It's not this easy being so God damn smart

This is where I express my views and you take the time to read them...After that you leave with some sort of "hmmm" type feeling and we all move on with our lives.

Subject: Pointlessness.

Since the dawn of time there have been countless billions that lived and died on this planet alone. Today, there are over 6 billion people in the world, and that number keeps growing by the second. The horded stash of Individualism, Inspiration, Emotion and Creativity was drained and emptied long before our time even began. Individualism was simply way over done by way to many individuals. Inspiration has run out of new ways to inspire and is forced to repeat it's self. Emotion has been felt to its full entirety by the infinite masses of the faceless. Finally, Creativity was replaced with A.I. and "New, Easy to Use Features". Every thing that should be said was already said long ago and every Opinion has already been opinionated. The only reason the population at large keeps on going is each of the qualities of "Man" listed above spawn offspring that fuel our decaying minds.

Individualism spawns Stupidity. If every one is stupid, they are not going to realize they are all the same.

Inspiration gives birth to Ignorance. If every body knew every thing, there would be no desire to think about what you don't know.

Emotion uses Greed. An internal hunger for "more". No matter what you need you will always want more.

Lastly Creativity created Invention. Good Inventions will never work right. Other wise there would be no more Inventions.

Subject: Adulthood.

I do not consider myself a Child; and I sure as fuck fire don't consider myself an Adult. I don't wish to ever grow up; I may grow old and die, but in body only. "Age brings experience." "Children don't know what it is to love." "Youth and endurance will always be defeated by old age and trickery." Slogans of the average Adult.

Age dose not bring experience. Simply it brings opportunities to gain experience, yet not all take advantage of them. Elderly Adult's experiences have been quickly outdated in or modern society. No longer is "Spittin in the back of it, and whomppin it a good'en" called for. This is the Information Age driven in warp speed by computers. Youth has the most experience now with computers than good Ol'Pa will ever have. Beyond that there are Youths out there that can fly airplanes, calculate advanced algebraic problems and so on. There are Youths that are actually the ones raising families, while the mother or father go out and do what ever. There have been countless times where I have gone to class and tought the teacher how to do things the correct way. Students in the class came up to me for guidance and skipped the teacher entirely. (And I'm not trying to brag, Other friends I have do it and I am sure there are more out there who do it as well)

Often have I heard spewing forth from the lips of an Adult that Youth does not know Love. Who are they to judge what we feel or don't feel? Science has proven that upon reaching Adulthood the brain develops one last time in the areas that control Emotions and Perception. If you ask an Adult they say love is running into a burning building to save your family. Adults will sacrifice themselves for love, very noble indeed. Ask a teenage boy what love is and he will show you where he carved his girlfriend's names into his flesh. Ask a teenage girl what love is and she will tell you all the times she tried to kill herself when her boyfriends broke up with her. (Or vise versa.) If you ask me Youths do know love, but seeing as how their brains are not quite developed their love is out of control and far more potent than anything an Adult can imagine. Granted not all Youth carve into themselves or try to kill themselves but the point is the same. Granted there are some Youths out there that don't know love and only want sex and drugs or what not. But there are Adults like that as well. There are exceptions to every rule; other wise there would be no rules.

A few of my teachers had signs in their classrooms to try and strike fear into the student body. They read: "Youth and endurance will always be defeated by old age and trickery." This in a learning environment for fuck sake. Basically daring any Youth to try and have an opinion difference or act out of accordance to the rules and flaunting your "power" in the faces of the future is fucked up. Granted not all the student body is there to actually learn; but regardless every teacher should be there to teach and should know what they are teaching. The flaw in that slogan is "Trickery" can defeat anything no matter who controls it, or if it is morally right or not. Trickery is not just in the hands of Adults.

Once age of 18 one legally becomes an Adult weather they like it or not. Some where after that the brain finally "Develops" that one last time and you can finally settle down and start making a living while losing your life. Sleep, consume, work, repeat. With out that one final "Development" this drone like behavior would drive any Youth insane. In ones Youth one is at their prime for individualism, creativity, and inspiration. Primarily because it runs rampant and uncontrolled. Although I myself do not condone all behavior of Youths at this time in their lives I must give credit where it is due.

Subject: Assholes.

Through out my life I have heard from countless sources that "The world is filled with assholes." For a while I agreed with them until I started seeing the truth. The only reason the world is filled with assholes is because we all automatically assume that no matter what happens involving the 2 or more people, its always the other ones that are the assholes. So then every one comes off with the same asshole attitude to place the blame on some one else. Or for example: I as a telemarketer get deemed as an asshole with in the first 5 seconds of my pitch. Granted, yes it is annoying, but I am only doing my job. Am I not good enough to have food on my table just because my job happens to be slightly annoying to other people? I bet none of those people would know Deluxe Carpet Cleaning even existed if I had not called them. But don't get me to wrong. I like to piss people off; "Take me off your FUCKING list!!" is music to my ears...I view it as a slight revenge against humanity. The world is based on Consumers, and if the Company can't get a hold of the Consumer then the Company goes out of business, if the Company goes down then there is nothing for the Consumer to consume. And its not like there is absolutely no one out there that wants their carpets cleaned. I have heard that yelled at me before "Who the FUCK wants their carpets cleaned??"...People can be so close-minded, I find it entertaining. And its not just Telemarketers vs. Consumers; another example: (mostly its the male of the human race that preaches the "World filled with Assholes" antics.) Two males are in a car accident. Both come out screaming and yelling and eventually start swinging. Quite simply because in the eyes of one the other is the asshole. Want more examples: Some one gets pulled over. Automatically itís the Cop thatís the asshole. Why? Because he is doing his job. Does he deserve not to have food on his table because he is telling you to drive the posted speed limit, not run stop signs, drive sober, or what ever? Or: You go into Albertsonís to cash a check; you have no ID or proof you are who is named on the check. They turn you down. Are they the real asshole in the world for not wanting to lose their job? For the most part this all streams from selfishness. But no one realizes that the other person is just as selfish. So in truth; the world is not filled with assholes. Itís filled with blind and selfish people.

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