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The Lady In White
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The Lady In White
January 9, 2001

When I was in the navy back in the mid 70's I got to see the famous lady in white ghost in the Philippines. I had never heard of her before the incident. Two friends of mine and I visited another friend at the hospital at Cubi Pt. He was in the mental ward as he had just gotten the red cross message that his wife was killed in a motorcycle accident back home on the freeway. Since I had told him three days before he got the message he looked at me and said, "how?" I told him I did not know. Just that sometimes I get precognitive images. I had seen furniture falling off a truck in my mind. That was what hit his wife on the freeway. But, the reason for this story is the lady in white. It was getting dark when we called for a cab. My friends told me we would have to walk down the hill and meet the cab at the bottom. At about half way down the hill I had the feeling there was someone behind us. I turned around and saw a young woman in a flowing white gown that touched the ground. She was barefoot and walking across the road behind us as if in a trance. I turned to my friends and said, "look! There's a lady in white behind us!" I turned back around and she was gone! I then told my friends she just disappeared! They were white as sheets themselves. When we got to the cab they told the driver. His eyes got big and he said, "that's why none of us cabbies go up there at night". "That is the lady in white looking for her husband since world war II."
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