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David Ellefson

David Ellefson
Nationality: "American citizen of Scandinavian descent"
Birth Date: "11/12/1964"
Birth Place: "Born in Minnesota"
Davids Favorite Quote:"Fav quote is 'To thine own self be true!"
Davids Equipment Ampeg amplification, D'addario strings, Modulus & Jackson Basses.
Davids Favorite Band:"Fav bands are those I grew up with. Also Channel Zero, Filter, Live and STP."
Davids All Time Favorite Album:"Fav Album probably Kiss Alive and Destroyer"
Davids Hobbies: "My hobbies are golf, playing piano, mountain biking, occasionally shooting guns."
Davids Favorite Sports/Teams:"Phoenix Suns/Atlanta Braves"
Davids Favorite TV Show:"Fav TV show is Saturday Night Live"

David Ellefson Facts And Events

In 1983 bassist David Ellefson gets together with Dave Mustaine, guitarist Kerry King, and drummer Lee Rash to form Megadeth
Kerry King assists Megadeth on tour and then returns to Slayer.

In 1996 David Ellefson's son, Roman Alexander, is born David Ellefson produces Helstar's reunion album, Multiples of Black

On October 23rd 1998, David Ellefson's daughter Athena was born.

To this day David Ellefson is the only origanl member to continue to work with Dave Mustaine.

Rust In Peace...Mega Fans