Information on STARCRAFT/BROODWAR Units
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Information on SC/BW Units


Ground Units


The marine is the basic attack unit of the Terran. It is one of the most versatile units in the game. With 6 ground and air attack and the cheap price it can even destroy the almighty battlecruiser and carrier with only about six of them. Marines are what you put in bunkers if the enemy attacks you with air units or hydralisks and other units with range. I normally put all marines in bunkers since they are so versatile. I can go on and on with the uses of marines but here are the basic uses: With their cheap price, you can usually build lots of them. 24 marines with stim packs and medic backed up can be very very devastating. For those of you who don't know what stim pack is, it is a special ability by the marines and firebats that will let them move faster and shoot faster, however, they will lose 10 hit points (but sometimes it's worth it!). With a medic, however, you can revive the hit points and if you use the medics repeatedly the marines will stay alive and destroy more. However, you must remember to keep them together cause if you don't they sometimes will attack in single files and spead out and that makes them extremely vulnerable. Marines can take the place of missile turrets in emergencies and is an excellent cover for your siege tanks. Also, marines do NORMAL damage, which means that they are effective for all units. In my opinion the marine is one of the best units to have in the game.

The firebat is the second unit you can build in Starcraft and it is not that common in my multiplier experience. The only problem with firebats is that they do concessive damage, which means that they are less affective against bigger units. However, 22 firebats with 2 medics can be very dangerous. Firebats can kill zerglings like if they weren't there and are very affective against zealots. If the opponent is attacking you with lots of zealots and zerglings. Put firebats in your bunkers. Firebats also have stim pack, which can make them very dangerous. Firebats are also relatively cheap and is a "rushing unit". Another problem with firebats is that they can get massacred from above so protect them with marines.


The Ghost does a good damage against small units (10 concessive), but it is bad against bigger units (3 damage). Cloaking: The cloaking is one of the most important functions of the ghost. This should be the first thing you research. With cloaking on, the ghost will be invisible to most units, except for detectors (overlords, science vessels, observers, photon canons, etc.). Also, you really need cloaking for nuking. Another use for cloaking is what I called a "cloak strike." I cloak the ghosts and wraiths and punish the enemy where they don't have detectors. The ghost attacks the ground while the wraiths provide cover for them. When you see a detector and know that you won't survive, retreat. The ghost and wraiths are fast enough to retreat in most conditions. Lockdown: Lockdown is an important role of the ghost. It is able to cripple a mechanical unit for enough time for you to destroy it. If the enemy is giving you a hard time with battlecruisers and carriers, just "lock it down." Sometimes, you can sneak a ghost in the enemy defense to lockdown it's critical defensive units (siege tanks, carriers, battlecruisers, etc.) before you attack. This let you attack the enemy better and your enemy will be very frustrated. However, if you are verse Zerg; don't even bother to get lockdown since it won't work. Nuclear Strike: This is my favorite. I just love nukes, they do lots of damage and I am the master at it. Here are some of my professional tips. When you nuke, it is best to get ocular implants and the energy upgrade for the ghost. When nuking, it is best to confuse the enemy. Like you can send some battlecruisers to scare the enemy. Then, you can bring in some marines to cover the ghost. If however, your ghost is detected, cast defensive matrix on the ghost and hope it can survive. Another way to nuke is to defensive matrix a dropship and drop it in the enemy base. Let the medic (that is if you have Brood Wars) and the marines out. Then let your ghost out, cloaked before you get in the dropship and nuke away! Remember that nuking is risky and you may lose a nuke, but it doesn't matter, try again if you have the resources. . The ghost plays a very important role in Starcaft, The ghost has a very special and effective way of offense and defense, but you don't need many of them and also protect them cause it takes a while to build them!


The Medic is a very useful unit in Brood War but is unavailiable in StarCraft. It's ability to heal infantry quickly while using little energy is impressive. A few medics can make a group of infantry seem indestructible. A medic will automatically heal units near her position. Medics can also heal SCVs. One medic in a mining field can greatly increase the life expectancy of the SCVs that are being attacked. Another trick I use with medics is that marines and firebats can use stim pack without worrying to lose life because the second you use it, the medics will start to heal all your infantry in a matter of seconds! Medics can greatly help the Zerg if they happen the be your ally. Medics can make a group of ultralisks literally invincible and hydralisks indestructible. Twelve ultralisks with twelve hydras and twelve medics can be a very terrorizing force. Medics can also heal your Protoss allies. Put medics behind zealots and high templars to make them more destructive than before. Although medics' healing is the primary task of her, she still has other functions as well. The medic's restoration can remove all harmful things such as: irradiate, lockdown, parasite, ensnare, maelstrom (although it is unlikely to remove this spell because it is such a short time), plague, and optic flare. The only thing it can't remove is the stasis field. This will help you greatly when you are versing the Zerg because the restoration will remove the plague to keep your expensive battlecruisers and siege tanks going and it will remove the parasite to prevent the enemy from spying on you. A medic is definitely worth it. The final ability of the medic is optic flare. This will enable the unit that got it to see only one matrix. A unit that has this will say "Blind" on the description box. With optic flare, you can make a detector's ability to detect worthless and units like siege tanks gardians (anything that has range) will be literally useless until they have something to "see" for them. I really suggest you get medics they are a great asset in the field.


The SCV is the most basic unit of the Terrans. It is mainly used for gathering recourses, building and repairing. Although it can do some damage, it is not suggested to use SCVs to attack unless it is an emergency. However, the SCV has the most hit points of the other races equivalents (the probes and the drones both has 40 hit points and or shields.) It will win is most battles against its equivalents. The SCV is special in which it is both biological and mechanical. But you can lockdown it or irradiate it, and etc. Also, an SCV can repair an SCV or a medic can heal it. SCVs are a critical unit of the Terrans. It mines Vespene gas and minerals. I suggest that you sent two SCVs per mineral unit and four of them per Vespene geyser. If you send more to a Vespene geyser (depending on the distance from the command center) it will just wait until one SCV come out so it won't be as effective in using your SCVs. I usually make a group of four or so SCVs as a repair crew for my damaged units. I hotkey them and then sent them to gather minerals. Then, when you need a repair, I sent the SCVs to rally all of the damaged units then rally them back to mining. I suggest that you keep a SCV or two at your primary defense all the time because you may need emergency repairs that the others can't get there in time. If the enemy is harassing you with a few siege tanks that are close together and you have no other that you can spare left, send your SCVs at the tank. The enemy will usually get into siege mode before assaulting your base so with the range of 1, the tank can't hit you. You may be surprised how fast a few SCVs can take out a siege mode-tank (you can also use this with other races, too) When you attack an enemy base, it is suggested to take a few SCVs with you so you can repair your damaged units quickly. This is extremely useful when you are attacking with battlecruisers. Keep your SCVs right below that battlecruisers so they can provide cover for them. The enemy usually ignores the SCVs because they are usually trying to deal with the battlecruisers and you usually can't see them. The SCV is a very crucial and important unit of any Terran game so protect them well!


The vulture is the Terran's scout unit. It is light armored, but very fast. Since the vulture is cheap and you can get it early in the game, you should take advantage of it's speed and scout. However, it does have it's disadvantages. The vulture only does concussive damage, Meaning that you shouldn't use it to attack armored units. Taking advatage of the speed, you can use it for "lightning strikes". Get like 12 of them and target one specific unit or structure. It can dodge most of the siege tank and melee fire because of it's speed. I, however, won't recommend using this tactic agaisnt a heavly fortified defense. Another good strategy is to hit and run, then hit again. This is good for attacking units like zealots, ultralisks, zerglins, firebats, dark templars(bring a detector) and Arcons. Attack, then run after the grenade is fired. Get a good distance away then fire again. It's also good for attacking siege tanks that are close together. Charge right next to the tank. You won't get that much damaged becasue it will dodge most of the arkilite. Then fire away. The siege tank will try to get into normal mode, and when it's about to, run. Then attack again. The best use of a vulture is a scout and for defense (the sipder mines).


The goliath is a very good anti-air unit. Fully upgraded, it can rip air units to shreads. It also can do pretty good ground damage. In a general attack, put the goliaths in the front and the marines within your goliath army. That way, the marines can do the main damage while the goliaths cover for your mairnes. Then you put siege tanks in the back. Always have a few air support and detectors. Another good combo for the goliath is with firebats. As I said before, the goliaths has too much bulk, but the firebats can take care of that. Also, when putting firebats in front, then can do alot of damage to the enemy while they are attacking the goliaths becasuse most people will think that goliaths are a bigger threat. Then you can always use the SCVs to repair them. Goliaths can shread gardians into little pieces. The goliath is like your foward attack tank.

Siege Tank-

THE SIEGE TANK!!!!!!!! I beilve it's one of the game's best unit. However, the siege tank will always need support because it has lot's of bulk and the enemy can rush it. The siege tank is the master of defense. Put it behind bunkers and it will terrorize you enemies with the arkilite shock cannon before they can get to your tank. Put it on a cliff and watch it kill. Off course, you'll aways need SCVs to repair these guys becasue they are very expensive. Marines will gaurd this unit very well. The siege tank is also the master of offense. Put it behind your forces and watch it massace the enemy units.

Air Units:


The Terran's Air Superality Figher. It's mainly good for attacking air, although in numbers, it can really do damage on the ground. One of the wraith's main strengths is cloaking. In the begining of a game, you can cloak and rush the enemy and it can do alot of damage. That's one of the good strategies. The wraith is a good supporter for the battlecruiser. It will weaken the target and the cruiser can do the main damage. Cloaked wraiths can also attack scouts, mutalisks, especially gardians and corsairs. However, I don't suggest a direct confrontation to a scout, devorer, or the mutalisk. Even though the wraith is better than the muta, the muta is small and the wraith's missles do concussive damage. The wriath will also do admirably for defense. You can cloak it when the enemy attack and damage or destory some of thier units before they get to your main defense. When the enemy get's to your main defense, it will change it's target to the bunkers and stuff so you wraiths can attack and they won't pay too much attention to them.


The Dropship is the Terran's main transport unit. There isn't any particular tricks to this vessel. Drop units on higher ground, drop ghosts to nuke, drop units for a mid-base attack or resource strike. One of the effective way is to aviod all enemy units. Once you're detected, you're screwed unless you have support. Another way is to use the defensive matrix on it so it can with stand more fire. Dropping 4 tanks with 2 dropships will do alot of damage. It's just a transport!


Ahh... the almighty Battlecruiser. The flying fortress of the Terran fleet. This is a very powerful ship, but it's also very expensive. I suggest you protect it with science vessels (to detect and for defensive matrix), medics(anti-lockdown, anti-plague), SCVs(to repair), and wriaths, valkeries and ground units. The Battlecruiser is only effective with at least 6 of them. 12 of them can destroy a whole base within minutes. It is also very good for defending, with 25 damage, it will piss the enemy off. The Yamato Cannon is also a super-pwerful gun. With 260 damage, it can destory a photon cannon, most units and missle turrets. Use the range as your advantage. While you Yamato them, be out of the enemies' site range. You have to save your Yamato energy though, make wise choices with it. The battlecruiser is slow so when retreating, make sure it has cover. One good strategy is when the ground units attack the front of the base, sneak like 6 battlecuisers to destory inside the base when the enemy is bringing it's unit's to your main front assult. The battlecruiser is also good for full frontal assults. Put them in the front so they can take the damage for your weaker units. The enemy will definetly target the battlecuiser because they belive it's the biggest threat. While drawing fire, your other units can make the enemy's base a living hell. You might also want to only send half of your battle crusiers then when the enemy is about to destroy them send in your other battlecruisers this will really piss your enemy off because he would have wasted most of his guys on the first assault.

Science Vessel-

The science vessel is expensive and it can't protect itself becasue it dosn't have a main attack. Always cover it. The scinece vessel is a detector meaning that you should bring it along with your attacking army to spot cloaked units. Irradiate is one of the mosty powerful attack. It can destory most zerg units and damage the units around it. It can also be used to attack clusters of zealots or other grouped together bioligical units. Use it to attack an overlord and if the zerg is slow, it will destory the units inside it. Use it to dectect then irratiate the lukers that annoy you so much. You can destroy half a zerg force before they get to your main defense by irradicating them. Defensive Matrix is great! Use it to protect you front line units when attacking or defending to make it almost invoneralble. Use it on dropships and Battlecruisers. When an important unit is getting damaged, use it while you retreat. You can also use this to charge the enemy. EMP Shockwave drains all energy and shields from units. It is primarily a anti-Protoss weapon. Especially use it on arcons becasue with out shields, they are sh*t. With only 10 hp, you can massacre them. EMP a building before nuking. EMP and protoss defense or attack to make it allmost as half as effective. You can also use it on energy units like battlecruiser and queens. EMP a queen before they spawn broodling etc.... The science vesel is a very cool unit, but it's very hard to master.


The valkyrie is a super-powerful anti-air unit. Use it when the zerg is advancing on you with clumped up flyers. A few valkyries will kill them in no time. I also like to go overlord hunting with these. A duel of valkyries will kill a overlord within seconds. The valkyrie has a powerful widerange attack. It is basicly good for mostly all air attacks. Use them to cover your battlecruiers against scourges.


Ground Units:

The Drone is the recouse and construction worker of the Zerg. However, once you let it morph into something, you don't get it back. So you have to protect them well.


These little creatures are the light attack warriors of the Zerg. Alothough there damage and hit points suck, they are extremly cheap. The zerglings also build fast and you get two of them in one egg. I like to use the zerglings as support units. The enemy will probably ignore the zerglings and attack my ultralisks and hydras because they think the zerglings will do no damage. That's wrong, many zerglings can do alot of damage. The reason is becasue zerglings are small so they can get through the bigger units and they can all swarm at one unit. The zergling can also attack very fast. The Zergling is also a very good anti-nuke unit. What I do is to put them in a overlord. When a nuke is about to launch, the overlord will detect it and i'll drop the zerglins on the ghost. This is also good at the anti-siege tank unit. Becasue when the enemy attacks, it will probably have it in seige-mode so it can't attack the zerglins. The zerglins are good at attacking units with lots of bulk like dragoons and goliaths. You have to watch out for muiltple siege tanks in seige mode becasue the shock-wave will kill alot of zerglins in one shot. You also have to watch out for reavers and air units.


The hydralisk is one of the best units in the game. It is know as the "big marine". The hydralisk does more damage than the marine and it has more hit points, but of course, it's more expensive. Use the hydralisk like you'll use the marine. Build alot of hydralisks and you'll most likely to survive. The hydralisk is an all around unit. However, you have to watch out for siege tanks, becasue the hydralisk is medium size, it is vunerable. You also have to watch out for small units becasue the hydralisk does explosive damage. Burrow like 12 hydralisks and suprise the enemy. When attacking, the hydralisk is usually the unit that does the most damage.


The lurker is a heavy defense unit that is morphed from the hydralisk. The lurker can only attack when it's burrowed. That has some good parts and bad parts. The good part is that most enemies can't see you when it attacks. The bad thing is that when you are moving it, it's very vunerable. Also, the luker takes longer time to burrow than other units because it's so big. I like to put the lukers in front of my sunken conolies so they can do alot of damage. I like to think of the luker as a mobile sunken conlony. Another cool thing about the lurker is that the units that are in the lurkers line of fire also gets damage. It can kill clusters of units very fast. I also use it as offense. I like to sneak lurkers into my attack force and attack the enemy and they don't even notice it. I also like to drop lurkers in the enemy's recouse center. They can kill all the gathers in seconds.

Ultralisk- The Ultralisk is the Zerg's heavy assualt warrior. It is similar to the Archon. One of the good uses of the ultralisk is to use it as a "wall". What you do is to always put the ultralisk in the front. The enemy will attack the ultralisk. Using the advantage of the ultralisk and the many damage it does, the ultralisk will do major damage to the enemy defense so your main hydralisks and zerglings can do the main attack. Use the ultralisks to distract the enemy while your other units attack the enemy defense. However, I don't use the ultralisk as defense because it has too much bulk. A swarm of zerglings can cream an ultralisk. Also, the ultralisk is too big and it get's into your other unit's way when it comes to defending. However, the ultralsik is still a very good unit.

Defiler- The defiler is the Zerg's "magic" ground unit. It is very fragile and doesn't have a primary attack so you have to protect them. Dark Swarm is a abilty that literlay covers your units. What I do is that I put the dark swarm on my hydralisks when I am attacking a heavy defense. The hydralsiks are litteraly invisible so the hydralisks can kill the defense while you send in the rest of your force. It is like the opposite of the disruption web. Plague is also a very useful ability of the defiler. However, the plague will not destory anything, but it will bring it to very low life. I mean like 3 hit points. It is very useful on the Protoss because it will only effect the hit points, but the Protoss won't be able to get those hit points back. Consume is when a defliler eats it's own side's Zerg unit to gain energy. The number of hit points of the unit is how much the defiler gets. I don't suggest on cosuming ultralisks or hydralisks. I usually consume broodlings and zerglings.

Infested Terrans- This is the a suicidal unit that does lots of damage. The good thing about the infested Terrans is that it burrows, which means you can use it as defense. Put it in the front of your defense and when the enemy is right below your infested Terrans, unburrow and attack! Another thing you can do is to dark swarm a little defore the defense and destroy the enemy's defense so you can send your forces in. At this time, the dark swarm is still present so you can take adevantage of it. Lots of Infested Terrans can wipe out whole ground armies in minutes. One of my personal favorites.

Air Units:


The mutalisk is the basic Zerg attack flyer. It has a pretty good ground and air attack damage and an okay hit points. However, I won't be flying a group of these into a enemy base becasue you'll probably get your ass kicked. In order to be effective, you need at least 6 mutalisks. Mutalisk are very good at supporting hydralisks. Also, a muta rush is very effective becasue you might be able to rush with them before the enemy can fully develop their air defense. Another good thing about the mutalisks is that they build faster than other flyers and they are cheaper. Also, they are small size, meaning that most anti-air weapons will only do 25% of thier total damage becase most of them are explosive. A good idea is just to mass produce, but remember that a battlecruiser can kill 4 mutalkisks together and 6 separate. Another thing you can do is that if a mutalisk is heavily damaged, send it back to your base and morph them into guardians or devourers and they will be at full life. Also When a Muta fires once it will bounce off and hit two other units so they will die faster.


The Guardian is one of the most powerful flyer of the Zerg. It can only attack ground and it does only 20 damage, but it fires pretty fast. Also, it builds faster and it uses only 2 supply units. I perfer to use the guardian as an air artillery. I put it in the back of my attack force and watch it attack away. A guardian rush is also very good. Get like 12 guardians very fast and rush the enemy, they'll probably won't be fast enough to hold of the attack. Guardians are also good at defense. Put like six behind your sunkens and they will kill all the ground units very fast. The Guardian is a good unit, but it can't attack air so it'll always need support.


The devourer does 25 damage, but it takes a really long time to fire again! A wraith can fire 3 times before this thing can fire once! I say, the only good thing this can do is if you have lots of them. 10 is the minimum for a good attack. One of the thing it can do is that each shot makes an acid spore on the unit and the units near it. The number of acid spores means that the unit will suffer that much greater damage more. Let's say that a mutalisk has 100 hit points, but it has 5 acidic spores. When a marine fire at it, it will do the regular 6 damage and then it will add another 5 due to the acidic spore. Get it? Good! The main thing I use with this unit is gardian support becasue the gardian can't shoot air. I also use this to cover the spore colonies.


This unit isn't bad. Because one egg can hatch two, just like the zerglings. These suicidal units are very cool. However, I won't send them in small units like corsairs and wraiths. Sending them on carriers, battlecruisers(warning: one shot from a battlcrusier can kill one, so be careflul!), scouts, gardians, and etc.... They are the best at destroying carriers because they are fast and the carrier still has to send out it's interceptors. Always keep at least 12 of these units around.


The Queen is the air "magic" unit of the Zerg. It's pretty good because it's fast and I think it's one of the best scouting unit. However, it dosn't have a direct attack so you have to rather cover it or use the queen's speed to run for it. Parasite is one of the coolest abilty of the queen. It sends a little bug to an enemy unit and you can see what it sees. I use it to scout. Usually, you should parasite the enemy's scouting unit and their resource units. Also, a parasite will make cloaking or burrowing incapable. However, in Brood Wars parasiting Terrans can only give you a temperary view because they have the medic. Ensare is when a Queen makes a unit move very slow. It's useful in slowing down resource gathering for the enemy or slowing down the attack so it you can kill the enemy. You can slow down a running away unit so you can catch up. The best thing I think is that it detects. If you have no overlords nearby and you think you know where the ghost is, ensare it. This is also pefect to stop a cloak wraith strike because it cancels thier cloaking and they can't run away. Broodling is when a Queen kills an organic unit and creates two zerglin-like units for you that pop out of the dead body. It's very useful when it comes to spawn broodlings on dragoons or siege tanks. You can do this on: all Terran ground units, all zerg ground units and all Protoss ground units except for the reaver and the probe. The two broodlings are very smilar to the zergling. I usually feed them to my defilers or use them to support my attacks, or send them out to scout.


Ground Units:


A Zealot is the most basic unit of the protoss force. Although it's the most basic, it has lost's of punch. It is superior of the Terran marines and the Zerg zerlings. However, it has two main disadvantages: It's takes two psi and 100 minerals! That's double the amount of the marines. Another big disadvantage is that it can't hit air, so make sure you always guard it with dragoons or air units. One strategy is right in the begining of the game, you get like 6 zealots and march directly to the enemies' resource center so the enemy can't build. Then you send in your reinforcements to finish them off. Another good use of zealots is support for reavers and air forces. It will do melee damage for the close range units. You have to watch out for battlecruisers when using zealots because they can kill zealots really fast. You also have to watch out for firebats because they are also good at killing zealots. However, the zealot is still worth it.


The Dragoon is the basic all around unit for the Protoss. It does the same air and ground damage. It's punch is very powerful(20 damage). However, it does explosive damage, meaning that zegling rushing can be very dangerous to the dragoon. Also, marines can do alot of damage. When attacking Terrans, never put them in the front because the siege tanks will destory them before they get to attack. Dragoons are very effective at base defense and killing large air units like carriers and cruisers. A few dragoons can destroy a battlecrusier easily. They are like mobile photon cannons. They do the same damage as photon cannons, except that they do explosive damage and they have longer recharge and alittle less hit points. Dragoons are good support for templars and zealots. Put them in the middle and the back of your force for maximum effect.


The probe is easy, use it to build and gather. One thing is that you should protect them becasue without minerals and vespene gas, you're dead. Probes are special because all you have to do is open a warp rift and you can go on your next task. A good strategy is when you are attacking, bring a few probes to build photon cannons or gateways to harrass the enemy even more.

High Templars-

The High Templar is can easily be the Protoss's most power unit. However, it has low shields and hit points so you have to protect them. This unit also dosn't have a primary attack so it's very vunerable. Psionic Storm is one of the templar's most powerful abilty. Use it on clustered units. Using it on zergling rushes is very useful. Also, you can use it on clustered battlecruisers. Do it a few times and it will destory them if they don't move. Also, use it to attack resource gathers. It can destory them very fast and will surely piss off the enemy. Use it also when it's under attack. Hallucenation is a very useful ability. Use it to distract the enemy. The hallucenation makes two copies of the original. It will have the same life, but will not do any damage. To you and your allies, they will seem blue, but to the enemy, it will seem the same. Archon is when two high templars meld together to make a super-powerful entity.


An Archon is a superpoweful unit that is made with two high templars. It has a hell lot of shield points, but if the Terrans use EMP, then you are screwed because the Archon has only 10 hp. One of the thing about Archon is that the plague from the defiler will be shit because it only has 10 hp. Archons are great for full-wide attacks and support. Since it can also shoot air, it dosn't need much air support. The only problem for this unit is that it has short range. Archons are not only great at offense, but also defense. Put it in the front of your defense. It's powerful short-range defense will kill alot of enemy units while the archons distract them as well as your photon cannons. Zealots and other defensive units can beat the living hell out of the enemy.

Dark Templars-

The Dark Templar is a very powerful unit. It does 45 damage in one attack! However, protect it like the zealot becasue it can't attack air. This is also a fragile unit so make sure you protect it. A good strategy is to rush in early before the enemy can get a detection defense. It will usually kill them. However, if the enemy has a detector defense, then you're screwed. When attacking, put the dark templars in the middle and the front of your force. This will protect your force against most ground units. The archon and dark templar will make a good combo because of super ground attack and a good air attack. Also, like the archon, put them in the front of the defense so they can attack the enemy with out them detecting them. To sum up, the dark templar is a very powerful unit.

Dark Archon-

The Dark Archon is made up of two dark templars. Like the archons, they meld together. Alothough the dark archon can't do any regular damage, it's abilities are very powerful. Feedback is when the dark archon damages all energy-use units. Ex: Battlecruisers, science vesels, defilers, high templars, etc..... It does the same damage as the unit's energy. Let's say that a queen has 50 energy and the dark archon feedbacks it. The queen's energy will disapear and the 50 energy damages the queen so it does 50 damage on it. Malestorm is a abilty that the dark archon to stop organic units for several seconds. Let's just put it this way: It's a lockdown for organic units, for a wider range and less time. Use it when the enemy is rushing you with zerg so you can paralize them to damage them before they get to move again. Also, it's a good idea to malestorm marines that guard a seige tank so you can get to kill the tank. Mind Control is one of the cheapest and the best abilty of the dark archon. One of the good strategy is to mind control the most powerful unit in their attack force or their defense you get an extra unit. Another good idea is to mind control something when your dark archon is under attack to protect it so it can run because the dark archon is very expensive. The dark archon also loses all shields when it uses mind control. So be careful. The cheapest strategy is to mind control a SCV or a drone, then recall it to your base with a arbiter. That way, you get the other side's units and you get an extra 200 supply. The thing is protect the new units!


The reaver is like the protoss version of the siege tank. However, it's slower and each shot needs money. A scrab is 25 minerals. Alothough it cost's money, it's worth it. 100 damage with a splash effect. If you are lucky, you can kill up to 8 zerglins or marines with one shot. A very effective strategy is to drop reavers into the enemy base so it will surprise them. Like siege tanks, put reavers on the back or your force and be careful! They can attack your own units too with the splash effect. Put them on behind your photon cannons like siege tanks. One disadvantage is that the scrab has to travel on the ground which means that it can't fire on higher ground like the siege tank. Also, it is more expensive than the tank, but I think it's worth it sometimes.

Air Units:


The scout may sound like only a "scout" in fact, it's more powerful than the wraith (not including cloaking). It's anti-air(28 damage) is more powerful than a battlecruiser! When attacking, send several scouts to harrass the enemy on the front. Put a few scouts in your defense and watach it kill air! The scout can also attack ground, but it's not that powerful. Watch out for a pack of marines! They can bring down scouts very fast! Use the scout to attack ground units that can't attack back. Also, use it what it is, a scout! However, the scout is expensive so it's not a really good idea to lose one. Don't use them to attack a group of marine-bunkers cuz they will kill you.


Ahhh... the almighty carrier, it can easily be one of the game's most powerful air unit. It's power is similar to the battlecruiser, they're both super-powerful ships. The carrier builds intercepters and they attack, not the carrier. However, if you don't upgrade the carrier's intercepter capacity, then it's shit. Use the carrier for full-wide attacks. Another good stratgy is to attack anti-air "towers" like photon cannons, missle turrets and spore colonies, Although the intercepters will get hit, they have a good amount of shield and hit points and since they are so fast, they barely get hit. Just watch out for cloaked units, marines, goliaths and valkyries.


This is the protoss equal to the zerg devourer and the terran valkrite. Well, not really, the corsair isn't even as half as powerful. However, it's cheap and it's fast. Although it does onlt 5 damage, it can attack very fast. It's even faster than the zerling! Corsairs are good at covering your larger air units like the carrier and scouts. It, however, has a very powerful abilty the disruption web. Disruption Web is a very powerful ability. It disables all weapons on the ground for a certain time and a certain range. This is mainly used to disable the ground defense so you can attack them easily. You can also use this on anti-air buildings so your air forces can drop your units or attack with air. To counter this, always put air units around and mobile units.


The Arbiter is a very powerful unit. Although it does only 10 explosive, it has many good abilities. Also, all friendly units surrounding it will be cloaked. The bad thing is that a arbiter can't cloak another arbiter. You also have to protect it becasue it's very expensive and take a long time to build. Stasis Field makes a unit not able to move and invunerable for a pretty long time. Let's just put it this way: a lockdown that also makes the unit invunerable and has a little range effect. One good use is to stasis field the main defensive units of the enemy so your units can take out the enemy defense one by one. Recall is a very useful abilty. Bring an arbiter near a enemy base and recall a group of units for surprise attack. Also, your units are also cloaked! When attacking, use recall for renforcements. When in base defense, recall units so they can help in the defense. It's very useful, but there isn't much explaination for this.


It is a transport unit. Just protect it and you can use it bring rienforcements. Also, if you mind control on of these or another transport unit, you get all the units inside.


The observer is the Protoss's detector. It's always cloaked so you can use it to scout. A good idea is to place them over resource nodes so you'll know when the enemy wants to expand and attack it. Also, place observers around your base so there isn't any surpises when the enemy uses cloaked units. Alaways remember to put oberservers in your force so the cloaked units can't surpise you.

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