Title: "Dream Come True"
Author: Angela W.
Category: MSR
Rating: PG-13
Timespan/Spoilers: Takes place during and immediately
after the closing scene of "DeadAlive". Anything up to that point is fair game.
Summary: Scully shares some news with Mulder. First
person, Scully's POV.
Disclaimer: Chris Carter and 1013 Productions own
these characters. I don't.
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"So, did anybody miss me?" he whispers.

I smile and cry at the same time, just like I did six
months ago when I found out I was pregnant with his
baby. Then I lay my head on his chest to be reassured
by the steady beat of his heart.

I hear the door open slightly and lift my eyes,
expecting to see a doctor or nurse. Instead it is
Agent Doggett. I give him a brief, tired smile and
close my eyes. Agent Doggett's my friend and
colleague, but I have no room for him in my thoughts
at the moment. The reality of Fox Mulder - my partner, my best friend, the father of my baby -  takes up my whole consciousness.

"Mulder, I have something else to tell you."

"They've closed the X-Files yet again, you've become
an Amway represenative and Skinner's become a male

"Can't you be serious for a moment?"

"No. Too happy. Is it serious?"

"Yes," I say then smile and shake my head, "No. It's
just that I'm. . ." words fail me then, so I take his
hand and guide it to my swollen abdomen. As if
recognizing his father's touch, the baby chooses that
moment to kick.

Mulder's eyes go wide with wonder, then he breaks into delighted laughter. "God, Scully! How. . .?"

I laugh in return. "What do you mean 'How?' You were
there when it happened! The birds and the bees and the federal agents, Mulder."

"That wasn't what I was going to say," he says in mock reproof. "How far along are you?"

"Seven months," I reply.

"How long have I been gone?"

"Six months."

"So when you fainted in Oregon it was because you were pregnant?"

I nod. "When you gave me that whole speech about how
I'd lost so much because of working with you. . .our
baby was already growing in my womb. You don't seem as shocked by this as I thought you might be."

My words weren't exactly a question, but he answers
anyway. "I thought. . .maybe. Not when we in Oregon.
But that last night, before I left. I didn't want to
say anything, because I didn't want to hurt you if I
was wrong."

"I love you, Mulder."

"I love you, too, Scully. Do you know if our baby's a
boy or girl?"

"No; I've been waiting for you to come back. Figured
you'd want to be there when I found out."

"If I didn't come back?" he whispers.

"I was going to name him Fox Junior, just to serve you right for not returning!"

He chuckles. I can tell he's getting sleepy, but then
he says distinctly, "Baby Cat".

"Mulder, I'm afraid we're going to have to wait a few
more days before we can snuggle up and sleep together
like baby cats. Most people call them kittens,

"Not that," he whispers. "Well, yes, I want that. But
it's not what I'm talking about. Kat with a "K", for
Katherine. Katherine like you, but an animal name like me. So she'll match with both of us."

Something clicks and I say, "Mulder is *THAT* why you
said 'Baby Cats' instead of 'kittens'?"


"But Mulder, that was years ago! Before we'd even..."

"I could dream, couldn't I?" he defends himself. "And
it looks like my dream came true."

"Mine, too, my love," I whisper, leaning down to kiss
him gently on the lips, then resting my head on his
chest again. We fall asleep like that, my head on his
chest, his hand on my belly, forming a circle of love.