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Megadeth Facts

Megadeth Fact 1:
The name Megadeth is not a call for Armageddon. It's a name that was built upon a foundation of cold war politics, economic upheaval and cutthroat capitalism. "When I left my previous band (Metallica), I was looking for paper to write lyrics on because I was trying to keep myself from going insane on a four-day bus ride," explains Megadeth vocalist, lyricist and bandleader Dave Mustaine. "I found a handbill from Senator Allan Cranston that was talking about the danger of nuclear armament. It said, 'The power of megadeath can't be rid,' and I thought, 'What a fantastic name.' It represents extreme power which is how I view my music."

Megadeth Fact 2:
What is Dave saying in the song A Toute Le Monde?
here is a loose translation:

A Tout Le Monde --To Everyone
A Tout Mes Amis -- To All My Friends
Je Vous Aime -- I Love You ( all )
Je Dois Partir -- I Have To Leave

Megadeth Fact 3:
In the Peace Sells...But Who's Buying booklet it says the songs Black Friday and Bad Omen were inspired by Dijon Carruthers. What exactly did he do to inspire these songs?

There is a reference made to Dijon Carruthers as the inspiration for the songs Black Friday and Bad Omen. Black Friday discusses an imaginary serial killer, and goes into graphic details about his actions; Bad Omen is about a satanic ritual. There has been some curiosity among fans about who Dijon is or was, whether or not he was the actual killer, if he was a Satanist, and exactly how he was the "inspiration" for these two songs. According to Dave M., "Dijon Carruthers was a drummer with Megadeth temporarily, before Gar Samuelson. He was a very talented, but strange person. He used to hang out with an even stranger guy that was definitely into the occult; this guy was fully wacked! Dijon's friend seemed to know a lot of the occult, he wrote a lot of strange things and symbols down on paper. Although Dijon did get credit for inspiring those two songs, that was the extent of it". Dave Mustaine has said, "Dijon may or may not be or have been a Satanist, and he did not commit murder that I know of at the time I was associating him. Dijon was a very talented drummer, and he came from a gifted family. I wish him well in his endeavors, whatever they may be."