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Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine
Nationality: "American"
Birth Date: "9/13/1961"
Birth Place: "La Mesa, Calif."
Daves Favorite Quote:"He who is humbled will be exalted, and he who is exalted willbe humbled."
Daves Equipment Jackson Signature Series Mustaine Model King V, D'Addario Strings 10-52
Daves Favorite Band:"My wedding band"
Daves All Time Favorite Album:"Too many to List"
Daves Favorite City to play in"They all change every season, and nowhere is better than somewhere else"
Daves Hobbies: "Being human, not a rockstar"
Daves Favorite Sports/Teams:"Phoenix Suns/Atlanta Braves"
Daves Favorite TV Show:"Don't have one."

Rust In Peace...Mega Fans