About Some Guy

  • Eyes:
  • Moss Green
  • Hair:
  • Lots...dirty brown
  • Height:
  • 6 foot
  • Personality:
  • Hermit
  • Fav Music:
  • Tool
    A Perfect Circle
    Massive Attack
  • Age:
  • 19...Whoopdee doo...I had a birthday...Happens all the time
  • Misc:
  • Wall Of Rambles: My poetry.
    Meet My Friends: There are alot of pix on this page so it may take a while to load for you lesser modem users.
    The Stuff My Dreams Are Made Of: Computer generated jargin.

    Man I am not good at this whole "Me" thing...But apparently you, The Viewer, are interested in knowing more about me. I am a Hermit. I sit in my dark little room, blocked from the sunlight, and I surf the web. I surf for Entertainment. I surf for Enlightenment and Knowledge. There is so much information, so much to do out in cyber space. I am surprised not more people become surf junkies such as I.

    I inserted some porn for the hell of it...