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Al Pitrelli

Al Pitrelli

Date of birth: 9/26/62
Birthplace: New York, NY
Height: 5'9'' Weight: 150
Kids: 3
Siblings: Sister, Nancy
Al's First band: Al Don't remember that far back
Al's Other bands: Al chooses not to remember that far back
Al's Favorite band: Allman Brothers
Al's Favorite movie: Godfather
Al's Favorite holiday: Halloween
Al's Favorite book: Joy of Parenthood
Al's Best memory: Watching the Godfather on Halloween
Al's Favorite food: Italian
Al's Favorite historical figure: Les Paul
Al's Favorite song on Capital Punishment: Trust
Al's Favorite Tv show: Monday Night Football
Al's Hobby: Learning Marty Friedman solos

Rust In Peace...Mega Fans