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Gar Samuelson

Gar Samuelson

Megadeth's original Drummer

  As the original drummer for MEGADEATH, Gar Samuelson not only taught the speedmetal world how to swing, he also convinced leader Dave Mustaine that the future of metal lay in political commentary. Gar was right. So after helping create some of the decade's most dramatic and important heavy rock, Gar Samuelson picked up where he left off with a five-piece fusion-metal group called FATAL OPERA.

Gar and his equally - talented guitarist brother Stew played together since the early 1970's.  FATAL OPERA is the ultimate expression of ideas they've been developing for the better part of 20 years.

Gar Samuelson Died At Age 41 On July 22nd 1999.

Rust In Peace...Mega Fans