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Mechanix's Vampire Facts

Vmpirs Origi Frm rslvi.
Cn Drl B Cm h Firs Vmpir By Wy O Wihs Crs.
Cn Drl Is A Msr Vmpir A h Ols Imrl. Pssig h Crs rm O Mrl h Nx, Cn Drl Cr h Immrls Kw As Vmpirs.
Vmpirs C k h Frm O A B Or A Wl.
Vmpirs Rqir Bl Srviv. Oly Frsh Bl Frm A Sill Big Hr. Cl Bl Is pis h Immrls.
Vmpirs Liv By Nigh,
Vmpirs C Wlk In Th S. h Legds Sy Thy C N, h Legds Ar Fls!
Vmpirs C Wlk In Th S B Lk h Pwrs O h Drk Gits. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Wps h C B Us Agis h Immrls: 1) A Sk Crv O O W A Ms B Blss Wih Hly Wr A h Driv Srigh I h hr. his is N Esy sk Ulss Y Hv Be ri Highly I h Fi Ars O h Slyr.
2) Crsss Hv B Si B Aiv B his Is Lg, Or Myh?
Y Dsi Wih Yr Li. 3) I h Hllyw Lg "Drl 2000" Vmpirs Dislik A C Be Dsry By Silvr, his Is Myh.
Vmpirs Prfr Silvr Jwlry Ovr Gl.
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rk Shws 1991
rk Shws 1966
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