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Megadeth History 1999-2000

In 1999 Megadeth enters the studio with producer Dann Huff in Nashville to record their follow up to Cryptic Writings. Megadeth spent the summer playing radio shows, and eventually joining Iron Maiden for a European tour.

In September 1999 "Crush 'Em" was released on the Universal Soldier 2 Soundtrack and eventually makes its way into NHL arenas and WCW. Risk was released on August 31, 1999, and was certified gold a month later. 2000 was a very tumultuous Year for Megadeth. With ups and downs that Dave Mustaine never thought He would see. In Early 2000 Marty Leaves Megadeth for other musical interests, Al Pitrelli joins Megadeth replacing Marty Friedman. Megadeth Fires ESP management after firing ESP management.
Megadeth Hired ESU management, In 2000 Megadeth also Fired GLWG business management. Hiring Haber Corp. business management to replace GLWG business management.
Megadeth tours Risk in Japan, Megadeth Tours with Motley Crue during the summer, Risk tour finishes in the sumer of 2000.
In August Megadeth return to the studio to record Capitol Punishment : The Megadeth Years. Capitol Records picks the tracks.
In September Megadeth leaves Capitol Records. Dave and co. spend late summer and fall, in talks with attorneys to settle their deals and disputes with Capitol Records.

October 3rd Megadeth Gets signed by Sanctuary Records,The band starts to work on it's 10th release The World Needs A Hero.
"Kill the King" was the number one most added song at rock radio and Capitol Records releases, Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth years on October 24th 2000 Megadeth also launched a new look for in support of the Capitol Punishment Record.

In November Dave Mustaine hears worldwide gripes about track selections for Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth years.
Megadeth and management, decided to not release the DVD on November 11th like Capitol wanted.
Megadeth and management felt They deserved to do the project right! since there were no more obligations to Capitol. (The DVD should be released in 2001)
Megadeth also gets released from any further obligations to Capitol Records.

In December 2000, Dave And Co. Leaves ArtistDirect, On December 10th Mechanix's Megadeth Page is Fonded by Jericho Storm Aka (Mechanix711). Megadeth Debuts Wake up Dead and Dread And The Fugitive Mind in Boston for WAAF, Megadeth Play New Years Eve Show in Alaska.