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Nick Menza

Nick Menza

Megadeth's Drummer From 1989-1998

  Nick MenzA was born July 23rd 1968 in Munich, Germany. As the son of famed jazz musician Don Menza, Nick began playing drums at the age of two. It was then Nick performed at his first public concert when during the intermission someone sat him down on Jack De Johnette's drums and he proceeded to play. Nick was nurtured around the tutelage of such notables as Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd, Nick Ceroli, Jeff Porcaro and Louis Bellson.

Beginning his professional musical career at the age of 18 drumming in the band Rhodes featuring singer Kelly Rhoads, brother of the late Randy, Nick released his first record with Rhoads called "Into The Future" in Europe. The band hit the road with Foghat for a short time.

Moving on to session playing including styles ranging from R&B to Gospel, Funk and Heavy Metal recording with the likes of John Fogerty, Nick caught the attention of then Megadeth drummer Chuck Behler and became his tech. When Megadeth needed a drummer, Nick Menza was asked to join the band.

Fascinated with UFOs, conspiracies, prophecies, and the like, Nick Menza is a very interesting person as well a very energetic, enthusiastic drummer. Nick has been involved in many side-projects, including playing as a session drummer in many bands from all genres of music, and SOMA, a band he formed with some of his buddies a couple of years ago. After leaving Megadeth, Nick declared to find a new band.
"He's a serious, serious drummer. He goes way deep. Unless you're a musician, a lot of the subtle stuff that he does may go unnoticed, but boy, it's not like he's just bashing out. This guy knows his instrument. He also knows music and it makes him one scary rock & roll drummer." (Dann Huff)

"We've come to a point now where it's not just Dave's band, it's my band too. I'll say it right in front of him." (Menza, 1997)

"Nick's been talking a lot in a lot of interviews about all his sidestuff that he does, and when that stuff doesn't happen, it makes you look stupid. Like I said with Slash, look at him now... Slash is a fabulous guitar player and he's a real cool guy, but perhaps that may have exacerbated the problem with Axl..." (Mustaine, 1997)

"Nick has said that he has hundreds and hundreds of songs sent to management, and management said his songs are a dime a dozen, if even that, which I imagine is pretty insulting to someone - but that's not the most important thing in this band, it's about the band, not my songs getting played, and that's one of the things that happened on this record - it wasn't 'my, my, my'." (Mustaine, 1997)

"We've had a lot of good years with Nick, but the band's relationship with him had run it's course. We came to that conclusion after Jimmy stepped in mid-June to cover concert dates for Nick, who had taken a leave of absence to have a benign (non-cancerous) cyst removed from his knee. We wish Nick well and hope the best for him." (Mustaine, 1998)

"Nick was a big part of Megadeth's growth over the last four albums, however it became apparent to all of us that it would be in everyone's best interest to move on." (Ellefson, 1998)

Rust In Peace...Mega Fans