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Jeff Young

Jeff Young

Megadeth's Guitarist From 1988-1989

     When Jay Reynolds introduced Dave to his guitar teacher Jeff Young, Mustaine was amazed by Young's guitar skills and creativity and Young soon replaced Reynolds. "Jeff Young was hired during the recording of So Far, So Good... So What! when we realized that Jay Reynolds was not the right guitarist for Megadeth. In fact Jay had told us that he was going to have his guitar teacher come in the studio, do the solos for him, and then teach the solos to him later. I decided to cut out the middleman, met with Jeff Young, hired him and completed the rest of the album. Jeff Young is a talented guitarist and song writer. We are aware of his presence at a guitar magazine as a writer, and that he also is in a group which I don't know the name of, with his wife who sings for the band. We respect Jeff Young and wish him well in all his endeavors.". (Mustaine)

Rust In Peace...Mega Fans