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Mechanix's Cryptic Writings

Vmpirs Hv Rmd h Nigh Fr Hrs O Yrs, Dsryig Evryhig hy Hv Lv Fr All Eriy.
Sm Bliv Liv Frvr Wl B Gr, Fr h Vmpir Is A Crs.
B his Is All Fsy Righ............Or Prhps I Isn'?

BAS,FANGS AND WEREWOLVES 2002 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When he day urns o nigh,
he sun reires and he moon has risen.
When the world is calm and resing,
I shall rule the nigh.

Bas,fangs and werewolves,
he blood of he living shall be spilled onigh.
Shadows in he distance
screams from beyond
erriory of he vampire.

he vampire sorms he nigh,
Searching for is prey.
A repulsing lifesyle for the beast,
never could here be love,
never could here be passion,
never could here be happiness,
In a world of the living dead.


I rp rss h l
i srh o my misrss
I hr hr ve i h w
h hr v h brz.
h yrs hy sm y
h shws hy wy.
I hr hr sw ve i h w
h higs h sh s.
h misrss of shws sh bks m
hr ve b hr i h brz
I hr hr cllig m.


W Liv I A Wrl Wih O E, Fill Wih Pssi A Dy, My Lgh O Tim Is Frm Dsk Till Dw, Wh Th Ss O Tim Ar Rig Thi, I Shll Rr My Crypi mb.

"A G Shll Wip Awy All Trs Frm Thr Eys; A Thr Shll B N Mr Dth. Nihr Srrw, Nr Cryig. Nihr Shll Thr B Ay Mr Pi; Fr Th Frmr Thigs Ar Pssd Awy."
Rvltins h.xxi v. 1.

Wlkig O Th Wr Ar Mirls Y C Trs. Msr Yr Ci Ds I Msr Up T Yr Ls?
S I Thik I'll Lv Y, Wih Yr Bishps A Yr Gil, S Uil Th Nx Tim, Hv A G Si.