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Season One

1.00 Pilot -- The series begins with Liz Parker getting shot in a dispute at the Crashdown. She is healed by the mysterious Max Evans, whom she later learns is an alien.

1.01 The Morning After -- Liz continues to see Kyle, though she’s attracted to Max asthey adjust to the bond developing between them. Micheal is obsessed with the alien who visited town back in ’59. A suspicious substitiute teacher has everyone on the edge.

1.02 Monsters -- The alien’s vulnerability becomes apparent to Maria. Max takes a job that may help him discover his past. Isabel is concerned about Maria’s nervous reactions to Sheriff Valenti, so she invades one of Maria’s dreams to determine whether she can keep the aliens’ secret. Meanwhile, counselor Topolsky holds career guidance sessions with the students; and Max meets a curator obsessed with finding aliens.

1.03 Leaving Normal -- Liz’s grandmother is rushed to the hospital after suffering a stroke, prompting Liz to reach out to Max for comfort. When Max arrives. Kyle tells him to stay away from his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Micheal plots revenge on Kyle’s friends, who assaulted Max without Kyle’s knowledge; and Maria asks Isabel for help waiting on tables at the Crashdown Café.

1.04 Missing -- Liz’ journel, which contaons information avout the alien trio, disappears—leading to a desperate search for the thief. Meanwhile, Topolsky’s true profession is revealed.

1.05 285 South -- Michael hijacks Maria’s car – and Maria – and heads to Texas in search of the dome that he’s had visions of since stealing the mysterious key from Valenti’s office. Max, Isabel and Liz are quick to chase after them – but they’re not the only ones in close pursuit.

1.06 River Dog -- A journey to see River Dog is made my Max and Liz to learn the truth.

1.07 Blood Brothers -- Max is injured in a car accident and the trouble begins when blood is drawn from him by the nurses. Needing blood to replace what they were going to steal, they turn to Alex, who is already suspicious of what Liz was getting into and hurt by her secret.

1.08 Heat Wave -- Romance thrives during a heatwave in December.

1.09 Balance -- Michael takes a sweat that brings him to danger and closer to the truth.

1.10 Toy House -- A near catastophe causes Max to use his powers in front of his mother. Valenti makes Mrs. Evens suspicious of what really happened, and Isabel is overwhelmed by the need to tell her mother the truth.

1.11 Into the Woods -- A UFO sighting stirs the interest of everyone from the resident of UFOlogist to River Dog. A school sponsered father-child camping trip provides the perfect excuse for everyone to be crawling about the woods looking for evidence.

1.12 The Convention -- Evertt Hubble, the man that Valenti holds responsible for the mental breakdown of his father, drifts back into town after a 30 year absence with an unhealthy interest in Max. Tempted by the chance to discover the truth and against his better judgement, Valenti forms an uneasy alliance with the alien hunter, with disasterous results.

1.13 Blind Date -- Michael wants continue the search for Nasedo, despite Max’s warnings. Meanwhile, Liz prepares to embark on a very public blind date set up by a local radio station. Max and Kyle form a strange sort of bond as they watch Liz, and Kyle offers Max a drink of alcohol.

1.14 Independence Day -- Max and Isabel discover that Michael’s foster father is abusive when Michael comes to school with a black eye, asking Max to use his power to make it disappear. Concerned, Max and Isabel offer to let him stay at their house until Hank cools down. Meanwhile, Maria and Liz are trying to get over Michael and Max and are finding it difficult.

1.15 Sexual Healing -- Max is led to another alien artifact through visions Liz experiences as the result of a kiss, leading Michael and Maria to see if they can duplicate the experiment.

1.16 Crazy -- Topolsky shows up in town, scared to death, trying to warn the group about the dangers ahead. Meanwhile Maria is lamenting on what a horrible excuse for a boyfriend Michael is after seeing all the sweet gestures Max shows Liz.

1.17 Tess, Lies, and Videotape -- Max starts having visions, against his will, of kissing Tess, which starts the entire group being suspicious of who she really is. Meanwhile, the Sheriff is investigating what happened to Topolsky.

1.18 Four Square -- Harding finds the hidden camera and gives it to Valenti. Tess reveals a secret to Isabel. Valenti tells Max to trust him.

1.19 Max to the Max -- Tess’s book suggests that she and Max are predestined mates, as are Michale and Isabel, who thinks she’s pregnant with Michael’s baby. Meanwhile, Nasedo disguises himself as Max and kidnaps Liz.

1.20 The White Room -- Max finds himself in a white room with no windows or doors, facing questioning by Agent Pierce. Isabel telepathically contacts Max, who leaves her clues to his location.

1.21 Destiny -- The group escapes with Max from the base, but still must get away from Agent Pierce, who is hot on their trail. Also they must rescue Nasedo, whom they had to leave behind.

Season Two

2.01 Skin and Bones -- An unexpected discovery brings the events of Destiny back to haunt the group. Meanwhile, the teens struggle to work out their interpersonal relationships.

2.02 Ask Not -- Milton unexpectedly sells the UFO Center to a mysterious stranger. Max begins to see parallels between his life and something he's studying in history class.

2.03 Surprise -- Isabel has a surprise birthday party, interrupted by distrurbing visions, and learns something surprising about her past.

2.04 Summer of ’47 -- Michael interviews a retired army soldier for a school project and learns some interesting things about the '47 crash.

2.05 The End of the World -- Max returns from the future to ask a gigantic favor of Liz , who finds that she must do what she dreads most in order to save the world.

2.06 Harvest -- When the news broadcasts of the death of Congresswoman Wittaker, the teens travel to her hometown to investigate and get an unwelcome surprise.

2.07 Wipe Out! -- Liz and Maria go out of town on an errand and return to find a mysteriously quiet Roswell.

2.08 Meet the Dups -- The pod squad encounter duplicate versions of themselves.

2.09 Max in the City -- Max and Tess travel to New York City with Rath and Lonnie for the summit.

2.10 A Roswell Christmas Carol -- Max passes up an opportunity to prevent a tragedy, and then deals with feelings of guilt about "what might have been."

2.11 To Serve and Protect -- A face from Sheriff Valenti's past resurfaces. Isabel has strange flashes which lead to a startling discovery. Maria's cousin pays a visit to Roswell.

2.12 We Are Family -- Valenti fights to keep his job. Laurie reacts strangely to a member of the pod squad. Alex returns from Europe with a new perspective.

2.13 Disturbing Behavior -- Laurie leads the pod squad to a clue about their history. Grant begins acting stragely. An old enemy returns.

2.14 How the Other Half Lives -- Michael and Maria uncover the truth about Laurie, leading to a dramatic showdown.

2.15 Viva Las Vegas -- The gang heads to Las Vegas, where they get into all sorts of predicaments.

2.16 This Heart of Mine -- Max and Liz go to the prom as friends, while Michael tells Maria that the event is "bogus." Isabel considers asking Alex, and Kyle sets his sights on taking Tess.

2.17 Cry Your Name -- An unthinkable tragedy befalls the group, and they pull together in its aftermath to look for answers.

2.18 It's Too Late and It's Too Bad -- Differing reactions to Alex's death cause tension in several relationships. Liz enlists Sean's help as she continues investigating the cause of the accident.

2.19 Baby It's You -- Liz, Maria and Michael work together to unravel a mystery, while Max and Tess struggle to come to terms with their past and present lives.

2.20 Off the Menu -- An electrical shock causes Brody to remember his alien abduction, and he takes some of the group hostage in his search for answers.

2.21 Departure -- As the pod squad prepares to return home, Max desperately searches for the killer who threatens the lives of everyone they love.

Season Three

3.01 Busted -- Max and Liz get caught holding up a convinience store in an effort to help Max's son, who has contacted him.

3.02 Michael, the Guys, & Great Snapple Caper -- Michael gets a new job, but things go awry when he tries to fit in with his co-workers.

3.03 Significant Others -- Each of the alien teens face challenges in their romantic relationships.

3.04 Secrets and Lies -- Max takes a road trip in his quest to find a way home, and has an unusual encounter in Hollywood. Guest stars Jonathon Frakes and John Billingsley (Dr. Phlox, Enterprise).

3.05 Control -- Max's search search leads to unexpected discoveries about himself, his position, and his son. Meanwhile, back in Roswell, Isabel and Jesse face the music.

3.06 To Have and To Hold -- With her wedding approaching, Isabel is plagued with dreams of a former love. Max agrees to serve as Jesse's best man.

3.07 Interruptus -- Mysterious events and unexpected visitors disrupt Isabel and Jesse's honeymoon. Meanwhile, Liz and Maria uncover some alarming news.

3.08 Behind the Music -- Maria's dream of becoming a singer-songwriter resurfaces when an old friend visits. Isabel and Max attempt to block their father's investigation.

3.09 Samuel Rising -- Max develops an interesting bond with an autistic child. The "Christmas Nazi" returns.

3.10 A Tale of Two Parties -- Max and Maria join forces in an attempt to locate Roswell's infamous New Year's rave. Isabel helps Kyle find the perfect date.

3.11 I Married an Alien -- Isabel fantasizes about what life would be like if Jesse knew her secret through the device of a 1960s sitcom a la "Bewitched".

3.12 Ch-Ch-Changes -- Liz begins to experience bizarre changes to her body. Meanwhile, Maria is presented with an offer she may not want to refuse.

3.13 Panacea -- Bizarre events at Metachem lead to some surprising alliances and dire consequences.

3.14 Chant Down Babylon -- Old Man Wheeler undergoes an amazing transformation. Meanwhile, Jesse comes closer to discovering the truth.

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