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Megadeth History 1983-1985

In 1982 Dave Mustaine left panic and joined Metallica. In March 1982, Metallica had their first gig at Radio City in Anaheim they Also opened for Saxon on their "Denim and Leather" tour. In April 1982, Brad Parker (a.k.a. Damian Phillips) was hired as Metallica's second guitarist. He left band after one gig, Metallica's only performance as a five-piece band. In May 1982, James Hetfield took up rhythm guitar in addition to vocals. In June 1982, "Hit the Lights" was included on the Metal Massacre compilation Rare demo album No Life 'til Leather was also released. In December 1982, Cliff Burton left Trauma to replace Ron McGovney on bass.

In March 1983, Cliff Burton played his first gig with Metallica April 1983, Dave Mustaine was fired from Metallica, Kirk Hammet left Exodus to replace Dave Mustaine on Lead Guitar. In 1983 Dave Mustaine gets together with bassist David Ellefson, guitarist Kerry King, and drummer Lee Rash to form Megadeth Kerry King assists Megadeth on tour and then returns to Slayer. Lee Rash was replaced by Gar Samuelson and Chris Poland was hired to fill the gap Kerry King helped with. December 31st 1983, Dave Mustaine becomes Megadeth's singer.

In November 1984, Megadeth was signed to Combat records. In May 1985, Megadeth releases Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!