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Megadeth History 1992-1993

May 1992, Megadeth's "Breakpoint" was featured on Super Mario Bros soundtrack.
July 1992 Megadeth released their 5th record Countdown to Extinction.
In November 1992 Exposure of a Dream video is released (Exposure of a Dream video is curently out of print.) 1992 Megadeth toured the USA with Stone Temple Pilots. Dave Mustaine covered the Democratic national convention for MTV. A great event in Dave Mustaines life, Daves son Justis, was born.

In 1993 Dave Mustaine makes a guest appearance on Diamond Head's Death and Progress.
February 1993, Dave Mustaine overdoses in a getting high attempt. A quote was made on MTV's "Night of the Living Megadeth" regarding it was a joke.
In 1993 Megadeth plays Milton Keynes Bowl with Diamond Head and Metallica. Megadeth also opened for Iron Maiden for a few dates on their European Tour. Aerosmith kicked Megadeth off their American "Get A Grip" tour, Jackyl replaced Megadeth. Pantera opened for Megadeth's "Countdown to Extinction" Tour.
June 1993 Megadeth's "Angry Again" was featured on the Last Action Hero soundtrack
November 1993 Megadeth's "99 Ways to Die" was featured on The Beavis and Butthead Experience soundtrack.