

Directed by-

Screenplay by-

Produced by-

Music by-

Sound FX & Editing by-

Hayden Christensen

Ewan McGregor

Natalie Portman

Ian McDiarmid

Ahmed Best

Frank Oz

Jimmy Smitts

Pernella August

Anthony Daniels

Kenny Baker

Samuel L. Jackson

Joel Edgerton

Bonnie Piesse

George Lucas

George Lucas and Jonathan Hales

Rick McCallum

John Williams

Ben Burtt