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Megadeth History 2001

Dave Mustaine appeared as "Torchy Thompson" on episode 5 of the Sci-Fi Channel series Black Scorpion it aired Friday, February 2nd, at 8PM & 11PM ET/PT

The long-awaited return of acclaimed metal legends Megadeth began with the quartet's single, "Moto Psycho", hit radio airwaves on March 27th 2001. A video for the song was filmed in early April. "Moto Psycho" was the first single from Megadeth's/Sanctuary Records debut The World Needs A Hero. This hard-hitting album was released on May 15, 2001. The "Moto Psycho" video was filmed on April 4th. The video featured live performance footage from the band with an action-packed storyline featuring high-speed motorcycle racing filmed with intricate lighting effects. The continuously flying camera shots, unconventional camera angles and special film effects will gave the video a mesmerizing, unusual feel. Desert locations outside of Los Angeles were utilized. "Moto Psycho" was directed by Nathan "Karman" Cox.

Nathan "Karman" Cox's previous directing credits include Coal Chamber's "Loco," System of a Down's "Sugar," Disturbed's "Stupify," Strait Up's "Angel's Song," Videodrone with Jonathan Davis' "Ty Jonathan Down" and Spineshank's "Synthetic." Sheira Rees-Davies produced the video.

Fans of metal masters Megadeth had a lot to celebrate. "Moto Psycho," the killer leadoff single from The World Needs A Hero, became the #1 most-added track at active rock radio in the United States its first week of release. The World Needs A Hero, Megadeth/Sanctuary Records debut, U.S. release on May 15, 2001.

Megadeth embarked on a 12-city "The World Needs A Hero Record Release Party Tour" in late April. The tour also include acoustic performances.
The only way the public could attend the record release party was to obtain passes from the sponsoring radio stations in each city. The party started when Megadeth and a local disc jockey introduced The World Needs A Hero to the crowd. After the entire CD played, Megadeth went on stage and performed an acoustic set approximately 40 minutes long consisting of both old and new songs. Following the acoustic set, Megadeth met and talked with fans for 90 minutes. (Philadelphia fans had a treat because the May 10th party at the Fels Planetarium at the Franklin Institute included a laser light show.)

Jimmy DeGrasso was unexpectedly tapped by former employer Alice Cooper to fill in for some Australian tourdates. Jimmy DeGrasso was the full-time drummer for Alice Cooper prior to joining the ranks of the mighty Megadeth. Alice then replaced Jimmy with Eric Singer, who was ironically also in Australia touring with KISS at the time.

Metal masters Megadeth were the subject of a episode of VH1's "Behind the Music" on Sunday, April 22, 2001. The band was also the feature interview subject on "Rock Show" on Friday, April 27, 2001. Behind-the-scenes footage of the video shoot for the new single "Moto Psycho" is the "Rock Show" highlight. "Moto Psycho" is taken from Megadeth/Sanctuary Records debut album The World Needs A Hero. Mustaine and Ellefson discussed the "Moto Psycho" video and the band's Sanctuary Records-based rebirth on "Rock Show."

Megadeth get a fresh start in the music business with the release of their highly anticipated ninth full-length album titled, The World Needs A Hero (co-produced by Dave Mustaine and Bill Kennedy). The heavy rocking quartet, re-established their place at the top of the heavy metal hierarchy with a raw and extraordinary new album which hit stores on Tuesday, May 15 and was the first under the band's new contract with Sanctuary Records.

Fans who became weary of not hearing anything new from Megadeth were happy to hear that the band is back fiercer than ever. The new album featured 11 tracks written by Dave Mustaine ("Promises" co-written with Al Pitrelli), and has the kinetic and cathartic sound of their nascent years. The World Needs A Hero is the album the band insisted on making - it's real Megadeth in their truest form.

In-store appearances and/or acoustic performances from the band in select cities across Canada began on May 15 in Toronto where Megadeth signed autographs for eager fans at HMV 333 (downtown Toronto) from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. The first 250 fans that purchased the brand new CD at the in-store also received a single pass to the bands acoustic performance/listening party that evening at The Reverb (651 Queen St. W.). On May 16th in Quebec City the band hosted an acoustic performance/listening party at The Liquor Store (2600 Boul Laurier) as part of an intimate radio promotion. As an added bonus, the first 50 fans to purchase a copy of The World Needs A Hero at HMV (2700 Boul Laurier, Ste Foy) received a single pass to attend the special event that night. Megadeth finished their Canadian autograph sessions in Montreal on May 17th at HMV (1020 Rue St. Catherines) where they signed from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The band then headed to Musique Plus for an acoustic performance Live at Musique Plus. A world tour followed the release of The World Needs A Hero, with a freshly charged Megadeth entertaining fans all over the globe.

May 15th 2001, The First Megadeth Album From Santuary Records Group Hits Stores. Mechanix711 Rates The Record 5 stars.
May 2nd The World Needs A Hero lands at Number 16 on the Billboard Charts.

It's gratifying to know that rock 'n' roll still has the power to shock and frighten world governments. On July 23rd, 2001, metal legends Megadeth were banned from performing in the Southeast Asia nation of Malaysia. Megadeth was scheduled to promote their Sanctuary Records album 'The World Needs A Hero' by playing at the Warp Club on August 2 in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital. However, the Malaysian government stepped in and canceled the concert. Malayasian authorities said that Megadeth's imagery, specifically the band's famous mascot "Vic Rattlehead," is unsuitable for the youth of Malaysia. Summarily, the government refused to grant work permits to the band and crew. If Megadeth defied the government and went ahead and performed in Kuala Lumpur, it was made clear the band would be arrested and their own personal safety would not be guaranteed! In addition, Megadeth records were confiscated off store shelves! Sanctuary was prohibited from shipping copies of 'The World Needs A Hero' into Malaysia to fill retailers' inventory. "Megadeth were very disappointed that they wouldn't be able to perform for their fans in Malaysia," stated Megadeth manager Larry Mazer. "I'm sure Megadeth fans in Malaysia are equally disappointed. Hopefully, the political climate will change so that one day Megadeth may return to Malaysia to play for their fans who have waited a long time to see them in person."

Megadeth came back home to the United States in the fall 2001 to continue its highly successful world tour for 'The World Needs A Hero.' Megadeth sold more than 20 million records worldwide and earned seven Grammy Award nominations since forming in 1983.

Less than a week after pioneering heavy metal band Megadeth was banned from performing in Malaysia by the government the quartet's troubles in Asia continued this past weekend.
Vocalist/lead guitarist Dave Mustaine, lead guitarist Al Pitrelli, bass guitarist David Ellefson and drummer Jimmy DeGrasso were scheduled to take a flight from Seoul, South Korea, to Taipei, Taiwan, after their concert in South Korea on Saturday, July 28, 2001. However, mechanical problems with the airplane delayed Megadeth's flight by 12 hours. Megadeth was on the verge of having to cancel a sold-out concert Sunday, July 29 in Taipei, Taiwan. However, after conversations with the promoter, the concert promoter said he would hold the crowd if Mustaine still wanted the band to play.
The famous show-biz motto "The show must go on" is relevant here. Megadeth did not want to disappoint its fans and they arrived and hit the stage at 3:30 a.m. local time and played a complete concert. What makes this miraculous is that a typhoon was forecast to hit the island nation at the time. Fortunately, the band finished its concert before the weather turned bad.

MEGADETH's Episode of VH-1 Behind The Music Home Video was Released on October 9th

Over One Hour of Unreleased Footage Included, Featuring Uncensored "Moto Psycho" Video

With the september 11th holy war against the U.S and economic climate, Megadeth cancelled their scheduled dates in Buenos Aires in November.